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Introverts and Extroverts
Introverts and Extroverts

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Date: Nov 07 2018

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Do you prefer to spend time alone, or with lots of people? Do you have your best ideas when you’re by yourself, or when you’re with a group? Do you prefer big parties or intimate gatherings? These are the kinds of questions someone might ask you to find out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Sure, it’s a generalization. But it’s true that people with introverted tendencies tend to be focused inward and prefer to spend time alone, but extroverts are focused outward and are more social. One isn’t a better way to be than the other. It’s just about whether you are more fed by social interaction, or by spending time alone.

Are Marni and Amanda introverts or extroverts? See what you think in this English lesson.


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Marni:  Come on, Amanda, let’s go out! Let’s go be the life of the party. Come on!

Amanda:  Oh, are you in that social butterfly phase again?

Marni:  Uh, yeah. What, do you have social anxiety or something?

Amanda:  You know I do. I’m kind of a loner, in a cool way, and I’m okay with that.

Marni:  Solitary confinement leads to massive depression. You need to get out and go have some fun with me.

Amanda:  I am most creative when I’m alone. In the dark.

Marni:  Is that what feeds you?

Amanda:  I guess. I have my thoughts, and my journal, and my books. I don’t need to be surrounded by people at all times like you.

Marni:  OK, I’m all for alone time. It’s healthy and all, but you need to get out. You’ve been trapped in your room for too long. Let’s go, there’s a killer party down the street. We’re going.

Amanda:  I have a compromise. Let’s go to a party where it’s just us.


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Did you figure out who is the introvert and who’s the extrovert? Marni wants to go out and go to a party, while Amanda wants to stay home. Marni is a social butterfly, while Amanda has social anxiety. When Amanda says that she doesn’t need to be around people all the time, it’s pretty clear that she’s the introvert.

It’s not that Marni thinks being an introvert is bad. She just doesn’t think it’s healthy to be alone all the time. She really wants Amanda to come out to this party with her, but it doesn’t look as if it’s going to happen.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you ever have to compromise with friends who are the other way?



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Every one has both an introvert and an extrovert personality clash .and we  feel some time confused dont worry. Usually one of them appear more anther yeah .it is according to the situation we live in .i know alot of friends  and are quit ,serious and nervous. But when they travel to other countries they would be sociable and open minded. 

10:34 AM Nov 12 2018 |




I think I am more of an introvert because I may have a little social anxiety. I prefer intimate gatherings to making new friends. 

06:49 AM Nov 12 2018 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Some people say introvert or extrovert is bad. But I disagree with them, because in my opinion, these are the inherent characteristics of every human being and we can never completely change them.
But we can balance these.
I am introvert but I try to balance it by adapting myself to others😊
Therefore, both characteristics are good when they are balanced👌

01:20 PM Nov 07 2018 |




I think I am both . I will always prefer to go out ,to have some social activities  if I get free time. But I want to be introverts .. because in that way I can analyaze , can set priorities and utimately can become strong. I mean , when one remains aloof from social activities  for some days, he/she starts looking inside voice of mind..and that is the start of personality development.

11:02 AM Feb 08 2014 |

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munisa alimatova


hmmmm.i think so.., one side of to be loner it is good in some situation. on the other hand,it is not so good because, every person sometimes should be like social butterfly. i guess so that.

03:45 PM Feb 07 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you can take a test on this website and it tells you everything that you want from yourself : 


i`m INTJ btw. means i am introvert, intuitive  , thinker and has judgemental personality , you should read about the personalities to know about them and their pros and cons :) . it would be very exciting because you learn a lot of new things of your world and other people :)

06:22 PM Dec 09 2013 |

1 person likes this




I’m not sure i was an introvert or an extrovert.Both of them exchange fast in my body.I’ve been an introvert most of time.I perefer to stay at home drinking tea and reading book with some soft music.I can enjoy and make myself relax under a quite and undisturb environment.But if my friend called and telling me a very excited news then i can’t stay home any more.I will go with them maybe extremely extrovert when talking or playing with them.

