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Child Stars
Child Stars

Learn English with this fame English lesson

Date: Jul 04 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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Being famous is a common dream for a lot of kids. Some hope to be noticed for singing, some for being good at sports, and some because they are especially smart. Another popular dream is to become famous for acting in movies and on TV. Only a small number of children are successful at becoming a star, though. And being in the spotlight has its problems.

When everyone is watching what you wear, eat, read, listen to and do all day long, it can be hard to stop yourself from going off the deep end. It’s difficult to know how to act when you’re young and immature, and being popular can sometimes make people do dangerous or stupid things. Fortunately, not all child stars are mismanaged and taken advantage of. Most have friends and families who want to take care of them and see them become successful.

Which child stars are Rafael and Jessica discussing? Read on to find out in today’s English lesson about child stars.


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Jessica:  I just saw a video the other day about child stars.

Rafael:  Yeah?

Jessica:  They were specifically talking to Demi Lovato who explained how she had all of these pressures and expectations on her to be beautiful and skinny. She came forward and said she had eating disorders, and was helping girls overcome being bullied and just accept who they are.

Rafael:  At least she avoided going off the deep end, which does happen in that line of work.

Jessica:  That’s true, I know. She talked about Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. They both are so immature sometimes. I think they were mismanaged.

Rafael:  A lot of what that industry is, is put you on the fast track to fame. Not going to consider your feelings, just completely going to mismanage your entire life.

Jessica:  And they’re so young, so it’s easy for them to be taken advantage of because they’re seeking the spotlight.

Rafael:  And the success gets to their head.

Jessica:  Exactly.

Rafael:  And so they think that certain behaviors which are not healthy are what they need to do to get attention.

Jessica:  Hopefully Demi Lovato will be a good role model for other child stars.

Rafael:  Hopefully.


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Jessica just watched actress and singer Demi Lovato talk in a video about growing up famous. She felt a lot of pressure to be thin and developed eating disorders when she was young. She also talked about Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan, and commented on how they seem out of control.

Rafael appreciates that it must be hard to be on the fast track to becoming famous when a person is just a kid. If a young actor or singer hires a bad manager, they might not be treated very well. And unfortunately, what often happens is the actor or singer starts behaving in a way that isn’t healthy. It’s easy to be taken advantage of when you’re a child.

Can you think of any child stars who became successful adult stars? Why do you think he or she was successful?



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United States

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11:34 AM Jul 04 2018 |



Maybe BingbingFan it is who I could think of as a famous stars from child.  Fan is a successful woman actor owes to her effort.  Of course, she is beautiful natively.  I would think only beauty is not enough to be successful which needs both high EQ and IQ at least , basically hard work.  

03:40 AM Jul 04 2018 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think the earlier you start doing and learning sth,the more seccessful you will be in future.also,being tallented is as important as being in environment.

07:04 AM Jul 20 2014 |




I think the main characters of the tv serie called “SAVED BY THE BELL” were very famous at the beginning of 90’s.

01:55 PM Jul 02 2014 |




I think Olsen twins were sucessful when they were child and they sucessful now,  because they realized that they can’t be star until the end of their life and they set up different businesses. Although they went off the deep end sometimes,they didn’t want to be “just” a filmstar.

Anyway I guess that children who become a filmstar during their childhood like Olsen twins, they lost their childhood, and they never can’t get it back.

02:58 PM Jun 30 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

To become a real star you must be talented.when i was a child, i liked to be an actress , but when I grew up I forgat my childhood dream and prefered to continue my calm life out of the problems of spotlight!!!

06:04 PM Jun 29 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think those actors who played from child are more better and people, we. like their act more

are u agree with me?

07:08 AM Jun 29 2014 |




I feel that Natalie Portiman is one of the most successful child stars who become a Oscor winner.There is an classic line in “The Social Network” ,Mark was the biggest thing on campus that included nineteen Nobel Laureates,Fifteen pulizer prize winners ,two future Olympians and a movie star.Those honors were enough to prove how intelligent and successful she was.

Like other child stars ,She is smart and talent in acting ,However ,She got her differences.She accepted good education in Optimum age ,having advantage in language enabled her to experience life under different culture.Not only protect her from being excessive consumption,But also broaden her horizon and improved personal cultivation ,All of that accumulation made her stand out.

04:31 AM Jun 27 2014 |

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