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Going to College
Going to College

Learn English with this going to college English lesson

Date: Jun 06 2018

Themes: School

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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College. A magical place where crazy teenagers go and, four years later, leave as responsible adults. Right?

Depending on your collegiate experience, this educational rite of passage may have helped you gain independence, or it may have taught you life lessons about what not to do. In retrospect, it’s always easy to see what went wrong. As long as you can use that experience to make better decisions in the future, it’s OK to say you screwed up.

While almost everyone makes some mistakes in college, most people also do earn a degree. They spend enough time in lecture halls and the library to learn the information needed for a job after college. It’s just a single piece of paper, but it is very important!

Of course, study life isn’t everything at university. Most people also make life-long friends on campus. Playing sports or having adventures with other people who are doing the same thing you’re doing is a great way to find friends.

Listen to Brian and Marni’s conversation about the ups and downs of college life in this English lesson about higher education.


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Brian:  Did you go to college?

Marni:  Yes. I went to a very large university, and it was OK. In retrospect, I should have looked a little bit closer at maybe some smaller schools.

Brian:  Oh, really?

Marni:  Those giant lecture halls. It was difficult for me to learn that way.

Brian:  I went to a small college, and I was kind of thinking I kind of wish I knew what it was like to go to a bigger school and have a little more independence. You know, make it on my own. I lived with my parents throughout college, so I didn’t feel like I really went through that rite of passage.

Marni:  Interesting. Yeah, I definitely lived in the dorm, and did the whole collegiate experience. It was all right, but I kind of screwed up on some classes, and didn’t go, and didn’t do very well. I guess I learned from my mistakes the next year.

Brian:  Yeah. My nephew’s thinking of going to college, and I just don’t know if it’s necessary anymore. If a degree matters as much now as it did ten years ago.

Marni:  That’s interesting that you say that. I think an educational experience is very important, but it’s so expensive.

Brian:  Yeah, I think that’s the hard part.


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Brian and Marni are talking about their collegiate experiences. They both went to college, but not the same one.

Marni went to a large university, lived in the dorms, and made some mistakes in the beginning. Even though she didn’t like everything about her college, such as the large lecture halls, she said she learned a lot from the times she screwed up. And, in the end, she got her degree.

Brian, on the other hand, had less independence during his college years. He lived with his parents and went to a small school, so he had less opportunity to do things by himself. Because his college experience wasn’t exciting and didn’t seem very important, Brian’s not sure if college is necessary for everyone.

Marni tells Brian that an educational experience is definitely important, but she admits it’s quite expensive. Brian agrees that paying for college is something that makes higher education difficult.

Did you go to college? How would you describe your collegiate experience?



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Yes. I went  to a large college  like Marni about eighteen years ago.


It was some awkward of my college experiences which I seldom retrospect them.


 Sometimes even I have forgotten I ever went to college if there were no massages occasionally from Wechat of my college group.  I regretted I had waste the time in college. I regretted I had not studied hard. So self-abased and vanity when I was in college because of poverty.


 It was grey in whole my college lives. I closed my self. I did not take participate any activities of college. Even I wanted to leave college to work for money.


I forgot how I spent those for years. so far I feel strange to my classmates of college  as though I never went the college with them.





02:19 AM Jun 06 2018 |

Mr. Learner


I’m experiencing college in the meantime :D 

02:45 PM May 21 2014 |




the college life is awesome!

12:19 AM May 15 2014 |




In my opinion ,College is a very special maybe the best time during the whole life.Young ,infinite energy,free time,making choice for yourself,making freinds with people who came from different places and have the same interesting with you.How wonderful it is.How i wish i had a “time machine”can bring me back to college.I would try harder to polish myself and arrange time resonable.

