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Being Vegan
Being Vegan

Learn English with this diet English lesson

Date: Jul 27 2018

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Look no further than a restaurant menu to understand how many dietary restrictions people can have. Some need low salt or low fat, others want food that’s healthy for their hearts. Some have meatless diets, and some prefer not to eat any animal products at all. It’s amazing that restaurants are able to please as many people as they do!

If you are a vegan, you choose to not consume or buy any animal products. This means no meat, of course, but it also means no dairy (eggs, milk, butter, and cheese), and no honey. Vegans also choose to not buy clothing made from animal fur or skin, so leather jackets, belts, and shoes are not OK.

Some people go vegan to take a stand for the rights of animals, and some people do it because they believe that eating vegan is healthier. Jessica wants to learn more from Gary about what eating vegan means. If you do, too, read more in today’s English lesson!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  So, Gary.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  I have a lot of dietary restrictions, and someone mentioned that maybe I should go vegan.

Gary:  That’s a really good idea.

Jessica:  I know that you are, well…

Gary:  So, I’m mostly vegan.

Jessica:  OK.

Gary:  I don’t eat meat.

Jessica:  OK.

Gary:  I take a stand on it for personal reasons.

Jessica:  Mm-hm.

Gary:  I want to live a healthier life, so I choose foods in a different way. I know some people who have a philosophical reason for going vegan or vegetarian.

Jessica:  Sure.

Gary:  And they don’t consume or purchase animal products. And that’s actually a big confusion.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  So, if you are living a vegan lifestyle, you actually don’t eat meat, and you don’t buy animal products.

Jessica:  So, vegetarianism is when you go meatless.

Gary:  Yep.

Jessica:  Oh, OK.

Gary:  And if you’re going vegan, then there’s absolutely no animal product whatsoever.

Jessica:  Oh, I see. So no eggs.

Gary:  No honey.

Jessica:  Wow.

Gary:  There’s a lot of food around the world that has no meat in it.

Jessica:  Maybe you can show me how to become a vegetarian.

Gary:  Let’s go to the library and check out some books.

Jessica:  Sounds great.


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What’s the difference between eating vegan and eating vegetarian? Jessica wants to know, and she’s sure that Gary can explain it to her. Gary eats mostly vegan food, so he understands the topic and can give Jessica details about what that means.

Gary shares that while both vegans and vegetarians have meatless diets, vegans will not eat or buy animal products at all. This means that foods such as eggs and honey are not OK, because eggs come from chickens and honey is made by bees. This is helpful to know because Jessica wants to learn what her options are, and knowing both definitions will help her understand how to choose what to cook.

Do you eat vegan or vegetarian? Do you have friends or family who do? What do you think of this diet?



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I’m almost vegan, but sometimes I use eggs, milk, butter, cheese and honey, but i don’t buy generally animal products. Eggs and honey is from my own garden, and butter, milk and cheese, by my neighbors. I love animals and it is more healthy. 

My parents and siblings are too, we have a meatless diet, we use a lot of vegetables in our food. 

09:27 PM Aug 10 2018 |




No I am not a vagetarion. Even my family too.we always take a stand for a good and healthy lifestyle but becoming a meatless… I can’t.

I love to eat meat as well veges. About me I am not a philosophical person and I have not any dietary restriction so I take all kinds of food stuff. I am always checking out in restorent for non veges..

In my family many of them consuming meat product like chiken and mitton..

I think meat is more tasty then vegetables. So that many of us go for meat after that vages….

11:12 PM Jul 26 2018 |



No. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian.  My friends and my family too.

   By comparison, I am more like a vegetarian.  I eat little meat and more eggs.  If I were single, I would be a real vegetarian but not a vegan.  I like simple food such as various vegetables .  I remember I always ate a kind of vegetable and noodles before I was married. When I had my own family , husband and children, I knew , all kinds of nutrition are need for a family especially for growing children , including the nutrition of meats.


   I think the vegetarian or vegan is just one’s hobby of diet.  I can’t understand the world of a vegan. May it only be a pretext.  I don’t think it is more healthier that one doesn’t eat any meat and meat products at all.  

