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Learn English with this airports English lesson

Date: Jan 27 2020

Themes: Travel


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When you walk into an airport for a cross-continental flight, are you excited to go somewhere new? Or are you dreading the long lines at security?

Most people arrive at the airport two hours before their plane departs. That’s a long time to walk around with a heavy carry-on. But you’d be bored on the plane without it!

Find out what Marni thinks about airports in this English lesson.


dread v.


Example I dread meetings with Sue. She talks so much and nothing gets done!

carry-on n.


Example I can only bring one carry-on when I fly to London.

depart v.


Example What time does our train depart for Barcelona?

cross-continental adj.


Example Our trip around the world was a cross-continental experience. We visited Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

security n.


Example Going through security is no fun. You always have to wait in a long line.

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What’s your opinion about airports? What do you like about flying? What do you dislike?


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United Kingdom

my second home :D

04:39 AM Mar 02 2014 |



Even thouhg I love traveling, airports sometimes could be a terrible place to be.  

When you take a cross-continental trip and you have to wait for your connection in an airport could be boring unless you go for shopping or you are able to do any interesting activity.   And the lines for migration process are just terrible.

I like when I meet nice people and we share experiences :)

04:11 AM Feb 24 2014 |

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Flying is the best thing when there are no problems on your way. If you get problems at the airport or in the airplane it`s like a horror film. I fly a lot, so I know both sides.

Wish everybody a good journey without any problems…

04:03 PM Feb 17 2014 |





03:35 AM Feb 17 2014 |

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Flying is so fantastic. I often fly cross-continental, cause I fly frome Denmark to San Francisco. I like sitting at the plane and you don´t have to do anything but read,listen to music, eat, maybe taking a nap, being kind to the other passangers and relaxing. You don´t have any  responsibility, but I admit it´s a long trip, but even though I like flying. It´s very much important for me why my son is living in San Francisco.

03:59 PM Feb 15 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like flying.As Rafaeel said in his conversation with Marni,being in airports is so exciting cause while you are wating for your flight, you can see many different peopls and it is fo fun.It is good for you to enjoy your flying and the airport that you ara in it.

11:52 AM Feb 15 2014 |



flying is fantastic !

08:35 AM Feb 15 2014 |



For us the airports are places exciting but there is a lot of crowd so it’s very stressful. Anyway flying it’s beautiful because we can see everything from the tall one.   

08:34 AM Feb 15 2014 |



Dario says: “In my opinion airports are very exciting places, because at the arrivals you meet a lot of people coming from different countries, by the way it’s a bit annoying to go through security and the regulations are so boring…” 

Alex says: “I like flying in the plane because I like watching the sea and the sky through the windows and I like that the plane is the faster way to travel”

Cheers, Dario & Alex from Naples, Italy.

Our football team went on Italy’s Cup Finals!!

08:30 AM Feb 15 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

hi Marni,how are you. nice lesson.

05:20 AM Feb 15 2014 |




Another recent trend in airports besides those hustles Marni talks about is the stores.  I mean airports are now like shopping malls as well as terminals to take airplanes. Watch out those stores folks, they are overpriced! Don’t buy electronics there, you can buy much cheaply later on-line! Please, why do you need to buy crystal glass paper weight!? But because people are bored of waiting and travelling makes you careless about money, many apparently get suckered (otherwise why those stores keep increasing?). I just can’t help noticing yet another example of sneaky commercialism whenever I go there lately. 

07:40 PM Feb 14 2014 |



Russian Federation

By the way! A day before, I stuck in funny situation! I didn’t find my carry-on bag as I’d gone through the control gate beyond the airport enterance. Then, to my own surprise I saw a man carrying my bag in hands. He was a little confused after I’d asked him for being kind and giving my bag back))))  

06:55 PM Feb 14 2014 |



Russian Federation

As for me, I can’t say I deadly dislike airports and traveling by plane. But, honest, there definitely are some things insistingly repulsing me from exploiting the potentialities of all of this!

Recently, I’ve had a 14-hour (!!!) flight with The Emirates with 2(!!!) stopovers. Nevertheless, it was quite cool! All these duty free shops in Dubai airport with their national arabic features, and absolutely amazing views of thai specific Subarnabhumi Bangkok airport – how can one call all this terrible?! =) And organization of the flight was very high-guality. Seats with the dislays embedded in the seats ahead, a lot of flicks, games, audios, tohns of various media catering for any taste!

However… For sure.. Several-thousand-person queues before custom-house, luggage stuff, several-hour waiting for the flight, etc – all of this do take place.

Yet, certaintly not all this shit above does necessarily relate to all the flights one can have whenever and whereever ))

06:49 PM Feb 14 2014 |




I feel that airports are exciting places. Looking forward passengers, to anticipate the time for taking off, to expect a new vacation or journey to another country or city, look in strangers around u. yeah, it’s cool and interesting. In think terminals are multinational places. That’s why i like it. 

Flying away and being expose of the blue sky looks like a different experience in my life which seems to be great. Just worrying about departure time, forgetting tickets, some other stuffs as well as security sound pretty awful. We can pass by these cases and imagine on nice time with beautiful places look forward us for next day after flying. 

03:19 PM Feb 14 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

For me, traveling by plane is the best way to travel. I work a lot and when I have some free time I try to spend it more quality, by going on some trip. Traveling by bus, train or even a car, requires much more time and because of that I eliminated it as option from start. It is truth that traveling by plane requres arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure, but despite a huge crowds there, long lines and securities and controls at every step, everything is very well organized. Road signs are everywhere. I think there is no chance for someone to get lost there. There is enough time for everything and there is no need for stress or panic. It think that stress is greater when you travel by other vehicle. The only thing that bothers me, what I really dislike about traveling by plane is existence of restrictions for the weight of luggage. When I go on trip, I always have so many things cramed in the biggest suitcase I could found, and I really need all of that. :D And I always have plan to bye something new at the trip. I don’t know how, but I always had luck  and I didn’t pay extra money for that. I always tried to smile check-in emplyees and everything and to justify girls who always need a lot of clothes on the trip :) and everything went ok.
Little advice for girls who have the same problem as me –
always go on the counter where men work. :)

01:52 PM Feb 14 2014 |



Hi guys. Be sure, flying is a very good experience.I have flied through Europe and it ’s been a very good experience. It’s a very good oportunity to know different countries and cultures. Don’t miss this kind of opportunities!  

01:41 PM Feb 14 2014 |



I never go by flight till now, So i dont know how the atmosphere over there. But i heard some comments like it was fun experience and some people said terrible experience from who ever had already  travalled by flight .

11:30 AM Feb 14 2014 |

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Though i agree with Rafael`s statement  that  airports  are exciting ,watching so many people from different nationalities lugging suitcases  , coming and going  from who knows where , maybe   traveling for pleasure or business.  Nonetheless  I agree with Marni  that  all the  hassle  that she will have to put up with is putting a burden  on her.  I have traveled many times , yeah, security, scanners, long lines, patting and what not !! and once on  the plane , forget elbow room, the flight attendant asking…  chicken or pasta ? one choice or the other  you know that it will sucks. An american lady while we where going through security in a Seattle`s airport told me ” travelling is not fun anymore, She was right !!! Sorry Marni that i am not helping  either. :))))

11:26 AM Feb 14 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have never been to the airport or airplane:(

10:42 AM Feb 14 2014 |



Poor me ;( I never been to airports before. I always in Thailand ! but next year I’m going to Australia for study , so I’m not so sure I’m gonna like or dislike that place.

06:49 AM Feb 14 2014 |

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