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Learn English with this singer-songwriter English lesson

Date: Apr 04 2014

Themes: Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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Much like Adele, singer-songwriter Lorde has a huge number of fans around the world. And she’s only 17! Lorde, born Ella Yelich-O’Connor, was raised in New Zealand. She sang and acted at a very young age, and even got her first music contract when she was 13 years old. Lorde’s catchy single “Royals” is the first New Zealand single to make #1 in the US.

Lorde has received award after award, and her music seems to be inspiring a new generation of singers. She has been on the front of many magazines, and performs for huge groups of people around the world. It seems like Lorde has big things ahead in her life. What a phenomenal start to her career in music!

Jessica and Brian and discussing Lorde. Which one is her fan? Find out in today’s English lesson about a pop star.


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Jessica:  So, Brian? Are you a fan of Lorde, the singer-songwriter?

Brian:  I think that that main song she does, “Royals,” is very catchy, but I don’t want to like it. And I don’t really want to like her. I appreciate her music and what she does. I think it’s phenomenal that she’s so young, and she has a very nice voice, but I’m just not really into that style of music, I guess.

Jessica:  I see.

Brian:  Are you a fan?

Jessica:  I am a huge fan. I think that it’s really neat that she’s so young and really inspiring to that generation of fans. I know that she recently won an award and took out a full-page ad in a newspaper and said thanks. Just to show her appreciation of all of her fans.

Brian:  That’s great. I do have to say I have only heard “Royals.” I haven’t downloaded her album, or listened to a lot of it. And I feel like I should give her a fair chance before judging, but sometimes I just get over-saturated. The radio playing one song over and over again…

Jessica:  Yes. And I agree they do that. You should go online and check out some of the other covers of Lorde’s music because it’s very good.

Brian:  Yeah, I’ll have to do that.


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Jessica is curious about Brian’s feelings on Lorde. Lorde is so popular and famous right now that Jessica seems to expect Brian to like her music. Instead, Brian says that even though Lorde’s #1 hit “Royals” is catchy, he doesn’t really like her style of music that much. He appreciates what she’s done at 17, but he’s not a big fan.

On the other hand, Jessica’s a huge fan. She can’t listen to Lorde often enough. Jessica likes that Lorde is 17 because she feels like that’s inspiring to a lot of young people. She’s also amazed that Lorde thanked her fans in a big newspaper ad. That shows that Lorde is still a real person, and not just a big music star.

Do you like Lorde’s music? Why or why not? Is her age important?



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02:06 PM Apr 04 2014 |

1 person likes this




she’s amazing !!!

01:05 PM Apr 04 2014 |



Russian Federation

A lot of funs all around the world????,really ,i don`t know who is she,may be it`s for teens only?)))).


12:23 PM Apr 04 2014 |



Russian Federation

I’m not a big fan of Lorde. I only like a few of her songs. She’s a good singer, but i don’t see in her anything phenomenal. She’s 17, well, that’s great that she’s achieved a lot in so young age. But, in my opinion, there’s nothing special about her music. Or maybe it’s just not my taste.

10:07 AM Apr 04 2014 |




I just listen to the”Royals”. not my taste. :))))

09:37 AM Apr 04 2014 |




her sound is awsome .. i proud of her.. she has special style.. and i think she wanna be more like her than being like other singers as we can see around us

and ’’royal’’ its good job

09:10 AM Apr 04 2014 |




I really like her music. She has an unique voice, her character is strong and the music is catchy too. I think age is important issue, in her young age she can inspire many people and becomes a success one.       

12:50 AM Apr 04 2014 |




I like lorde’s music.The rhythm is totally my taste and the whole song is catchy .For me,Team is better than “Royals”.Age is the important element to judge a person.But she’s really got talent in music.Splendid future will be waiting for her.

11:51 PM Apr 03 2014 |




This is not the kind of music that I like the most, but it is surely catchy! :)

[...] “We’re bigger than we ever dreamed” [...]

[...] “Life is great without a care” [...]

02:06 PM Apr 03 2014 |

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