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Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls

Learn English with this shopping malls English lesson

Date: May 17 2019

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: First Conditional


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Where do you go when you want to buy new clothes, or new electronics, or new dishes, or new books? In most big cities, you’ll head to the nearest shopping mall.

Shopping malls are very convenient because there are many different kinds of stores all in one building. Whether you need clothes or shoes, dresses or dishes, games or gifts, you’ll probably be able to find what you want at the mall.

Since there are so many stores, there are also lots of people at the mall. It’s usually a crowded, busy place. For some people, this kind of sensory overload makes them feel overwhelmed. Other people thrive on excitement and energy.

Malls with a parking garage, a movie theater, and some restaurants are also popular. Not only can people shop until they drop, they can also relax, and eat. The entertainment factor is also good when you’re at the mall with someone who’s not really interested in shopping, such as your boyfriend or your kids.

Find out who’s actually afraid of malls in this English lesson about shopping.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Rafael, I just got my new credit card. Do you want to go to the mall? Have some retail therapy?

Rafael:  Oh my gosh, really? Holy cow, you really have a credit card right now?

Marni:  Yes. I want to go do some damage, and I want to go shopping. Let’s go to the mall!

Rafael:  As soon as we would get into the parking garage, I’d start feeling overwhelmed.

Marni:  Why?

Rafael:  I don’t know. It’s hard to talk about. Sort of sensory overload, being in a crowd, you know.

Marni:  Gosh, I’m sorry. Don’t you love going to the mall for the entertainment factor? I mean, there are so many things to see, so many things you could potentially buy, things you didn’t even know you wanted to have!

Rafael:  Yeah, yeah. And I get that it’s all convenient, but what good is that if you feel kind of scared? You know what I mean?

Marni:  Geez, I guess I never felt that way. I just love going shopping. I love seeing all the stores, I love that everything’s right there. You can get everything you need in one place.

Rafael:  Right.

Marni:  I mean, the bigger the better, as far as I’m concerned. Well if you don’t want to go to the mall, I’ll just find someone else who does.

Rafael:  Well, can we at least go when it’s not very crowded? And then I’ll go with you, OK?

Marni:  So not mid-day on a Saturday?

Rafael:  Yeah. Any other time besides a crowded time.

Marni:  All right.


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Marni just got a new credit card and she’s ready to spend some money! She asks Rafael to go to the shopping mall with her.

Of course, Rafael is excited for his friend, but he’s not sure about going to the mall with her. He knows he’ll probably be overwhelmed because he doesn’t like big places with lots of people. It’s just stressful for him to be in a crowd.

Marni’s not sure she understands how Rafael feels. Everything about shopping malls excites her, and she reminds Rafael how convenient it is to have all the shops in one place. In fact, she tells Rafael if he doesn’t want to go, she’ll simply find another friend to go with her.

Since Rafael doesn’t want to disappoint Marni, he agrees to go with her, but only if they go to the mall when it’s not busy.

Do you like going to shopping malls? What are malls like where you live?



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Yeah I do I think everyone love to go there .Cause of globalisation malls are availablee every part of the world.Where you can buy anything you want as per convince. There are many people going there for purchasing,making fun , movie etc 

Best place I think you can feel or enjoy every second.

09:48 AM Jun 01 2018 |




Yeah. I do if i’ll have enough money. Basically, the majority of populations in everywhere get furious when they are in long lines for buying or checking out at malls. All thing they need to consider is to be patient. In fact, I prefer to do shopping during special time of the day to avoid exposing in long queues, if it would be possible.

They look like other places. Full of everything as well as crowds of people and also things are a bit chipper than other stores. Then, it means that u should not overpay due to wholesale price of goods. 

09:32 PM Mar 14 2014 |




in my city we have lots of malls! for each area and nighbourhood there’se one. in one hand it can saves your time and money bcz u dont need to spend time to finding ur good .or paying money for taxi to go to another boutiqe or shop it must be addmited that only if u are alone this might happen i mean saving time and money . overall u can find what u want in one place. on the other hand if you are not alone i.e u go by ur friend or bf and some thing like that definitely u will pay more money and you’ll spend ur time walking around and watching window. you might wanna going to fastfood,eating junk foods . playing game in entertainment pLaces .so uwhile you are walking atound.,uncontrolable u’ll spend much more money and that’s the only bad reason for shopping malls

07:42 PM Mar 11 2014 |



I like going to shopping malls when I need to buy different things, because I find almost everything in one place, but I have felt that sensory overload specially in Christmas, malls are so crowded.  During those days I just don’t go to malls.

Malls are really good here, I love them.  There are big stores, everything is clean and people are nice.

