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Street Performers
Street Performers

Learn English with this street performers English lesson

Date: Jun 13 2018

Themes: Hobbies, Music, Work


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People who have a special talent and some extra time can try to bring in money by busking. Performing on the street for an audience, people who will hopefully give you money, definitely takes a lot of stamina. You won’t get rich from one person’s dollar, so you have to keep playing or performing all day long.

Is Brian a good street performer? Learn about his talent in today’s English lesson.


stamina n.


Example You need a lot of stamina to run a marathon. 26.2 miles is a long way!

talent n.


Example I have a talent for hooking up my friends.

busking v.


Example When she saw him busking on the train, she knew he was not only the best guitar player she'd ever seen, but also the love of her life.

bring in v.


Example I mowed lawns last summer to bring in some extra cash.

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Have you ever performed on the street? Do you have a talent you could use to make money?


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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


Yeah, I have already played the guitar on streets, but I wouldn’t say that I loved busking!

I believe that my talent is teaching English <3

I can do it one-on-one or for a big audience and I feel great doing this!

11:10 AM Jun 18 2018 |

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United Kingdom

No, I’ve never busked but if I did it someday, I would play the guitar to bring in some money.

01:25 AM Jun 12 2018 |

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Viet Nam

 This lesson is very interesting to me, and I wish I had some talent that I can perform in the public like people sometimes do it , just for fun not for money.

07:09 AM Aug 06 2014 |



when i was 8 i sold my pictures) they weren’t very good, u know, but people bought them)

well, also i can play the violin but i’ve never busked. It takes some kind of brave i think so i admire people who do it.

07:51 PM Jun 06 2014 |



I have never performed on the street, but I sold food on the street when I was young, I must convice some people to buy the food, it is not easily.

06:04 AM Jun 04 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Maybe you don”t   belive it . but in my country some guys perform street ! 

03:45 AM Jun 01 2014 |



Nope I never performed on the street I dont think about this ever it won’t work in my country and if i saw someone busking I would give him money whatever the performance are.

10:42 PM May 31 2014 |

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When we mention Street Performer ,”the Gypsy “came to my mind.I think the Gypsy are borned to be as a street performers.I had never performed on the street ,but hope i can do this one day in a strange city.That would be cool.Money doesn’t matter ,The primary is having fun

11:19 AM May 27 2014 |




To refresh my mind i had to browse the net . I remember having read that the gifted violinist Joshua Bell who owns an Stradivarius , played as an incognito busker at the  Metro subway in Washington D.C, on January 12,2007 .    Of the 1.100 people who passed by  only one recognized him. For his 45-minute performance Bell collected 32.17 dollars . In comparission ,Brian was doing fairly well if he  collected 100 bucks and most importantly ,tax free.:))). I don´t have the guts nor the talent to perform on the  street .I have seen very good performers in the subway and commuters  appreciate  them  by giving pocket money  in return for the light moment and music . 

07:42 PM May 26 2014 |




sometimes life brings you nice moments..when you had it,only live it…dont think troubles or problems of life ..only listen music..leave yourself to melodious ..be ready for spontaneous enjoy .

05:50 PM May 26 2014 |



however, they are also good entertainers!!!!!!!!!!

04:35 PM May 26 2014 |

Mr. Learner


We don’t have this culture in my country .. 
I think it’d be great if we have such a thing .. It is not about money only, but also it is about showing talents. I think people will have more opportunities to show their talents and might progress further because of this. 

12:34 PM May 26 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

But I sometimes busk, lol !

11:54 AM May 26 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’m a singer, I’m used to singing in front of a lot of people but busking ain’t really my thing.

Performance asks a lot of stamina as mentioned above !

11:49 AM May 26 2014 |




Everytime I see the streets performance, I feel excited about it. They got a great talent and can get every audiences fired up…

And by the way,Could you post the video for us here,Brian? We really very want to watch your busking. :)))

03:04 AM May 26 2014 |

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