I don’t know which one is better than another.But following your feelings is definitely right.

03:18 PM Dec 09 2013 |



I tend to be an introvert! I’m very curious and I spend a lot of time reading or trying to learn something new. So I tend to be quiet and listening more than talking!
But I’m absolutely conscious about the importance of the social life. If we spend a lot of time alone the tendency is to get anxious and heartless.
I don’t deal very well with big parties, but I admire people that have this natural propensity or quality. Sometimes I have to compromise with others, to not disappointing them!

09:54 PM Oct 30 2013 |




I am introvert but I am happy. I prefer stay alone because it is very silence and I like it. And it is very comfortable. I dont like strange people. I bad at speaking with friends :(

08:46 PM Oct 17 2013 |



I am an introvert when staying with some strange people,but when I am with my familiar people,for intance,my family,my friends,out of question,I am an extrovert at all time.

04:16 AM Oct 17 2013 |

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i think i’m both! it depends on the occasion, being alone is good sometimes, but relationship with people is good and very important for your social life!!

05:09 PM Oct 14 2013 |




I think I’m in the middle. Sometimes I like to be alone, sometimes I need more people around me. It’s good to keep mental balance between these both characteristics. 

03:25 PM Oct 14 2013 |





02:45 PM Oct 14 2013 |

1 person likes this


Russian Federation

Introvert or extrovert? I dig the pit for foundation today and offer Amanda and Marni to join at me for doing analyze of those terms more carefully. Cooperation implyes interaction in all cases.

02:32 PM Oct 14 2013 |




 Usually .I am not a party´s goer  ,I don´t  fit in well among  large gathering , but  i am not altogether an introvert person ,i would say  i am kind in the middle of  people labeled as intro and extro. When i am attending  to a social party  I prefer not to do the talking ,instead , hearing what others have to say.I am a good listener ,i appreciate people that talk with intelligence  and brightens a party.




I won’t call myself introvert as I like to be with people, but let’s say I have noise anxiety, and the funny part is I’m from Cairo, Egypt where we have lots of noise :D

02:21 PM Oct 14 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’m also a kind of an introvert one, cos I sometimes spend all day long myself and don’t want peope surrouding me.

If you’re a social butterfly, it’s good and you’ll make more friends and acquaintances but it sometimes get people down.

The most important is to be introvert, it helps to be focused and it feeds a lot !!!

12:42 PM Oct 14 2013 |



did you realize ,Nature has its own colors,voices ? it keeps all things in harmony and share it with all creature generaously …

human being or people look like this nature..Every person has its own inner and outer qualities..and all people want to live healty and happy ..but each one has different way,different style,different color,different voice in this journey..

some people like alonenes,they find there serenity and peace ..they dont like to open their doors to all people..lonely life makes them happier..it doesnt mean non-social life..only,they keep theirselves distant from crowds,louds..they can be shy too..

some people like to be together ,spend time with friends ..to go outside for enjoying..to go to parities for dancing..to go the concerts for listening and singing songs..to go to watching sports ..to go to cafe for drinks something..

introvert and extrovert look like days and nights..they complete each other .they have different beauties..

you cannot see raindrops on the roses at night,

you cannot see fireworks at day..

you cannot read a book together with people,

and you cannot laugh yourself .

life is beautiful when you catch this harmony, balance..



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like to be with my friends,who really loves me , not people who just want to missuse me. just for their benefits. i hate those people.

09:36 AM Oct 14 2013 |

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I think I am kinda extrovert, but I do not think I am a social butterfly. I enjoy the momements with my friends and playmates, but I also like to spend some time by myself, quietly and thinking.

Peoples are not extrems, extremely introvert or extremely introvert, most of us are between that two ends, aren’t we?

09:22 AM Oct 14 2013 |

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