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Learn English with this triplets English lesson

Date: Jun 19 2018

Themes: Family

Grammar: Second Conditional


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New babies are a lot of work. They always need something: a clean diaper, more food, someone to hold them. But what about when there are three?

Parents of triplets definitely stay busy. Not only do they have babies left and right, but they also have to keep each sibling separate. It’s hard enough telling twins apart, and if the triplets are identical, mom and dad probably need some kind of color code to know who’s who!

It’s probably fun for the triplets as they get older. After all, they automatically have two best friends. However, they might also wish to stand out more. It’s tough to have your own identity when people are always calling you by your brother or sister’s name.

What do Rafael and Jeff think about triplets? Use today’s English lesson about babies to find out!


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Rafael:  I’m friends with these twins. And I’m just wondering, how cool would it be if I were part of that sibling family and we were all triplets?

Jeff:  Triplets, huh? I have a hard time telling twins apart, so that’d be weird.

Rafael:  That’s the thing. You could just play tricks on people left and right. “Oh, there he is. Wait, he’s right behind me. Wait, he’s in the closet.” You know? It’s like three of them.

Jeff:  Man, it’s just really confusing. Wouldn’t you want to stand out a little more? If you were a triplet… one of three… you’d stand out to yourself, obviously, or to your parents. But to other people, it’s hard to have a unique identity.

Rafael:  That’s true. It could really confuse your identity. But it might depend on whether you’re fraternal or identical triplets. Because fraternal kind of look different than identical. Do you know that?

Jeff:  Yeah, I usually only think of that with twins, but I guess it’s possible with any number of combos, huh?

Rafael:  Yeah, totally.


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Rafael has friends who are twins, and he wants to be their sibling, too. He thinks it’d be cool to be a triplet!

Jeff isn’t so sure, however. He has trouble keeping twins separate, so three identical people would be even more confusing for him. He also thinks that being a triplet would make it hard to have your own identity.

Rafael agrees that being a triplet might confuse people, but that’s part of the fun. He would use his siblings to play tricks on other people all the time.

Do you know any triplets? Would you want to be a triplet?



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No. I don’t know any triples or twins.  But I often see twins around me

I have never thought I would be a twin or a triplet.  Now if possible,  of course I would like to be a twin or a triplet.  I really want to know  what would be  the feeling  if  there were  a person who look like me.  Even now I imagine that a person likes me is standing front me , I  would must be surprised and cry.  How the feeling were  when met another me. I don’t know. 

03:47 AM Jun 19 2018 |

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  • Triplets

02:54 AM Jun 19 2018 |

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La Princesse de la vie


I don’t know triplets, but I have a friend that has younger twin girls. I meet with them a lot, but I’d never had a chance to tell them apart, they’re always together I think and the friends of one of them are the friends of the other. And now that they’re going to university together the same major I think it’s going to be even more fun.

02:16 PM Oct 05 2015 |

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10:21 PM Jun 28 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my brother and sister are twins.i think they are not similar /you know they have each other’s back …!! when i was a kid and used to push their pram and people were excited to see them ..but i dont think its that much interesting and fun.

08:51 PM Jun 27 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i had a twin brother,when we were child it was quite great as i had a good friend to play all day with ,we were so closed to each other you know  we couldnt eat without eachother or couldnt be seprated from each other for whole day even at school i just think about my brother.my parents spent difficult time .

as we grew up we were the best friend and even sometimes the worst enemies for short time,but still  care about eaachother.

it has lots of advantaes but lots of disadvantages,too.

when your jobs compare with your twin brother’s ,when you feel the family like the other more

the worst is when he is sick and you feel guilty of being healthy and being able to breath

08:25 PM Jun 27 2014 |

1 person likes this



Triple everything including happiness and stress for the parents too. lol/

09:02 AM Jun 27 2014 |



I love multiple babies. its so cool having them on same cloths

08:58 AM Jun 27 2014 |

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Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I don’t know any triplets but i saw them on TV. I think being or having triplets is a wonderful thing , of course for the parents is very hard  especially when they are young but when they become adults ,it will be more easier.

06:41 PM Jun 25 2014 |

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I don’t know any triplets personally but I have just in iedae

05:52 PM Jun 25 2014 |




I don’t know any triplets personally. I only saw them on TV. I gess it would be very funny being part of triplets. As everything in ours lives, we have pros and cons. In the pros it would be possible help each other and play tricks. In the cons I think for the parents is difficult, imagine how many diapers, how many feeding bottles….But if you overcome the hard times, everything will be positive.

04:21 PM Jun 25 2014 |

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Triplet ???

in the sametime, THREE smiles and laughs or THREE cryings :))

of course ,to care them is very hard but on the other side, its wonderful .:))

10:32 AM Jun 25 2014 |




I don’t know triplets.But ,I think the mother of triplets is very lucky to have three children at the same time.I had saw a TV program which tells a whole day’s life of a mother of quadruplets.That mother was very smart to have her children’s hair cut into number so that they can’t be mixed up with each other.

Twins alway give people around an impression that they can get along very well,At least ,better than general siblings.Because,they stay together from the start and got lots of things in common.I got twins classmates in primary school,they are very excellent.Neither one want to left behind with the other.They almost do everything together,even accept punishment.Skip middle school.We become classmate again in high school.Things were totally changed than i can image.They abused each other during the class.No long stay together.They both have a circle and the two circle seems antagonstic.That’s awful.It’s a hard time for both of them,they start to find their own personality and get tired of comparing with each other.I think except their mom,no one can slove their problem.

09:21 AM Jun 25 2014 |




I think there are many advantages and disadvantages to be twins. It’s good because twins usually understand each other more than average siblings what’s more they intuit when their sibling is in trouble. At least I read about this fact many times.

But on the other hand I guess twins have hard time to find their own identity, and it would be nervous that everybody compare your sibling.

And it is interesting fact that if the twins grow up in different places, family and different circumstnaces they will have more differences between each other. Their will have different attributes and looks too.

Least but not last to be twins maybe a good thing their parents have obviusly very hard time raising them.

08:25 AM Jun 25 2014 |


Syrian Arab Republic

 2 years ago my wife gave birth to fraternal triplet  2 girls and aboy < it was hard time to take care of them especially we lived in war , we did not sleep well all the time and i worked hard to provide and ensure their milk and nappies  them now i lives as refugee in jordan , really i advice all you be carfull of your pregancy because twin and triplet turn our life upside down 

08:20 AM Jun 25 2014 |




For me also is not diffiucult to tell the twins apart. I’ve known some twins and what always have fascinated me about them is their standing up for each other and the less amount of fights and quarrels. Maybe it’s because for the fact when they look at each other, they see actually their own identity, almost the same one and it makes them subconsciously treat each other nicely. They’re really like one being, one soul and they don’t have any problems with it. Every time when somebody mixes up one for another, they just smile and help with their identity. I just wish siblings, not twins, triplets would have the similar great relationship. Since very often siblings are not getting along with each other. To have a brother or a sister is the best. So, let’s cherish this unique relatives even though we’re so different. The twins, triplets are the role models in this situation.

03:45 AM Jun 25 2014 |




i have only seen the twins….  they were so cute at the young age…

but when they grew older, they became different,,, it’s not hard to indentify them…:)

03:03 AM Jun 25 2014 |

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