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Date: Oct 15 2013

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Some people find it very easy to talk about their feelings. They have no trouble pouring their heart out to anyone who will listen. These people are not closed off to emotional conversation. They will open up to friends, or even strangers.

Other people find it much more difficult to be emotionally vulnerable. They are guarded, and can’t open up and share their feelings, even with close friends or lovers. Perhaps this is because they are afraid that someone will laugh at their feelings, or that they will be misunderstood. Learning how to open up can be a very important skill in a person’s development, because it can allow you to make deeper connections with others.

Greta’s been away working on her movie for a while now, and it seems like Jeff misses her. But can he open up to her about his feelings? Find out in this English lesson.

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Marni:  Hey, Jeff. What’s wrong?

Jeff:  Just… not much.

Marni:  I think I can tell when someone’s upset. Is it about Greta?

Jeff:  Greta who?

Marni:  Oh, please! You can’t tell me you don’t miss her. She’s been off filming her new movie for over a month now.

Jeff:  OK, well, maybe a little bit.

Marni:  Oh, please. Come on. I know it’s probably hard for you to open up about your feelings, and it’s probably even harder for you to open up to Greta about your feelings, but you need to let her know how you feel.

Jeff:  So she can laugh at me?

Marni:  Laugh at you? Jeff, come on! You need to tell her how you feel. She might feel the same way about you. And you’ll never know until you put yourself out there.

Jeff:  Yeah, well, I would, but it’s not like I can send her something that says, “I miss you, Greta.” It’s not that simple.

Marni:  Of course you can. Or you could do something more meaningful.

Jeff:  Like what?

Marni:  I don’t know. You could send her flowers or a care package with things she likes in it. That’ll really tell her that you’re missing her.

Jeff:  I do still have that teddy bear from when I was a kid. I’ve told her about it. I think she would like that.

Marni:  Sure! Who doesn’t like a teddy bear? I mean, if she knows it’s special to you, then it will show her how special she is to you. She’ll be so happy when she opens up that box.

Jeff:  I think I’ll do that.

Marni:  I’ve got to ask you: What’s the teddy bear’s name?

Jeff:  Fuzzy. His name is Fuzzy.


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Marni finds Jeff looking upset. She bugs him until he admits what’s going on: he misses Greta. She’s been gone working on her film, and he has feelings for her. Still, he can’t bring himself to open up about how he feels.

Marni encourages Jeff to find a way to express his emotions. She says that the only way he’ll know if Greta feels the same way he does is to open up to her. She suggests that maybe he can send a note and a meaningful gift. Jeff realizes that he does have something special he can send: a childhood stuffed bear named Fuzzy. He hopes that by sending this meaningful object, Greta will know how much she means to him.

Do you tend to open up about your emotions, or to be more guarded? What might you send someone to tell him or her how you feel?



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Man, I hate feelings x_x

07:36 AM Dec 03 2013 |




I always trust my feelings. I know they are right and by the way, they are politically correct as well. I can easily pour my heart out about my emotions and feelings but there are exceptions. I am guarded against bad people, if I know they can learn from it. I do not tell the people what they cannot understand and I sometimes don’t want to upset good people. I know it is best to project positive feelings and ignore negativity.    

To show my affection to someone, I can send her a handwritten letter and put some perfume on it.

03:01 AM Dec 03 2013 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Jeff is a man that doesn’t express his feelings, and I understood him actually.

12:01 AM Nov 09 2013 |



i think i tend to open up my emotions.

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09:52 AM Oct 21 2013 |



For me It’s easily to open up a hilarious emotions. It’s resonable to be guarded with sentitive matters. In that case, I will considering and put the right manners to the right situations.  

03:30 PM Oct 18 2013 |




maybe jeff is not good at show his feeling to anyone, or maybe his bashfulness,we need to OPEN UP

12:08 PM Oct 17 2013 |




i think i tend to open up my emotions . i can share anything including private with someone who i think i can trust . of course most are my best friends . sometimes i can pour my heart out to stranger on internet who dont mind listening . of course the most important thing is that i think i can trust her/him .

if i have a crash on someone and i’m not sure if he also likes me ,i’ll give him a hint that tell him i like him .  if i know he also likes me , i’ll tell him how i feel directerly .

02:58 AM Oct 16 2013 |



Normally I tend to be more guarded when I talk about emotions. Because I had bad experiences in the past when I shared some feelings with others and also because my personality.
To tell someone that I don’t know very well, how I’m feeling I prefer the dialogue. Subliminal messages could have different interpretations depending on the person or even the person’s mood. If the person is already in the same register than me, so feelings could be expressed in many different ways, like: send a care package, post a music on Facebook, send a multimedia message, invite the person for a dinner or to a life concert. In some way, share a good or a bad moment!

08:38 PM Oct 15 2013 |

1 person likes this




pour thier heart out ,I like this experession .in Arab world we said open your heart  

05:41 PM Oct 15 2013 |

2 people like this




this is what might happen if you share your emotions with others! wrong advices!! (sending a toy bear to a girl! come on! what a jerk!!)

02:14 PM Oct 15 2013 |




I am pretty much guarded about my emotions but somehow  my intimate friends  just looking at my face will know  that something  is wrong with me ,then it is the time (if I consider them genuine friends ) to open up . Jeff  can´t hide  his feeling towards  Greta anymore  and he is lucky  to have Marni as a friend willing to give him  a pep talk to boost  his confidence  that by sending a treasured gift, ultimately  he could   be able to win  Greta`s love. 

11:20 AM Oct 15 2013 |

2 people like this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Sometimes, I’ve been trying to open up to my father, maybe expressing what I’ve been feeling but he doesn’t really take into account other thing I tell him. But when opening up to my friends (especially with my babe) I find that good, and  it’s easy to be understood.

But to my friends I’m so guarded so that I can’t do  something wrong.

And it’s not that easy to open up to your father about your love, or something about sex !!!

08:52 AM Oct 15 2013 |


NuriaRuizSuper Member!


I don’t tend to open up and talk about my  emotions. No to be guarded but I don’l like to talk about private stuff.

05:48 AM Oct 15 2013 |




i tend to open up about my emotions, but only for the friends that I think I can put my heart out to. Being too guarded is not good for our emotional health, learn to open up and share the happiness or sorrows with friends are important to us.

Sure, being too open up is not a good thing, the things you reveal to ppl who are not your true friends may become weapons that they use to against you. So we need to learn when to tell and who to tell.  

04:30 AM Oct 15 2013 |



i am guarded when talking about some secret about my falimy. i don’t want to talk that with others unless they are my very trust person.

12:26 AM Oct 15 2013 |

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