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Learn English with this patience English lesson

Date: Jun 11 2019

Themes: Time

Grammar: Adverbs


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Have you ever had to wait for something that you really wanted? Maybe it was a new game, or the sequel to an exciting book, or even dinner after a long day. A lot of times, we’d rather have instant gratification than wait for what we want, but waiting teaches us patience.

In the end, those things we wait patiently for are those things we appreciate the most. For example, think about how a cake would taste if you tried to eat it before it finished baking! Some things just take time. They won’t happen immediately, so we have to wait.

Learning to have a patient mentality will help you when times are tough. The old adage, “patience is a virtue” is a good truth to live by. It might not be fun to delay your desires, but in the end, you’ll appreciate things more.

Find out who needs to learn patience in this English lesson about waiting.


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Rafael:  Hold on, hold on, hold on. I’m just finishing up a meditation here.

Marni:  Come on! Hurry up already.

Rafael:  Patience is a virtue.

Marni:  You live by that old adage? I think everything should happen as soon as possible. I want instant gratification.

Rafael:  No offense, but it’s that mentality that makes the world a hard place to live in sometimes.

Marni:  Well, I think it’s just a learned behavior… learn patience because, clearly, I never learned it. I want everything to happen on my timeline. And I just want everything to happen now, now, now. I feel like very few things are actually worth waiting for.

Rafael:  But you might also say that being impatient is a learned behavior, so the choice is yours.

Marni:  Yeah, I guess you’re right. I don’t know. I just wish things could happen immediately. When I want something to be done, I just want it done now. I just want it done immediately. But perhaps I should start meditating some more. Has that helped you?

Rafael:  Well hey, you could start meditating immediately.

Marni:  Ha ha.


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Rafael asks Marni to wait for a second while he finishes his meditation. Marni’s response shows that she is very impatient.

Marni admits that she doesn’t like to wait. She wants everything to happen immediately, and she’s not happy when she doesn’t get instant gratification.

Rafael tells Marni that her attitude probably isn’t the best choice and that impatient people make the world more difficult. Although Marni says that she never learned how to be patient, Rafael thinks she could still change her attitude.

Does Marni need to be more patient? When have you had to wait for something you really wanted?



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Russian Federation

In my opinion patience is very important. Things we want quite rarely happen immediatly. For example, you have to have a lot of studying and practice to become fluent in foreign language. Only if you’re patient enough you will reach your goal.

01:34 PM Jun 11 2019 |

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ml2000Super Member!


There are lots of impatient drivers driving on the highway.  

07:47 PM Jun 10 2019 |

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Meditation is good.

12:46 AM Jun 30 2018 |

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As we all know some events are out of our control and we have to just seat and watch what will happen next. In my idea it’s important to practice to be patient especially in some particular cases as i mentioned in the lesson with the name of “wait and see”. Plus, Put up with difficulties is the main thing we have to take into account in our life. 

Of course she needs. Maybe if she get pregnant and wait for engendering a new baby she’ll learn how to be completely patient. For lots of things i had waited. Receiving grade points, special news and etc. 

08:27 PM Mar 11 2014 |



I think Marni has to learn to be more patient.

It’s good to get fast and good solutions, but there are somethings that are out of your control, you got to be patient and wait.  I had to learn to be patient and I believe my life is much better now.

04:57 AM Mar 04 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Maybe  all people know that paitience will open all doors,but sometimes we get instant gratification,because of tiredness or houngriness and so on.about me;I have been learnt how to wait unless i get instant gratification sometimes.it is related on my situation.

10:56 AM Mar 02 2014 |

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“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” 
― Molière

08:01 PM Mar 01 2014 |

munisa alimatova


for started, i want to say; when peaple can not be patiently, that person expected not good results for everything!!! everybody should be patiently.. but we are humans and we are impatient often.. here is a one proverb. Things may come to those who wait, but Only the things left by those who hustle!!!

07:10 AM Feb 27 2014 |

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“When the economy is bad like now, people often turn to extremism” – this is a comment I hear on the media these days.  It makes sense because, with many needs and wants left unfulfilled, people run out of patience and demand quick changes. Activism is good, but impatience can be very dangerous because people’s needs and wants are often in conflict with one another. Seeking a radical change under conflicts of interest is conducive to violent ending.

02:01 AM Feb 27 2014 |



Platon wrote about patience, as a unusual virtue that few peoples have without to learn.

11:57 PM Feb 26 2014 |

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09:51 PM Feb 26 2014 |




Patience – is the way to perfection. 

06:45 PM Feb 26 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

patience is a good thing but sometimes i cant wait for a long time,actually it depends on my situation,sometimes i have to wait but its very boring,but totally other people say that im a patient person :)

05:04 PM Feb 26 2014 |

1 person likes this



There Is AN OlD AdAgE Or ProvErb U Can Say ” SwEet R The FruITs Of Adversity”. So ItS GoOd To HaVE PATiEnCE If We WaNT GoOd ReSUlts. PaTieNCe Or ForbEaRING Is A ReAL VirtUe In All RelLIGoNS So EvERY One ShouLD PrActicE It In DailY LIfE. AND We All KnoE HaStE MAkeS WaSTE, So We Should AlWAyS KeEP OuRSRLVeS In A StATe Of EnduRancE UndER Any CiRCUMstances. HasTE LeAds The THiNgs In WRONg DiRecTiON Or ToWArDAs NeGATIvity OfTEnLy. 

11:36 AM Feb 26 2014 |




10:59 AM Feb 26 2014 |




In my opinion,Marni is a person with efficiency.She don’t wanna waste time even one minute.She needs to slow down and relax,The faster you hope to get instant gratification means the more pressure you put on yourself.Learn to give yourself time to breath is important in daily life.

When i was in college i had to buy train ticket to go home.We didn’t open online service at that time ,so we must go to the railway station early in the morning,watched the long line start from the ticket window direct to the entrance door.We try to persuade ourself to be patient,but we can’t because we afraid of the ticket sell out.

10:55 AM Feb 26 2014 |




I think that it’s correct, when we wish something with much persistence is very difficult have patience

There is a proverb in my country that says:
the patience is the base of all science.

08:56 AM Feb 26 2014 |



I know I’ve to be patient ,even grin and bear it.

06:44 AM Feb 26 2014 |

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The patience is only to the persons that wait big things…

04:28 AM Feb 26 2014 |

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I like to have everything done on my steps and hold everything is control.I always want to solve the problems or things in a short time,but it doesn t mean i dont have  any patience in life:]

I will only give the patience on the thing that really worth waiting for :)

But sometimes it s not easy to figure out what is worth or not.

yeah,be patience in life:)

03:52 AM Feb 26 2014 |

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