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running joke

running joke

Date: Aug 22 2013


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“It’s the running joke now. It’s like, ‘How long we gonna do this for?’ Fast and the Furious 66 in Wheelchairs?”
- Actor Paul Walker, on the sixth sequel to the Fast and the Furious movie series (Us Weekly)

“现在,这个已经成了一个反反复复的笑话。就像是‘我们还要这样做多久?’《轮椅上的速度与激情 66 》(Fast and the Furious 66 in Wheelchairs)。”

- 演员保罗·沃克 (Paul Walker) 谈论《速度与激情》(Fast and the Furious) 系列电影第 6 部


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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amusing joke or situation that keeps repeating

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Sometimes a joke is very funny the first time you hear it. You’re surprised by the punchline, or the way a person tells it is hilarious. The second or third time you hear the joke, it might not be that funny anymore. But what if the joke just keeps on going, for 10 times, 20 times? What if you and your friends keep telling the same joke for months or years? Once something becomes a running joke, it takes on a whole new kind of humor.

Why is that? Maybe it’s because if you and your friends or co-workers keep telling the same joke, it almost becomes part of a secret language. People from outside your group might not understand why it’s funny, but you all do. Maybe it’s also because the more times you tell a joke, the more ways it can change and add new dimensions of humor. Imagine how many ways you could tell a running joke over many years!

Paul Walker realizes that some people might think it’s a little ridiculous that his movie series The Fast and the Furious is now on part six. Even he and his fellow actors think it’s funny. They have a running joke that the series might continue long enough that the actors will trade in their race cars for wheelchairs!

Do you have any running jokes with your friends? Why do you think a joke is funny if it’s told so many times?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“The running joke in the film was that he was always late. In the last scene he was late for his own funeral!”

“My friends and I have a running joke about a squid and a mushroom. It started so long ago that I don’t even remember why it was funny!”

“Their running joke about how they are the most disgusting people in the world is getting a bit tiresome.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Manu4 The current joke everyone's talking about.
by Manu4
something that people for a period of time refer to it as funny.
by zhaleh hoor
samaneh64 a joke used recurrently in a play, film,etc
by samaneh64
BECKY REN a joke is popular
britdam007 something that a group of people continue to refer to and find funny over a period of time There is a running joke in the office about his hair. Thesaurus entry for this meaning of running joke
by britdam007
The joke everyone is talking about now.
by DarknessLight

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Running jokes are a way to strength bonds between friends, family members, or any close-knit group for a shared history.  While it is fun to tell a running joke among those who know it, it is quite rude to do it in the presence of those who don’t which can be perceived as subtle exclusion/differentiation.

03:05 PM Sep 16 2013 |



well, allways friends laugh.not for my joke,but for my attitude i’m so seriously to talk a running joke.

04:17 AM Aug 23 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s funny before that I was going to come here and check for new lesson I had a review of FF6.and I ask same question that how long it gonna be another sequel for this movie.maybe becouse I’m a girl and the action movies aren’t interesting for me but actually I had watched the first and second movie and I liked them.I think I’m not intresting anymore beacouse that’s going to be the same story with diffrent action scenes.

PS:The real running juke right now is we all talk about peace continually and secretly make plan how to fight!!!!

09:52 PM Aug 22 2013 |

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I have many running jokes with my friends and sometimes I’m suprised that it is still funny, but we laugh and chuckle until our bellies hurt and then just a little bit more :D 

07:44 PM Aug 22 2013 |

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Captain R_AR

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

let me tell a joke for you

but if it’s not funny because its a little hard to translate  joke to other languege .it is a persian joke.

once a group of people sitting around and one of them say a number like 2 or 41,12,31 and other people laught by together

a person come and ask what is the matter?

one of them said”we give a number to our jokes and every number is stand for a joke for us”

In this time another one said 100 and all others laught in a high voice and a lot

the person ask what is happening this time???

“it is new,we didn’t hear this before ” they answered to him…


sorry if its not clear

05:20 PM Aug 22 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

We all have some running joke ! Me and my friends we’ve on sundays a club, and me I find it a running joke, it doesn’t take an end. I enjoyed the lesson !!! English Baby !

10:11 AM Aug 22 2013 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

an old joke can be understood by few people but mean nothing to others

07:38 AM Aug 22 2013 |

2 people like this



Russian Federation

an old joke that nice to remember

06:14 AM Aug 22 2013 |



i hav also running jokes wth my family memnbers n wen v talk about these running jokes every one in our relation cnt understand its meaning n we enjoy the fun.

05:23 AM Aug 22 2013 |




I will have running joke with my new friends means those friends who never heard my joke ….And i can not tell it to my close friends since they already known it its not so interesting for them. example : Hay Bob this story is like a running joke plz dont say it to me its repeated to me.

03:49 AM Aug 22 2013 |




Of course I have running jokes with me close friends.I think it comes to a running joke because of repeating.After you all tell a joke again and again,the joke will take on a new meaning.so It means kinda new to your party.

03:34 AM Aug 22 2013 |




Yes, I have some running jokes with my close friends.  Especially when we talk these jokes, ppl around us do not undersatnd what we are talking about and why we laugh loudly. It’s like a secret that keep me and my friends more close as a group.

01:56 AM Aug 22 2013 |



running joke interesting! i like watching comedies and i always still get laughing even i watched many times. the one of my favorite camedy is friends that is an very old soap operas. but it is the greatest one i love all the characters in it. another one is big bang. shelden make me laugh when i just see him. he is a genuis i love him haha

01:33 AM Aug 22 2013 |

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