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All-Inclusive Vacations
All-Inclusive Vacations

Learn English with this all-inclusive vacations English lesson

Date: Jul 07 2021

Themes: Travel


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If you don’t have time to plan a trip but want to travel, call a travel agent and book an all-inclusive package. Everything will be planned for you. It’s so easy!

All-inclusive packages usually cost a premium, so you need to budget for the trip. It’s important to read the fine print, too, so you don’t miss any fees.

Amanda and Marni are having problems planning their vacation. Find out why in this English lesson.


premium n.


Example We paid a premium to have our yard landscaped, but we're happy with how it looks now.

fine print n.


Example We thought we could get our money back when the refrigerator broke, but we didn't read the fine print on the owner's manual.

all-inclusive package n.


Example Debbie didn't have time to plan her Christmas get-a-way, so she booked an all-inclusive package in Mexico.

travel agent n.


Example Linda loves being a travel agent. She likes hearing stories of the exotic places she sends her clients.

budget v.


Example College is expensive, so I'm starting to budget for it now.

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Do you think all-inclusive vacations are a good deal? Would you rather plan everything by yourself or have a travel agent take care of all the details?


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During my vacations before, I’ve never tried to be in a group including travel agent and all-inclusive packages yet. Furthermore, All of my trips always were along with my crazy friends to be free for doing whatever and going wherever we wish. I feel that although it would be good deal to travel with agencies like that but i prefer to travel on my own beside my close friends. I suppose in a journey the significant thing is people around u in a good mood to make u have lots of fun. In my voyages i really plan to be completely free moreover out of all restrictions, that’s why I’m not interest in being in all-inclusive packages. 

In my opinion i decide to manage everything by myself instead of travel agent. By the use of some rational plans we can afford of all expenditures, easily. 

06:14 AM Dec 23 2013 |



Occasionaly i have vacations in summers and i start making plan before couple months .It’s very exciting to dream about having holiday in a nice place.In my opinion i always prefer to choose all-inclusive option which is makes everything easier all year we’ve been working very much . i think it’s not our business to get stress all about our trip anymore we gotta leave it to think travel agent :)) .I also track good deals before top seasons start here :) .

06:32 PM Dec 22 2013 |

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I would rather plan everything myself, because I want to know what I spent my money for. Besides, it has proven a lot cheaper. Just use the internet, shop for prices, and get your best deal. There is no need to worry about the planning, if it works out, it works out, if not, then you might want to consider hiring a travel agent.  

10:33 AM Dec 19 2013 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

i would prefer to plan the trip by myself it’s more enjoyable

10:16 PM Dec 18 2013 |

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In the past  i have booked a trip  to  a beautiful island  with a nearly all-inclusive package: air fare, hotel, car rental ,free tickets for some entertainment, meals wasn´t included in the deal.  From the get-go  i had a clue of the total cost of my  trip ,as i have an idea what it cost  a meal in a restaurant or if i am tight on money  I can go to a Denny`s  or Macdonalds  for a burguer with fries.  :))) I agree with Amanda , Marni is giving  unnecessary preassure  to their  gateaway holiday  and is ruining with her fear something that should be  looking forward  with  a heart full  of excitement.    Marni , Don´t worry  about money  now,  trust in  Amanda and go with the flow. :)))

09:27 PM Dec 18 2013 |


South Africa

i dont think all – inclusive  is bad thing anyway if you can  afford it but i would prefer to do everything on my own i enjoy planning 

08:31 PM Dec 18 2013 |




I think all-inclusive vacations are not suitable for me cause it`s fun to plan everything by yourself. I like to live my life spontaneously and so my vacations should go.

06:40 PM Dec 18 2013 |

sergio_andradeSuper Member!


I’ve never had an All-Inclusive vacation, despite travelling a lot. All my trips are planned by me. I love take care of trip details. Choosing the hotel, buying the flight tickets, and especially planning what to do is really fun for me.

02:16 PM Dec 18 2013 |



Russian Federation

I think all-inclusive vacation is really a good deal and you shoud find a good  travel agent who will take care of all the details

11:32 AM Dec 18 2013 |



ı never had an All-Inclusive vacation in my life, although ı like travelling too much..

ı believe,all kinds of travels,vacations are very nice,very interesting  and very different..

to see new places,cultures,people,traditions is very exciting .

all-inclusive vacations have some advantages ,that you dont care with flights,transfers,hotel,meals,guide services…unfortunately, great comfort depends on great money..

10:34 AM Dec 18 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I often need a travel agent when travelling because I can stand packing all my stuffs by  myself.

10:13 AM Dec 18 2013 |




All-inclusive vacations maybe a good choice for me go to an unfamiliar place.Probably travel by yourself will cost much more than all-inclusive package while it will affect your mood and take time to deal with some accidental troubles.

if i can get mass information online or from people who have been there ,the best is i have friend in there,under this conditon ,i will travel by myself.

05:25 AM Dec 18 2013 |




For me,If I am going to a new places I’ve never been, I will choose the travel agent. They will help me to book the Fight,hotel,meals…..But the expense will be higher.

When I plan to have a vacation in places I’ve been there before,I would choose self-gudied tour. Most of my friends do this. You can go any perfect getaways,eat anything you want,see different ppl, learn different cultures….... :))))

04:07 AM Dec 18 2013 |

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