02:33 AM Mar 11 2014 |

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of course ,I like going to Malls for shopping, if ı need it,

also I like to go open bazaar ,for fresh and cheap food

11:52 PM Mar 10 2014 |




Absolutely NOOO…I don’t like to go to the malls to be fun or to see many thinks to buy, if I need nothing… I don’t like to spend my free time in those kind of places..But, I know well, the women like to go there because they went from other planet…(smile…)

06:32 PM Mar 10 2014 |




Yes, you go to large shopping center to buy most purposes?

05:57 PM Mar 10 2014 |

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habiba 18

habiba 18


i dont think there is a normal person on earth who hate shopping malls !

05:19 PM Mar 10 2014 |

2 people like this




haha … go shopping~

03:30 PM Mar 10 2014 |

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Saudi Arabia

I don’t like shopping with women because they don’t get tired. So, I go to mall lonly because I take my comfort.

this is my first comment her :)

03:24 PM Mar 10 2014 |

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I don’t like to go to the mall, I prefer to do my purchases in my neighborhood. In the mail is always crowded, I prefer to walk for the street and see shops while I can see the sky and breathe pure air and walk calmly 

It’s true that In mall there are a lot of shops and you can find anything. 

02:56 PM Mar 10 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh! my 9 years old niece is just like Rafael.she doen’t like malls. Whenever I go to their home she is like: Oh you came again, that means shopping, shopping and shopping again. You should see her face. It’s so funny :D . But me and my sister quite enjoy shopping together. We walk, we talk, we haggle, we stop by a coffee shop for a drink. It’s so much fun

01:01 PM Mar 10 2014 |



Im very much excited about indulge in shopping. shopping is my one of the best hobby. wherever malls are there i used to go on weekends and search for the affordble one. In hyderabd so many shopping malls where we can get all kinds of brands. It may be anything not only clothes i will take somuch time for chooing good one. Since im away from my native place and parents i became alone and habituated shopping with friends now with my husband.

12:55 PM Mar 10 2014 |




Yes ,i like going to shopping malls besides weekend.There are two huge shopping malls in my city.It offers all kinds of sevices like spa,salon,manicure,restaurant,cafe,movie theater.That big shopping mall can satisfy all your needs in one building ,You know nice environment ,popular music ,creative design,unique directions make the mall become a special place for everyone,Except shopping you can enjoy yourself and get relax.

11:15 AM Mar 10 2014 |




I loveeee shopping ! take me with you Marni :p

08:54 AM Mar 10 2014 |




I do like going to the shopping malls. There so many brand stores in there. But in my city,the big shopping malls are full of people.The price of cloth is expensive too. Usually I go there to watch a moive or eat special food. 

Instead,I choose shopping online.^^

03:32 AM Mar 10 2014 |




I actually work in a big shopping mall in Chengdu china named International Finance Center,IFS for short.I donot have sensory overload,so I don’t feel overwhelmed.I think it’s a fun place,you just relax and thrive on shopping,even window shopping.

you know,I work in Lane crawford-a luxury department store.I like the sexy music it has and the fast pace at work.The big point is to relaxs and enjoy yourself.No one could help you on that,do it yourself.

03:10 AM Mar 10 2014 |




I question shopping malls. They sell items you can happily live without. Shopping malls must be accounting for large part of global sustainability problems because of the production, transportation and food consumptions involved in mall commercialism. We consume clothes, shoes and food even without malls but malls push them to excess by promoting shopping as entertainment experience.

But commercialism is not the only sin of the mall. Shopping malls destroy diversity across the world.  With those big chain stores with the same storefront designs trying to convince us to buy their branded items, we are increasingly clothing ourselves more or less the same way, eating more or less the same foods while roaming around in buildings that look more or less the same regardless of where you are.

02:18 AM Mar 10 2014 |




Since I’m very shopaholic, I guess I’m a little biased to talk about this subject. Although I love being in a mall, I can also experience this sensory overload sometimes, which makes me prefer the online stores where I can buy whatever I want much more comfortably and with no clerks around staring at you, like: “_Aren’t you done yet? Just pick one already! I just want my comission, come on!”. I don’t like this pressure…

12:22 AM Mar 10 2014 |


United States

As same as Marni, the Shopping mall is exciting place for me. The mall is huge and has a lot of stores in the one place in my country. There are a lot of facilites, theater, bowling, game center, spa and so on. We can enjoy staying there all day long.

I love shopping. It make me changing my mind for better. However, sometimes I spent money a lot. It maybe Okay to go shopping sometimes but “always” has a big matter. I need to control my desire of shopping to save money.

The shopping mall show me a lot of seductive clothes and shoes.
What not to go there maybe the best way to save money.

05:24 AM Mar 08 2014 |

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