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Learn English with this trains English lesson

Date: Jun 25 2019

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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There are many options when it comes to traveling cross country. With an airplane, you can fly at the speed of light and arrive anywhere within hours of take off. With a car, you can stop anywhere you want along the way. With a train, you have the pleasure of seeing the scenery pass by and enjoying the long ride.

Depending on where you live, trains have a different status in the transportation network. In Europe, for example, trains are definitely an integral part of the transportation system. In the US, however, travel by train is far less common.

Taking a train is different than flying or driving because you can get up and walk around during the trip. Maybe you’re hungry, so you go to the dining car to buy a snack. Maybe your train has an observation deck, and you’d like some fresh air. Train travel does take longer than flying, though, so make sure you have a lot of patience before starting a trip.

If you’ve never ridden a train, maybe now’s the time for you to have an adventure! Head to the station, book a ticket, and listen for the conductor to call, “All aboard!”

Learn who wants to take a train trip in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  I was wondering if you’d want to take a cross country trip with me by train.

Marni:  You had me at cross country trip, but then train? So long!

Amanda:  Come on! There’s the scenery out the window.

Marni:  Yeah, but, you know, I just prefer the speed of airplanes. You get to your destination so much faster!

Amanda:  What is the hurry?

Marni:  I know you think it’s nice to take in your surroundings, but I just want to get there so I can maximize my time wherever I’m going.

Amanda:  I love being a passenger on trains. You can pay a little and go coach, or you can pay a little bit more and travel by first class. Where else can you do that? Not on a plane!

Marni:  Yes, you can. Absolutely.

Amanda:  My mistake.

Marni:  I think it would be super fun to travel together, but let’s think about taking a plane, and then maybe we’ll just do a little bit of traveling by train. I don’t want to be a passenger on the train. I’d way rather be a passenger on a plane. It’s so much more efficient with your time.

Amanda:  Speaking of time, let’s take some down time. Make a list of pros and cons. Really weigh out our options. I think you’ll be surprised.


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Amanda wants to take a trip with Marni, and she suggests they go by train. Marni doesn’t think train travel is a good idea, though.

Marni would like to travel with Amanda, but she hates the idea of wasting so much time on the train. She’d rather fly to her destination, so she can spend her vacation doing activities instead of riding on a train.

For Amanda, watching the scenery is part of the fun. She also likes the option of riding coach or first class. She and Marni decide to take some time apart and make a list of pros and cons to decide whether they’ll fly or take a train.

Do you prefer to take a train or an airplane? What’s the longest train ride you’ve ever been on?



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If it I were  asked by Amanda  and Marni to weigh in my opinion I would suggest  that they take a road trip by car ,even renting a car  would be cheaper than  booking a train trip. Marni  should consider that  travelling by plane  also has  its hassles. In my country  riding by train it is  a nightmare ,  they are very unreliable  and most of them are already obsolete. I prefer a plane  ,the only thing that i like about trains  is  watching them passing by    and to hear  the train whistles  at the railroad crossing.  

03:10 PM Jan 17 2014 |



Well, I prefer to take a train. We have to wait for an plane to get ready for the flight in the airport. And some flights could be canceled because of bad weather or poor maintenance. I think  it’s really a waste of time.

Ive been on a train for up to 5 hours. Of course I felt ridiculously tired when I got off the train. I wish I could run so fast like Usain Bolt.

02:49 PM Jan 17 2014 |

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if i am going to travel, l like to go by trains or take buses.

01:48 PM Jan 17 2014 |




I don’t like travel by train.because it is very slow than other. I prefer travel by my car.I can visit good places on roadside.if I travel a country which one far from my country,when I prefer airplane .

01:27 PM Jan 17 2014 |




Train?!?! Woow, I didn’t know it still exists! I mean… We can find some trains around, but not for long trips as the lesson says… 

I wish I could ride one, just like that which we can see in Harry Potter. That is so exquisite! It reminds me of the old times (even though I wasn’t there). I would definitely travel by train – at least once in my lifetime – just for the sake of saying that I’ve already done it. :)

01:05 PM Jan 17 2014 |


Viet Nam

id like to go by train but i have never do it before. and the longest transportation i have been on was about 28hours by car. its so long time to take a vacation in my life but i like it, id like to see the place where it pass by. 

10:09 AM Jan 17 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The last trip which I took by train was so boring & so long.:(since then I am not thinking of taking another trip by train.

My family always prefer to take trips by car.they believe they can visit everything then.I also like it.even if the destination is far they’d rent a car there.

09:51 AM Jan 17 2014 |

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I like t go by plain. We often fly to San Francisco, where my son lives and works. I like to take the train when I  visit some friends who live in the capital, Copenhagen

09:46 AM Jan 17 2014 |

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last week i had a trip with train our travel distance was 2000 Km its a little boring speacial in finaly  200 km i had a bad feeling our seat was so bad names bus seat degree 2 i understood spend more money in buying better seat at the end i suggest if u wana have a trip with train choose better seat. enjoy your life

06:42 AM Jan 17 2014 |

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It depends. If taking a train to my final destination only spend 3 or 4 hours when travelling. I would choose riding a train. Like Amanda, I like to watch the scenery, enjoy casual rhythm on a train. It’s kind of a happy life.

The longest train ride I have been on was about 7hours. Started at the evening,then arrived at the next early morning. During that ride, no scenery,only we could do was to play cards or just slept…What a tried trip!  >< ><

02:59 AM Jan 17 2014 |

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