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Learn English with this fortune telling English lesson

Date: Feb 19 2019

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Do you believe in fate? Do you think that your future is already planned for you, or that you have the power to make things happen yourself? Some people believe that psychics can use palm readings or read a tarot card and know what will happen to you. Do you agree that another person can be so in tune with your life?

One reason that people talk to psychics is because they don’t like surprises. They want to feel like they know what’s going to happen to them. Others like to think of the possibilities ahead, whether or not they come true. Of course some people simply believe that psychics can see into the future and give them relevant information to help them with their lives.

Are Lily and Marni believers? Read more in this English lesson about seeing into the future.


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Marni:  Lily. You are not going to believe this.

Lily:  What?

Marni:  I just had the most amazing tarot card reading. It was so incredible the way she predicted my future. I mean, it was all these things that I’ve totally been thinking about, I could totally relate to… she knew things that I’ve never told anyone!

Lily:  You really think that cards can predict the future? Do you believe in palm readings, too?

Marni:  Absolutely!

Lily:  So, the wrinkles on your hand… some woman will read them for you, and that automatically dictates your fate in the future?

Marni:  Maybe I can see where it could be hard to fathom where you think there are lines that are telling you things, but I think that people are in tune with things in the world that we just don’t know about. And I think that my hands have a lot to tell. But these cards… she was pulling them and it was so relevant. I just was captivated.

Lily:  Well, what if she was just reading your personality? Lots of times those fortune tellers just read your personality and then go the extra mile.

Marni:  I think she’s in tune. I believed her. I can’t wait to go back. You should totally come with me. She’s so insightful.


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Marni just had a tarot card reading from a psychic and she’s very excited. Marni felt that the psychic was in tune with her life because she talked about things that Marni had never told anyone else.

Lily doesn’t believe in tarot cards and palm readings, though. She questions Marni’s experience and tries to make her see a different point of view. Lily thinks that the psychic Marni spoke with was just very good at knowing what Marni wanted to hear.

Have you ever spoken with a psychic? Do you believe in tarot cards and palm reading? Why or why not?



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I am just wondering how they can do it

02:17 PM Feb 21 2014 |




When i was young,My family and i took a long travel to visit a psychic.We were told she is very good at fortune telling.It’s my first time to know psychic,In my impression she’s kind of like a magician,both of them are mysterious.As my mom said ,most of her predicts were correct verified  in later life.Long time after time i believe in it.

All the times,There are two reasons let me believe it.The first like Marni’s point,In traditional chinese medince a doctor can see a patient through five sence organ.Maybe our palms do hide sth we don’t know but others do.The second is we got “The book of changes”and “Eight Trigrames”teach you how to predict.Until last year,”BaiLongWang”who is very famous among Tailand,Taiwan,HongKong,even Singapore died .I start to believe no mater how powerful a person is,There still sth heor she can’t predict.Just hold hope and dream.Be patient and peaceful .Future will be better than now.

12:28 PM Feb 21 2014 |




Okay. I’ve never seen a psychic but i’m into. I really want to know how they want to justify their predictions. It must be really amazing if they could. I strongly can’t accept that someone is able to fortell my fate. It sounds incredible to me.

U know what, modeling and simulation of dynamic systems is a part of my work. But in real mechanisms with chemical reactions and physical changes, there are big errors. Frankly, it’s a hard thing to predict even some apparently simple processes by powerful software since they are several uncontrolled parameters which turn out the investigation research totally. I don’t understand how sb could have seen my palm wrinkles and foreseen my future. Big no way. If we only take a glance on natural features as well as flipping through a statistic paper/book we could find out that all events are in sense of random variables. Most of probability laws are based on them. If we display errors function, for example, we will reach normal distribution. It’s a long story. 

I suppose this is the beauty of the world that nobody cannot predict the future. it has to be noted that, If I knew what will happen to me in future what would be the mean of my life, then?!!! It does not make sense, anyway. In a consequence, We should be much more rational in these debates.

