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How to Train Your Dragon 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2

Learn English with this How to Train Your Dragon 2 English lesson

Date: Jun 09 2014

Themes: Friend, Pop Culture

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Dragon training is back in the new movie sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2. Hiccup and Toothless have become a fearless pair, making the way for many more dragon trainers. But while all their friends are now busy riding and training dragons on the island, Hiccup and Toothless go exploring and discover a secret ice cave.

Inside, they find new dragons and a mysterious Dragon Rider. Their discovery also leads to a battle. Hiccup and Toothless have to work together to protect the peace and find out what makes them stronger together than alone.

Learn who’s excited to see this new movie in today’s fantasy English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Gary, are you excited about How to Train Your Dragon 2?

Gary:  I am over the moon excited about How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Brian:  So you liked the trailer for it?

Gary:  I didn’t just like the trailer, I think I’ve watched it too many times.

Brian:  Really?

Gary:  Yeah.

Brian:  I liked the first film. I’m a little interested in the second one. I’m not super excited, but I really liked all the different, weird dragons they had, like new dragons.

Gary:  Yep, you have a family coming back together, you have all of his friends coming back and training other dragons.

Brian:  I have to say, I do like how they made the dragons kind of like cats as opposed to like lizards. They behave to me like cats do.

Gary:  And yet there are these epically huge dragons that are almost the size of mountains.

Brian:  You know the one thing I think the sequel needs that I didn’t see anything of in the trailer is Vikings and dragons versus ninjas.

Gary:  Yeah, I’m not sure if ninjas will find their way into this world. That may be in How to Fight a Dragon 3.

Brian:  Right? Am I right or not?

Gary:  Well, there are many books.

Brian:  It could be on sea serpents. But I’m excited for the movie.

Gary:  Oh man. I cannot wait for that movie.

Brian:  Me neither. You want to go see it together?

Gary:  Dude, let’s go see it!


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Gary and Brian are ready to go see another new movie sequel: How to Train Your Dragon 2. Gary is especially excited for the new fantasy film and following the continuing story of the main characters, their families, and their friends. Brian’s more interested in seeing the new dragons.

Both Gary and Brian joke about how the movie could improve, based on the trailer. Brian suggests ninjas. Gary doesn’t think ninjas will appear in the second movie, but maybe they could in the third!

Gary’s excitement seems to motivate Brian to want to see the movie more than he originally did. The two friends make plans to watch it together when it comes out.

What do you think about How to Train Your Dragon 2? What new characters would you add to the movie?



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I had seen both how to train your dragon 1 and 2. And I like the sequel more. It’s so worth your time and money. I recommend you to see it :)

08:47 AM Aug 06 2014 |




I saw the “how to train your dragon 01” last year, and in my opinion it was pretty good which I enjoyed it. Even though I’ve not seen the 02 but based on the first one I think it would be great also. I need to carve out my time and manage my other activities to find a special opportunity to watch it bcz I’m so busy these days.

02:49 PM Jun 26 2014 |



I haven’t seen it, but I want to see.

08:15 AM Jun 23 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

iam over the moon ….

03:23 PM Jun 12 2014 |



02:13 PM Jun 10 2014 |




I can’t wait to watch the sequel. Since the first part of How to train your dragon went into the screan,  my doughter and me have learned to draw Teethless, made him of clay and so on. So we share Gary’s enthusiasm for the new adventures of favorite characters.

01:38 PM Jun 10 2014 |




I’ m not a dragon coach, but I can grow a small dragon in jar. You know little dragons sold in a store, you put it in water and in a couple of days, you’ll get a huge dragon ready to take you into a fairy tale. I also like water-colour dragons: )

12:34 AM Jun 10 2014 |



how to train your dragon ?

ohhhh its very easy,in according to movie..

with kindness..understanding …helping.. and courage ..

Let’s change question,

how to manage hard times,troubles ?

answer is same..

with kindness,understanding,helping and courage 


10:38 PM Jun 09 2014 |




i wached the first one and it was good !! maybe when  it’s on the movie i’ll go. could be good that in the third part the director add others animals 

08:32 PM Jun 09 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i havan’t watched the 2nd one but the 1st one was really amazing!

06:00 PM Jun 09 2014 |

1 person likes this




i never saw this anim but i saw a movie of a real story in the middle ages that looks like the story of this anim, werewolves and human vampires really existed between russia and asia…This movie tells a real story of famous traveller and explorer…but the reason he made the trips is distorted in the movie, actually he was just exploring, then vampires and werewolves cut his road…


05:46 PM Jun 09 2014 |

1 person likes this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’ve watched the first part of this movie, that’s really interesting and funny. I look forward for the sequel !

04:39 PM Jun 09 2014 |

2 people like this

Mr. Learner


I’ve seen the first movie .. and I like it .. 
However, I’m not excited for the sequel .. because I don’t think it’ll be a good one!  

04:36 PM Jun 09 2014 |

1 person likes this



Actually I havent seen the first movie either so I dont think I am gonna watch the second one. I am not over the moon excited about this film, but at least I will take a look at the trailer.

10:15 AM Jun 09 2014 |

2 people like this




Before i watch how to train your dragon 2,i have to review the last one.It has been a while since i watched it.I took a look at the trailer ,Why is that dragon looks like a bat?

04:41 AM Jun 09 2014 |




I remember I watched the first one at the cinema…

And I just check the trailer of the sequel. That’s cooooollllllllll…:D

When will it come?    

03:04 AM Jun 09 2014 |

2 people like this




havent seen the movie yet

Upon hering the name, i thought it was something like a game

02:33 AM Jun 09 2014 |

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