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Learn English with this volunteering English lesson

Date: Aug 08 2018

Themes: Hobbies, Time

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Work is important. Family is important. Friends are important. But it’s also important to serve your community. The place where you live and your neighbors affect your life, so you should try to lend a hand when you can to make your living space better.

People who volunteer regularly are generally happier. They want to make a difference by donating their time, energy, and sometimes money. Whether it’s cleaning up an empty lot, serving food to homeless people, or doing housework for older people, volunteering always helps others.

Many people like to volunteer with their friends. Spending time working together builds camaraderie and helps you learn new things about your friends. You might find out who likes to build houses or who really enjoys plants. In fact, you might even meet new friends or discover a new hobby.

Who likes to donate time by volunteering? Learn the answer in today’s English lesson about helping others.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Gary, I just got off the most amazing volunteer project. I feel so good. I feel so energized!

Gary:  Talk to me. Did you make a difference somewhere? Did you lend a hand to someone? What did you do?

Marni:  Well, I like to serve my community by volunteering, and I like to get involved in lots of different kinds of projects. Maybe get out of my comfort zone a little, but to me, community service is just so vital. So we went around and planted trees in this vacant lot that’s going to be a community garden.

Gary:  Wow. So you were not paid for this, right?

Marni:  Oh, absolutely not. It’s all donating your time and energy.

Gary:  Wow. So do all the volunteers wear the same shirts or different things at this one that you were at?

Marni:  Not at this one. But I have worked on some projects where everybody wears the same shirt so that you can be unified, and it’s kind of nice.

Gary:  That’s pretty cool. Yeah.

Marni:  It’s camaraderie. But I love to see improvements, and it’s such a great start to the space, so I’m feeling pretty good.

Gary:  I’d like to see how you improved the area, see all this new plant life.

Marni:  I’ll take you by it. Come along.

Gary:  Awesome.


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Marni is excited because she just finished a fun volunteer project. She planted trees in an empty space of land that will soon become a community garden.

Gary seems interested in Marni’s volunteer work. He wants to know whether she helped make positive change somewhere or just helped someone out.

Marni tells Gary about the work she did, but she also says she likes to volunteer with many different kinds of projects. Helping others makes her feel good, and she thinks that community service is actually really important.

Gary’s impressed that people work for free. He wants to see the area where Marni worked, and Marni agrees to show him.

Have you ever volunteered for something? What kind of volunteer projects did you do?



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 Yes. I had.

In response to the national need, I participated in the National Western Volunteer Program as a university graduated  from 2004 to 2005.  I  got a bronze medal when I finished my volunteer work.

So many years passed that I can hardly remember that experiences  which was an important part of life memory.

I was randomly assigned to an less-developed area in the west of our country. Though, I would have planned  to go to Tibet .

The local government provided me free food and accommodation. Then, I quickly became a part of them.

What I did was to communicate and explain state relevant policies to local residents, taught them how go get what they wanted messages on a computer.

I remembered there were about nearly forty small villages scattered in my area where covered about 70 square kilometers(about 17,000acres). It was some difficult thing to teach one who had even never seen a computer to use it freely. Most of time they were busy living and had little leisure time to learn a new thing which seemly was nothing to do with their livelihood.

I knew,  compared to leaning to use computer, it was more difficult to make them realize the importance of changing ideals.

Every day I travelled from village to village by bike with a map which I drew according to my local colleague  , found right people and right time to study. Usually I needed to repeat the same thing many time on one person.

Anyway, I had finished my work . though I knew there were still some imperfections what I had done. But I felt tired and happy.




12:53 AM Aug 08 2018 |



Viet Nam

When I was in Houston, I used to volunteer at YMCA near my house. I remember that it was Christmas time and YMCA had a Gift -Giving program to some needy families who had just arrived the States from different countries . In those families that we visited, there was one Vietnamese family and I helped them to do the translation because they couldn’t speak English.

07:42 AM Aug 05 2014 |

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I haven’t done any volunteer projects, but I want to help other people.

08:39 AM Jun 10 2014 |

1 person likes this




OO. Million times. I’ve got a folder on my Email in the name of my assistance. I list all of my activities as lending people hand or making differences. Moreover, I’ve replied to all of stranger’s questions about scientific projects, sharing data, providing information, paper, thesis and all other related aids for them and lots of other things just as a volunteer and since humanity.

