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Learn English with this soda English lesson

Date: Nov 05 2019

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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The sun is so hot. You’re more than thirsty. Pop! You open your can of cola from the vending machine. The carbonated drink tickles your nose with bubbles. You tip your head back, fill your mouth with sweet, cold cola, and burp. There’s nothing so refreshing on a hot summer day.

So what if soft drinks are just empty calories? So what if the flavor is artificial and the caffeine is going to keep you awake tonight? Sometimes cooling off is more important than worrying about all that stuff.

Read more to find out why Lily and Marni have to agree to disagree in this lesson about soda.


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Marni:  There are just no choices in this vending machine except for soda. I hate it!

Lily:  But there are plenty of choices! There’s a cola, a diet cola, a lemon-lime kind of a thing. They’re all delicious. What’s wrong?

Marni:  They all fall into the category of soft drinks. Soda, pop… whatever you want to call it, it’s all terrible!

Lily:  But all of the bubbles and the caffeine! It’s delicious and refreshing and it makes you burp. It’s great! Come on.

Marni:  All it is is artificial flavors. There’s no health benefit for it. It’s just empty calories. It’s just terrible for you!

Lily:  I know it’s not exactly good for you. Actually, there are some sodas that are good for you.

Marni:  Oh, come on. There are not any sodas that are good for you. You might find them refreshing. You may think that it’s fun to get all of those carbonated bubbles and burp and have a good time. But it’s terrible for you, OK? This is just garbage. We need water. We need juices.

Lily:  I think we can just agree to disagree on this one. I will go over in the corner and burp quietly to myself.


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Marni is frustrated with her choices at the vending machine. It’s all soda, and she thinks soda is completely unhealthy. If it’s full of empty calories, Marni doesn’t want to drink it. She prefers water or juice over something artificial that’s full of caffeine.

Lily, on the other hand, is delighted by her choices. She loves how carbonated drinks make her burp, and she’s not worried about how soft drinks are made. She’s definitely into caffeine, too. Everything she could ever want in a drink is for sale in this vending machine.

What’s your opinion about soda? Is it OK to drink as much as you want?



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I seldom have soft drinks, I prefer water or juice or milk just like Marini does. Drinks like Cola is not good for us, it is full of purely empty calories.

I read news that one young guy drank too much Cola, and at last his stomach is full of holes…blooding…it’s like corrossion cauesd by Cola.  Sooooooooooo TERRIBLE

09:45 AM Oct 11 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont like any carbonated or sweet drinks because they are not good for our health (specially teath ) ! and also i hate burping :’( pleaze dont do it in a party when others are there

i prefer youghert instead of colas 

my brother drinks cola too much also he knows its really bad for his health !

06:19 AM Oct 11 2013 |




i dont like any carbonated or sweet drinks . one reason is that it’s not good to healty . the other is once i drink, i will burp . i dont like this feeling that release gas from stomach throught mouth . also i dont like some guy burp in front of me . to be honest , it’s a little ….i think i’d better keep slient . cos most of people like this . hahaha

02:20 AM Oct 11 2013 |




I know carbonated drinks will make calcium in our bones run off. I know cola will make me fat. But when meet a can, anyway I also drink it.

02:12 AM Oct 11 2013 |




Soda with lemon and little salt is good to make you burp.

01:03 AM Oct 11 2013 |

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NuriaRuizSuper Member!


I don’t like carbonated drinks. Only a beer on sunday night while I’m dinner chinise food ;).



05:54 AM Oct 10 2013 |

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