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Fresh Start
Fresh Start English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this new beginnings English lesson

Date: Jul 01 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Friend, Pop Culture, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Adjectives


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Have you ever woken up and felt ready to take on the world? Some people believe that every day that you wake up is an opportunity to start all over again. If you were having a fight with your girlfriend yesterday, today you can start a new conversation. If you went to sleep with a headache, you will probably wake up feeling like yourself. Going to sleep is a chance to leave your problems behind and get a fresh start tomorrow.

You can also use the expression fresh start when talking about big changes in your life. Some people believe that moving to a new city or taking a new job gives them a fresh start, for example. Or when a discussion becomes an argument, you might ask the person you’re fighting with for a fresh start because you want to start again and not argue the second time. There’s no question that a fresh start is good for everyone.

Why do Gary and Jessica need a fresh start? The only way to find out is by reading this week’s English lesson and learning how they know each other.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.















Marni:  I can’t believe you guys got StarScoop.com an interview with Jennifer Lawrence!

Jeff:  I know, right? It’s incredible. I can’t believe it’s happening. It’s amazing.

Brian:  We couldn’t be happier, either. I think this interview’s going to be a fresh start for our site. And I think it’s really going to get our name out there.

Gary:  Absolutely. Thanks for hosting this celebration at your place.

Lily:  No problem. You and Brian are at the office too much, anyway.

Rafael:  That’s so true. Anyway, Jessica’s going to be here soon.

Marni:  Jessica’s coming over?

Lily:  Yeah.

Jeff:  Wait. Your friend, Rafael’s boss, from the yoga place?

Marni:  OK.

Gary:  Have we met her?

Lily:  Remember when I said that I had a candidate who wanted to intern and help you guys out with the website? She’s coming over now.

Gary:  Did I know about this?

Brian:  Remember I told you that she was expecting to meet us tonight? Is that cool?

Gary:  Of course. Yeah. I just have this thing about Jessicas.

Marni:  What do you mean?

Gary:  I dated a girl named Jessica in high school, and it was really serious. And then it ended really badly.

Jeff:  What happened?

Gary:  I don’t really like to talk about it. But what are the odds of it being the same Jessica? The odds are miniscule.

Lily:  Well, I guess we’re going to find out. Hey, Jess! What’s happening? Hi! Come have a drink.

Marni:  No way.

Jessica:  Hi. Pleased to meet you.

Brian:  You must be Jessica. I’m Brian.

Jessica:  Pleased to meet you.

Brian:  And this is Gary.

Jessica:  Hi, Gary.

Gary:  It’s all right, Jess. They know.

Jessica:  How can they possibly know?

Jeff:  Let’s not worry about that. How about a drink?

Jessica:  Sure. Yes, thank you.

Lily:  Well, this is awkward.

Marni:  You can say that again.

Jeff:  How about a toast? To fresh starts.

Marni:  To fresh starts.

Gary:  To fresh starts.

Brian:  Cheers.

Lily:  Fresh starts.


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Everyone is celebrating at Lily and Rafael’s apartment. Jeff and Rafael got Jennifer Lawrence’s phone number for Brian and Gary, and it looks like she will be giving an interview to StarScoop.com. The interview could help Gary and Brian’s company become very successful.

Rafael’s boss, Jessica, is coming over to meet Brian and Gary. She wants to intern at StarScoop.com, and Lily has arranged for Jessica to meet them during the celebration. When Gary hears the name Jessica, he gets nervous. He had a girlfriend in high school named Jessica, and their relationship did not end well.

It’s hard to believe, but Rafael’s boss is the same Jessica who dated Gary! They talk for the first time in years and it’s extremely awkward. Jeff tries to make things better with a toast, but it’s hard to know if his plan works.

Have you ever needed a fresh start? Why? Did it work?



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superb post I really like the post. [url=”https://www.google.com/”]Google[/url]

06:26 AM Jun 21 2016 |




It’s ridiculous. On the context the writer of this lesson says that”There’s no question that a fresh start is good for everyone.” and he/she asks a question like this by the end of the text and all participants comment yes, i need. Then, what?!!!!

Anyway, just like others, I have needed a fresh start, since lots of reasons. Maybe to finish arguments or renewing something, to play my role so effective, to make a pleasant sense for myself, for happy ending the event, to provide a good memory, moral obligation and lots of other reasons which could be make sense or not. 

Certainly, it worked. I hope Gary and Jessica burry the hatches forever. Aside from whatever i made above, once I wanted to take a fresh start with my ex-girlfriend it did not work. 

04:37 PM Jul 25 2014 |



also need a fresh start

05:20 AM Jul 19 2014 |




I need a fresh start :p

09:12 PM Jul 08 2014 |




Im about fresh start i hope it works for me in a right way,,

03:59 PM Jul 04 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:11 PM Jul 02 2014 |



I’m among the first ones to comment on this lesson, it’s kind of a fresh start  for me to think about new things today.

tink s

from: http://cartoon-network-arabic.com

03:27 PM Jul 01 2014 |




Oh,God,That’s so embrassing.What will happen next?Gary was given a close-up when jessica came in.Wow…..He’s almost frozen.

07:00 AM Jul 01 2014 |




Wow  they are all here!!!   A fresh start!... :)))

Oh no…  that’s so awkward. Ex girl friend?  I can’t wait to see how they work together next…:D

02:49 AM Jul 01 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

OMG ! I’m among the first ones to comment on this lesson, it’s kind of a fresh start  for me to think about new things today !!!

Love it ! English baby !!!

01:23 AM Jul 01 2014 |

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