10:32 AM Feb 21 2014 |



No For Me There Is Only A LiVe TimE EfFectiV PanAcea For EveRYTHinG To AsK AnD ShaRe WitH GoD” AlLaH AlMIghy WhO Had ALReady PlanEd EacH And EvERy Thing For Us. I AlwaYS KnOcked ON The Door Of His Blessings AnD He Is So MerciFUL That HE Always Do Favors And ReWRite Things That I Usually WaNt To ChanGe In My Fate. He AlwaYs SaVES Me In ThE PitS. I AlwayS HaVe Faith On Him And KnOcks On WoOd. NoT AnY HumaNbeing Or PsychIC CaN Ever Be On A Par With GOd. So If Any One WaNnA Cram He Or She ShouLd Be FocuS On GlOriOUs God Thats ThE OnlY Way To Know AbOuT FuTuRe By HIS GnostiC BlesSiIngS On Us.

06:17 AM Feb 21 2014 |

munisa alimatova


Actually, i believe in fate. and in my opinion, every person’s life has his  own fate, cos everything what happened or will have happened in the future,all thing around us depend on fate. However, i don’t believe in palm readings or tarot card… because that things can not determine our future live and life! Moreover, when we born, our fate already determined by God! It’s my own opinion. i think So! Only “ALLAH” can know our fate. nobody else.

06:08 AM Feb 21 2014 |




I have to say that it’s not a simple question of trust but a question of feeling great and being actually great.I do think faith and believing is necessary especially when you feel bad.It’s okay to have fun playing tarot or palm reading.But you have to realize that things donot get better automatically,so you have to do something,right.though the road to resolve problems are tough,but it is worth climing.

05:00 AM Feb 21 2014 |



When I was a little girl, I don’t believe that. But as I’m getting older, while many things  happen to me, I begin to believe that

03:20 AM Feb 21 2014 |

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I used to be very interested in that kind of activites. I think every one does at a certain period of time. Some predictions were true and you know it was scary because some of them were far from bring postive and you kinda didn’t take them serious, you thought that hopefully it’s not gonna happen. But when it happened, with the shudder you start to revive in your memory those horrible prediction. One lady, though told me ( she was a good psychic)  She told me she wouldn’t be telling me anything bad since her energetic level is so strong that any word uttered by her might come true. Might! Might! She is, whose job was as a psychic is the first one who said that she might be wrong since only God knows what will happen to you. Those were her words. Anyway, thanks to her for being honest and not giving me negative predictions. About pronouncing words aloud, btw, nothing is evaporated, the words goes and are heard. It all depends how strong you are in your announcing and wish only good one, only good one. As we know well, what goes around, comes around.

I wish inUkraine be peace as soon as possible. I wish people stop dying in Ukraine. Please help me with your words.

Thank you.




To me, this is all just a huge bullshit (I’m sorry if I’m offending someone here). Do you really beleive that humans can predict the future by pulling out a few cards from a deck or by “reading” the lines of your hands? Come on! They just made it all up so they could take your money from you in an easy way! THEY made the cards and THEY made up the meaning of those lines!

“_Oh, you shouldn’t say that! This is an ancient art bla bla bla…”.

Ancient art my foot! Why don’t they predict their own future? Err… All I can see is just a bunch of people (who have nothing better to do) trying to find a meaning for something that is not their business. The funniest thing is: how could anyone ever pay for that!?!??!” Geez, it drives me nuts. But this is not my business too… ¬¬’‘

If you really beleive in God, you shouldn’t be trying to change something that HE chose for you. Don’t you trust him?

“_But how they do those things?”

Do what? Manipulate you mind? Yup, because that’s what they do. When you go to those places, you’re believing so bad that they’ll predict your future, that you end up doing what they said (unconsciosly, sometimes) just for the sake of saying that it really worked or to make yourself believe that your money really paid off. 

Enough! Once again, I’m sorry guys. I DO respect those who believe it, but I just can’t sink it in. Wheww. 

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