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Secondhand Stores
Secondhand Stores

Learn English with this secondhand stores English lesson

Date: Nov 30 2018

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Where do you go when you need new clothes for work or an awesome costume for a party? If you have lots of money, you probably shop at the mall or at special stores that sell high-end items. If you’re broke, though, you might need a different option.

Thrifting, or shopping at secondhand stores, allows people to find used clothing in good condition at great prices! It’s savvy to shop on a budget. It’s also exciting. Unlike large retail stores, which sell the same clothes in lots of sizes, thrift stores have lots of different clothes. Finding the perfect shoes or coat can be a bit of work, but that makes success even more rewarding!

Learn how Lily tries to convince Marni to go thrifting in this English lesson.


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Marni:  You know what, Lily? A new thrift store just opened up down the street from me. I am so sick of secondhand clothing and all of those budget, thrifting-savvy people. Let’s just go with name brands and higher-end.

Lily:  See, I don’t know about that. Because I am broke, and I like going to secondhand stores, too, because lots of times you can find really cool name brand things really cheaply. It’s like your clothes get a second lease on life, and if you donate them to one of those thrift stores, sometimes it helps people less fortunate, too, which is pretty cool.

Marni:  I am all for helping people less fortunate, but, please, give me a catalog, give me some online shopping. I want labels. I want high-end. I want it all.

Lily:  Alright. You’re the queen of retail.

Marni:  Well, you’re never going to catch me thrifting, but I do like a good deal.

Lily:  Actually, thrifting can be awesome because you can find a lot of those really fancy name brands. Last week I went and found this amazing pair of boots for fifteen dollars! It was really cool. They’re real leather. I was astounded.

Marni:  Really? Well, maybe I’ll go then.


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Marni doesn’t like secondhand shops, so she’s annoyed when a new thrift store opens just down the street from her house. She prefers to buy expensive, brand name clothes. Lily calls Marni the “queen of retail.”

Lily understands the other side, though. Thrifting is exciting for her. Lily doesn’t have very much money, so she definitely has a budget and looks for good deals. Finding high-end clothes at small prices seems like an adventure to her. And sometimes she gets really great items!

Lily also likes that secondhand stores can help people who are less fortunate. People who donate their old clothing help other people who can’t afford to pay brand new prices.

What’s your opinion on secondhand stores? Have you ever found a great deal in a thrift store? Would you rather go thrifting or on a brand name shopping spree?



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I liked secondhand stores when i was a student(cos I was broke like Lily in this story).

I would often found good deals like jeans and jacket at small prices.

But now Im not a student, work at a company,I buy my clothes at brand name shopping spree.

11:18 AM Dec 02 2013 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I like so much secondhand stores, cos in my country things are high-end  and people are poor.

So most people like secondhand than the other !

09:43 AM Dec 02 2013 |




In my opinion,secondhand stores are good for the people who are less fortune. If you got luck,you could find a good brand name cloth or shoes with a cheap price! That’s freaking great to go shrifting.

However,I couldn’t find that kinda stores in my town. We usually go shopping online or to the retail stores. And I would choose the retail stores. I think the quality of the goods from retail stores are better than the online stores, at least in China. ><

08:28 AM Dec 02 2013 |




In my view second hand stores are a more option and I think it’s good. Bcz I have a paternal clothing shop i’d never used to put on these kinda clothes. Aside of clothe I really prefer to buy new one rather than used type if the difference of change is not a lot. No. till now i ‘ve not already a great deal in a thrift store. Maybe i need to try it once. 

07:15 AM Dec 02 2013 |

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