Honestly, I enjoy this performance and even I prefer to do more and more bcz it makes me feel happy. In addition to I can understand that I’m a useful man which is really important for me.

10:25 AM Jun 05 2014 |

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each kid is a great volunteer :)))

11:01 PM Jun 02 2014 |



I donated money and necessary things to those who need.

09:16 PM Jun 02 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I was a member of the IYF community in 2013 in my country and that was kinda volunteering. I liked it a lot ! Wearing the same shirts and things like that.

08:52 PM Jun 02 2014 |




I do always volunteer. as a dentist ,my activities usually are about health and oral cavity education  _

07:55 PM Jun 02 2014 |

Mr. Learner


Woow .. this is an admirable analyzation :)

06:33 PM Jun 02 2014 |

1 person likes this



well…ı think ı have to open my idea little more..

ı said ,if people in the society do their works well ,no need volunteers.

people can be goverment,companies and others…

their works can be legal and humanity ..

for exp, think GREENPEACE..its an international volunteering projects ,includes alot of brave volunteers..they try to protect enviroment around us for years ..

if goverment would control companies as enough or Companies would obey laws as enough ,our world,air,sea ,rivers,lakes would be more fresh,clean,and animals and other creatures could have better enviroment..this is legal side..

humanity side is different..

if everyone care with their family,relatives,neighbors as enough,our Blue earth could be better world for living..if we respect olders,kids,women as enough ,we can have better relations in society..if we protect our streets,beaches,mountains,picnic areas,parks ,we can live better in towns and cities..

thx Mr.Learner and Praedos for your opinions ..:)

06:08 PM Jun 02 2014 |




It`s so uplifting to see neighbors  volunteering  to embellish their community. I have seen on one saturday  morning while strolling around a park in Seattle, people cleaning up the already  tidy park  , also uprooting weeds and watering the plants , you can tell by their looks how energize they were  feeling at that  moment , while their kids  were in the play area they went about  their unselfish service to the community .Kudos to Marni …. I regret to say that so far i have never volunteered for  a joint project , but at least i try to  do my best  not to discard papers or else  on  the streets and the park.  

03:26 PM Jun 02 2014 |

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I’m with Seiyf_khawas because I have worked as volunteer in an abandoned animal asociation. If people didn’t abandon their pets, I wouldn’t have to help them.

12:11 PM Jun 02 2014 |

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even my passion is helping to others then only our life will  be satisfied  even i also giving food to poor people and giving study meterial to poor childrens  every day iam thinking how i can help to some one  so every day iam getting postive energy from the god . if one thing iam telling to my friends ” if u did some thing for god  then god wii do some thing for u ” so every day u can make happy in ur life and others life also .

11:44 AM Jun 02 2014 |

Mr. Learner


 Even if all people in the society do their works well, the society still needs to volunteering projects. Actually, volunteering is part people’s work, so they need to do it well :)
Educational programs, helping poor people, etc … all these programs could be costy and it will be hard to achieve them properly because they are costy. However, when people volunteer, I believe the success will be more. 

10:50 AM Jun 02 2014 |

3 people like this



Yes, I experienced it once. I volunteered to the nearest hospital in our place. Me and my co-workers helped other people by serving them in their health needs.

10:33 AM Jun 02 2014 |



Volunteering sounds very nice ..

but my idea is little different..

if people in the society do their works well ,no need volunteers.

on the other hands, to help someone is always wonderful behavior..without benefit.

10:27 AM Jun 02 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Mr . learne 

thanks for  advice , its maybe works , i try

10:16 AM Jun 02 2014 |

Mr. Learner


Maybe you need to participate in volunteering projects with your friends .. If you participate as a group, I think this will encourage the whole group ..

10:08 AM Jun 02 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


i like this conversation

i think all people want to help others people , but complex life doesn’t allow us

i want help to myself and others , however my voliton is weak , i improve my animus ,

maybe someday

09:56 AM Jun 02 2014 |

Mr. Learner


For me, I think volunteering is not just about helping others. I believe it is also about helping myself.  
I can’t imagin my life without getting involved in volunteering projects.. I really feel happy when I’m volunteering. Thankfully, in my community we have volunteering projects year round. 

08:11 AM Jun 02 2014 |

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