09:54 AM May 13 2014 |

1 person likes this



i have no idea about college …

11:46 PM May 12 2014 |




the only thing i learnt at college is that it’s a period of school of life,
the hidden curriculum and students’ culture are so corrupted and deceitful,
The best thing i learnt at college, is that knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not knowledge, and both cannot co-exist at college. 
Today was the first time in my entire life that i dismissed an official and decisive exam, i cant believe how i forgot today i had an exam, i was near the room but i was totally ignorant till the last minutes classmates went out and asked me why i didnt attend , i was so surprised my memory became so weak today, lol, and usually i could remember the slightest detailed details of details,  it’s just because i’m so fed up of how humanity is behaving and thinking in the 21th century, which is catasrophic..
Al HamdoulillAllah, the univ prof gave me a second chance next week, i will graduare this year, im sure if i wasnt offered a second chance, today was going to be my last day at college, i’m still waiting for the 7th of june, the date i’ll communicate to college to go to hell forever.

College, College, College
you’re the first ennemy of knowledge
great minds never attended college
coz it keeps you in a big false image
but they kept wrapping this bandage
u took my entire age
using such a terrible language
while i lost all my luggage
and didnt give me time to manage
you know nothing but to discourage
and push students to waste all their time on an ebaby and facebook page
you were worse than a cage
remember, u didnt offer me any wage
U were a huge mistake, and i will make you regret what you know to make
remember this funny looking comment, it is not silly, it’s fire of a resistant
money is not honey, money never tell u one day u will stay lonely
Thanks God, that did not happen to me, but i pity those were damaged mercilessly
i will beat ur belly, and make of u a jelly, and will continue sing this melody, and you will be forgotten by everybody.

Idris : Random Poet from Algeria, beardman with green hat.

08:47 PM May 12 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think going to college for everyone would be a memorable stage in life. As we learn new things we also learn how to deal with new life. How to find friends and how to survive. 

03:47 PM May 12 2014 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Someone who never lived up this experience is nothing in his life. College !!!

02:44 PM May 12 2014 |


United States

I have an experience I went to college. It was a rite of passage for me to learn how to make it my own. I agree Marni and Brian’s opinion, going to college is too expesive. While I went to college, I was working all days due to earn my fee.

Friends who I met at college have kept our friendship now, and their existence are invaluable for me.

02:38 PM May 12 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I was student for more than 6 years in a far city, I think 6 years was too short.

that times never repeat again,same the childhood,and I live whit memories of

that exciting time..

12:54 PM May 12 2014 |




My college years were greats!!

12:14 PM May 12 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

For 2 years I studied in another city which was difficult for me at first.I have been grown up in a family that I was supported in any situation so I thought that to be independent far from family should be too difficult.finaly I learnt how to live safe without famiy<how to spend and save money and also I became top student in order to sciense and also behavior.

I realy like those times and my memory with my friends.

11:36 AM May 12 2014 |

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becirickySuper Member!

South Korea

I went to the university which located much far from my home. Because i had dreamed an independent life since i was young. As you know, living without parents for me its just like defainted child, too much drinking alcohol everynight and then. So i decided to sign up for christian club.. I start with pray every in the morning and always be there to pray and get long with other people at club. As a result, I got a scholarship and passed the exam during my collage. Although i had have faithe of church during the moment, i rarly go to the church. Going to the church as my wife’s driver only. 

09:39 AM May 12 2014 |

Robert deng


my college life was very exciting and crazy, there have one  thing was very important that i had won my wife

09:35 AM May 12 2014 |

2 people like this



My collegiate experience is memorable, I learned independence and got my husband, but make some mistake such as lost class and didn’t study well. At now, If give me a opportunity go back to college I will try my best to do someting so well.

07:46 AM May 12 2014 |



Viet Nam

I went to college and did some mistakes in the second year; however verything had turned out to be all right and now I am glad that I could make it.

07:12 AM May 12 2014 |

1 person likes this

munisa alimatova


;) my college time was so exciting! i never forget my college life, it was really hilarious and fascinating!!

06:21 AM May 12 2014 |

2 people like this


Viet Nam

I didn’t do well in my college so I wish I could go back to the college and be more studios

03:09 AM May 12 2014 |

1 person likes this





I really wanna go back to my college life…

01:53 AM May 12 2014 |

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