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Grocery Stores
Grocery Stores

Learn English with this grocery stores English lesson

Date: Oct 24 2018

Themes: Food

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Where do you buy food? Shoppers in the US often go to huge chain stores where they can buy everything at one time. Big grocery stores have different sections, including an area for fresh fruit, a bakery, and a deli. The size of the store can be overwhelming, but many people bring coupons and a precise shopping list in order to make the most of their time.

Other shoppers, however, like to visit local farmers markets, which are usually outside, away from the fluorescent lights of the grocery store. Going to farmers markets rules out saving money, though. It’s expensive to buy fruit and vegetables straight from the farm.

Learn what Amanda thinks about grocery shopping and listen to Mason’s advice in this English lesson.


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Amanda:  Do you know what I hate more than going to the dentist?

Mason:  What could you possibly hate more than going to the dentist?

Amanda:  Going to the grocery store!

Mason:  What?

Amanda:  It is ridiculous—the fluorescent lighting, the aisles. I feel like I’m in a prison.

Mason:  Really? But you’re there getting awesome food stuff and maybe a treat for yourself.

Amanda:  But I’m doing it every week. It never changes.

Mason:  OK. So I’m imagining that you at least try and make the most of your time. Really precise. I need something from the deli. I need organic cucumbers. You’re in and you’re out.

Amanda:  I suppose. But then I have to organize all my coupons and my purse. And then I lose my list. Sometimes it’s on a post-it. Sometimes it’s on my phone.

Mason:  Yeah.

Amanda:  It’s really stressful.

Mason:  Have you ever tried not going to one of the chain stores and doing something a little bit more local or small? That might not be so overwhelming.

Amanda:  I’ve tried that. That was exciting, but my end bill was probably twice the amount that it was at a chain store.

Mason:  So that rules out the farmers markets then?

Amanda:  It really does. I do, however, love pushing a shopping cart. When the wheel’s all sticky and squeaky.

Mason:  I somehow feel like you’re being sarcastic.

Amanda:  A little bit.


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Amanda hates going to the grocery store. Mason is surprised that shopping at chain stores seems so stressful. Coupons and lists help some people make quick trips to the grocery store. But Amanda thinks they simply give her more items to organize.

Mason suggests Amanda visit some farmers markets, which are usually smaller and sell local, organic food. Amanda has gone to the farmers markets before, but her total bill was double what she spends at the larger stores. The expensive price rules out this option for her.

What’s the best place to buy food? Is it better to shop at large stores where everything is available in one place? Should people pay more money to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at local markets?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Grocery Stores+shopp= I love it and never say don’t need it;)

10:01 AM Nov 08 2013 |

1 person likes this

Rita - Naima


I enjoy grocery shopping because it makes me feel great while i am walking around and choosing what i want. it is so amazing.

06:55 AM Nov 07 2013 |

mehdi sd

mehdi sd

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

SHOPPING ///////////who is that don’t like it ??
the best thing for men and women
because when u going for buy it means u have money ,when u have money it means u have a good work ,when u have a good job it means all things R OK

02:25 AM Oct 29 2013 |



It depends of what I want to buy. To buy a ready meal to take in a different place I choose a take-away. If I want to buy groceries I prefer farmers market or domestic stores. To buy deli I prefer chain stores, in small stores the price is overwhelming.
I can’t deny however that in a large store you could find almost everything, which is very convenient when you are hurry. 
I agree that people should pay a little bit more to buy at local markets. In a time that people talk a lot of social responsibility, practice fair trade and help individuals to maintain their families it’s a great choice, instead of spend all your money in a chain store. 

Doing this lesson I have remember a grocery which I loved the concept. It is Trader Joe’s. A grocery with hard-to-find and great-tasting food! 

10:19 PM Oct 28 2013 |




I would rather buy perishables like fruit or vegetable at local. I don’t trust large store’s fruit. The best is to product these yourself. But I buy anything else at a grocery store.

07:15 PM Oct 28 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I personally eat too much food that I’m often supposed to go to a farmers market so that I can buy some fresh food, like fruits, veggies and so on.

But in  chain stores I do prefer the deli side !!! It’s kind of a paradise one, cos there you’ll find meats already cooked,, and guess what ? The’re so yummy !

06:39 PM Oct 28 2013 |




When I want to buy a lot of things I do prefer to go a large stores, because there are more options, brands, and different prices. However when I want to buy just few products I prefer to go a small store. I often buy fresh fruits and vegetables, so I always choose to go a specific place that sell these products.


03:04 PM Oct 28 2013 |



I often buy food at large stores. It’s convenient because you can buy all the things you need in only one shop. But I also go to small shops. For example I almost never buy bread, rolls or things like that at a supermarket, but at a bakery. I might be more expensive, but it tastes a lot better. I also buy eggs at a farm. I’ve once seen a film about chicken which had a very bad life, because they were in very, very small cages the whole day. I think this is extreme cruel, so I prefer to buy eggs from chicken which can live a good live. Of course these eggs are more expensive. So I think there is no be best place to buy food. This is why I go to very different kind of shops.

02:30 PM Oct 28 2013 |

omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

I like this topic couse it touch me alot …...

Actually in our African country we have diffirent vision , even we have many Glocery Stores but we are not going to buy our needs there . because we thought it always cost much money and most of them are poor as ,

thats way in only rich people are going to the Glocery Stores for their needs but now days we realise so we both going …

11:15 AM Oct 28 2013 |

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In my country we have big chain stores: Carrefour, Walmart, Disco  and Coto  , we can  buy  whatever we like  ,and in some of them even electronics. As Amanda, I like pushing and lean on my body on  a shopping cart  ,but nowadays, at the prices of the food , unless you  are a compulsive shopper and like charging up your credit card  , a small basket  is all that it is needed to carry the items to the check out counter . For the past years we have had thousands of small and family-run grocery  businesses  from  people that came from China, they don´t accept credit cards , only cash  and are doing  extremely well.  Once a week  we have  an open farmers market  .  

10:59 AM Oct 28 2013 |




I like going shopping, any kind of that , wether from grocery store or from farmers market. i look at it as an entertaining.

10:57 AM Oct 28 2013 |




l like to buy clothes and shoes  from the internet. 

08:18 AM Oct 28 2013 |




I usually do my shopping once a week and I prefer a big chain store. This way I can buy everything I need in a relatively short time. Lately, though, I have discoverd a new way of grocery shopping. I order everything I need in the internet and pass to the shop just to pick it up. It saves a lot of time! As for fruits and vegetables I prefer to buy them on the farmers market which is held every week not far from my home. Sure it’s more expensive, but everything is fresh and local. And it’s a good opportunity to go for a walk with your family and to chat with farmers.

07:42 AM Oct 28 2013 |



I prefer to buy at large stores, because is cheaper than a local markets, I dont have a lot money for my basic needs

04:22 AM Oct 28 2013 |




i like buying food , expecially fruits and meat at large chain stores . it’s convenient to buy food u want at one time .  as for vegetables , usually my dad buys from farmers markets . cos it’s fresher .

Actually every weekend i have to go there . cos in my family i’m in charge of buying food . my dad is in charge of cooking . hahaha .

02:20 AM Oct 28 2013 |




Shopping from one place better.

01:32 AM Oct 28 2013 |

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