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Date: Nov 13 2018

Themes: Food


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We use water all the time. Maybe you’re lucky and have as much water as you need, but there are droughts all around the world.

People who have indoor plumbing should be careful not to waste water. For example, don’t leave the tap on until the lukewarm water is totally cold. Together, we can help solve the world’s water problems!

Find out what Jeff and Mason think about water in this English lesson.


drought n.


Example Because of the drought, the government is asking people to take shorter showers.

tap n.


Example I want to get a beer tap so that we can drink beer when my friends come over to play pool.

indoor plumbing n.


Example Some farmers still don't have indoor plumbing.

waste v.


Example If you take a long shower, you will waste water.

lukewarm adj.


Example Maria doesn't put ice in her drinks. She likes them lukewarm.

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Do you try to save water? How much does water cost where you live?


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Firstly Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I usually save water ,it’s very impotrant for life.Because of the global warming drought increased in the recent years. Go esccorts leading website for a blogg about to boost your self confidence. Check out this blog. Would love info on it, from anyone. Thanks.

07:27 PM Nov 18 2018 |




I’m with Jeff on conserving water. Due to the climate change, there might be days or months with too much rain or without a drop of rain. Don’t take everything for granted. Treasure it when having it.

09:59 AM Nov 13 2018 |




I usually save water ,it’s very impotrant for life.Because of the global warming drought increased in the recent years,forestlands decrease and changed balance of the nature.

We have to save water and water resources.

07:09 PM Nov 12 2018 |



water is very beneficial for life … there is a proverb where there is water there is life. by www.appreciativeleadership.net

05:12 PM Nov 12 2018 |

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People who have enough water really don’t realise they can’t live without water. because they never been thirsty all day.

02:13 PM Nov 09 2013 |

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I really try to save water. This means I usually take a shower and not a bath and I don’t leave the water running while I’m brushing my teeth. We all should try not to waste so much water, but a fact is: In countries where there is enough water, many people don’t think about saving it. We should think more about other countries, where there are water shortages. It’s like princessa nika says: We can’t live without water. And because water is so precious and so necessary we shouldn’t waste it. 

10:32 AM Nov 09 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The water is our money,oue jewerly, we can’t be alive if we don’t drink water.

Think about one day just one day we don’t drink water just 24 hours, can u think about it?????

09:59 AM Nov 08 2013 |

Arlinrat Aui


The Water is most important in my country ThaiLand and we have Loi kraThong festival for world events one of the tourism of Thailand

Welcome to Thailand  :)

05:09 AM Nov 08 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

people in Iran use water a lot & they don’t think about future…...

09:32 AM Nov 07 2013 |

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I always try to save water and minimize my water consumption. For tooth brushing I use glass, so I don’t use a huge amount water for this.

Not only the amount of water is problem. Other problem is that the high rate of water that is gained under the ground is polluted.

Here, in Hungary the water price is quite high but I think it is more cheaper than in such places where it is difficult to gain water or it is polluted.

05:39 AM Nov 07 2013 |



I always try to conserve water! For example, I try to stop the tap while I’m brushing my 
teeth in the sink. I also stop the shower when I’m soaping! My toilet had a problem in the past with an O-ring inside the water recipient. So, I had to change it to stop the noising drip sound and also to prevent water waste! So, I’m really effective in all indoor plumbing components! :) However there are always best model citizens for sure!
But I should refer that I don’t take it to the limit! For example I don’t get running below the shower! I wait until the water stays lukewarm, because I don’t like the feeling of ice or boiling water!
The municipal body and government are really reasonable in my city\country and I don’t consider water price over the top! Since potable water is a scarce resource, I think that it is too cheap comparing with other resources like electricity or fuels, where the taxes impact and the monopoly market effects bring both extremely expensive!

11:05 PM Nov 06 2013 |



of course ,ı dont like water sounds drip,drip drip..its very unpleasant song for my ears ..  ...then ı will get my tools and ı will repair this naughty leakage ..its my job in my home..

saving water is other important topic..coz water is a  main source for living as air ..and water has very important role in our life ..alot of things are related with water..

but human being use water unconsciously,they dont think future..they can be careful in their homes but not in hotels,public places,workplaces..

10:21 PM Nov 06 2013 |



save water really very improtent thing automatically must save it  because it’s a resource for life no one can live without this wealth whatever the person’s patience 

in my country pepole usually have a bill so they don’t care about the cost of water they waste and this is our problem.

actually and in my opinion drinking has taked the place of water without permsion even was the person when you ask him between a bill of water and bill of drink hi choice the second with a dog headed these is really imbelivbale but the is the reality

09:47 PM Nov 06 2013 |




My parents and grandparents have taught me to save everything, so it annoys me so much when I see how often the water is wasted. I never leave water running when I don’t use it ( I mean brushing my teth, for example ).  I don’t care about perfect temperature of water. Of course, I don’t take a shower in cold water in winter but I start it when it’s enough to accept.

In my country water is expensive but people don’t think about it, they don’t care until they get a bill…

P.S> drip, drip, drip? It makes me crazy!!

06:32 PM Nov 06 2013 |




Not just water is wasted in the wolrdwide, but several things like energy, foods, anyway! thanks to god, this planet still has supllies reserve for that demand.


06:00 PM Nov 06 2013 |




I  totally agree with Jeff`s standpoint. I most countries water today is  a commodity , I mean  by that   if we compare the price of a bottle of  spring or processed water at the super market it is almost the same as 1 liter of gasoline. Drinking water is getting  more expensive  over the times  and in some european countries and USA  if you  leave the tap   running water freely at the end of the month when the  bill from the utility company comes in you will be  freaked out  at the  money that  you will have to send   to cancel it. I have been leaving in USA and I know what i am talking about. In my country water as power are largely subsidized by the government so what i pay is “peanuts” but does it give me the right  to squander water  when in some countries it is so scarce that  they can`t even have a decent shower.

02:46 PM Nov 06 2013 |




I’d conserve the water as possible as I could if it is not for the stupid water pipes that made from led compound metal. Local health department recommand that when water is first used in the morning, citizen should let water running for a bit while until it becomes clear and clean . Though, it sounds wasting,we have a trade-off to be made.

07:02 AM Nov 06 2013 |




No, not at all. In my colo… I mean country the water is cheap and it doesn’t make too much sense to act ridiculously conservative about it. However, I don’t like the waste of anything.

05:22 AM Nov 06 2013 |




well, I dun like  the ppl who always leave the water running when they brush their teeth. 

Especially living in the hotel,some people  act the same way as Mason.Nothing is free, the water in our country is getting more and more expensive.

03:07 AM Nov 06 2013 |

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