08:00 PM Jul 26 2018 |



well going vegan in that extreme way is somehow tough for many people, coz you know,,, strat eating that, stop eating and spend much time checking books, libraries and food products, is really confusing and mind boglling. but rather if someone would like to go vegan for some philospphical notions or take a stand on it for personal reasons is something different. for me, going vegan in that way is impossible coz even if my diet is meatless, there’s no way that i get rid of eggs, milk and honey!!! all what i should do is to maintain a balance between all products even if i’m inclined to prefer vegetables to meat. but i think fish is way healthier and won’t do any harm!!!!

07:46 AM Apr 24 2015 |

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I am not vegan but dont have meat,chicken .

sometimes i eat fish.

my friends call it “pedastlian”.

09:44 AM Dec 30 2014 |



That idea really freaks me out. being vegan No way!! I really love eating all kinds of food, so being began will restrict my eating habits., why stop eating what we eat, if we can really go to the gym and kill those extra calories and maintain a good healthy body that´s it. eating meat gives enough protein to keep your skin and muscle where it has to be, balance vegetables and meat and the result is great. I dont think I have to be suffering from checking what I have to eat all the time. I prefer to live my life the way I feel better without restricting my eating cravings. if you go vegan and makes you feel better go on.. but for me the pleasure of eating all I feel like, is living. a restricted life is not life at all

04:00 PM Aug 02 2014 |

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As for me I like vegetables, they are healthy…..but a good beef steak is much better

08:52 AM Jul 31 2014 |




If we think deeply, sometimes, be a vegetarian or vegan is good for ourself. Not only for health but also for our compassion, sympathy and kindness. Try to think on different points will find it differently. 

06:06 AM Jul 31 2014 |

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I think to be vegan is really really healthier than not be.

If you want that your physical appearance will be like a young man or woman for many years… You should go meatless.

Thanks to English baby for this interesting lesson : )

03:43 PM Jul 30 2014 |

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I like to eat vegetables.
And I also like to eat meat or fish.
Maybe…  I just like to eat. :p

02:21 PM Jul 30 2014 |

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I am interesting vegan’s food. 

09:40 PM Jul 28 2014 |

2 people like this



Don’t have to be vegan,being balanced is benefit of our health .

After all,meat can make sure we having smooth skin ,just control it everyday.

That’s Asian girls’ beauty secret

07:01 PM Jul 28 2014 |




i tried to eat vegeterian food last year but i couldnt more,

nowdays i try to eat meat only twice  a week. i think to be a vegan is do difficult.

05:42 PM Jul 28 2014 |




I am used to eating vegetarian food. In my opinion I don’t think only eating vegetarian food is healthier than mix vegetarian and meat. Meat has healthy proteins that make good, but you should not eat too much. I do respect people who choose being vegan as a way of life.


03:59 PM Jul 28 2014 |




I took today a piece of meat early in the morning hoping to fill in myself with healhy proteins and then my body rejected it. Just like that! Your body is smart enough to think what is good and what is bad for it. Think of it. At what cost meat lands on your plate. It has got to be killed and we all know killing is bad. So from this point of view, I take a stand of not eating meat, plus, eating meat  makes you old! ;)

02:14 PM Jul 28 2014 |

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Russian Federation

I`m not vegan or vegetarian. I don`t know such people personally.

I think to be a vegan is difficult.

I like to enjoy food.

But i think, if people continue to do it, probably it works. And probably it is really useful for body and mind.

But now I have no reasons to try this way of life.

01:58 PM Jul 28 2014 |



I like to eath healthy, including meat in my diet, although I prefer seafood over all.  I have some vegetarian relatives and I know they have to get protein from different ways :D

I respect that diet but it’s not for me. I feel blessed I’m able to try different kinds of food :D

01:35 PM Jul 28 2014 |



i am neighter vegetarian nor vegan, and i dont have those friends going these. But i have to admit that will avoid so many illness if you choose it, especially as you getting older and older. And i myself is trying to eat less and less meat as possible in my daily dietary. 

09:45 AM Jul 28 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

I’m not vegetarian person, and I do have one friend who is not eating a meat, but she is not a vegan. I think this up to the person who wants to live his or her life as they like the most important is the health.

08:04 AM Jul 28 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey guys!
I eat meat as little as possible, tend more to eat vegtable, what’s more, love seafood.In my idea eating vagan or vegetarian is not a healthy diet, even though it really helps for people who suffer from cancer or other serious illnesses.
Maybe we should eat all kinda of foods with all kinda of vitmans and enjoy different tastes of various foods.

07:23 AM Jul 28 2014 |

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