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Learn English with this pollution English lesson

Date: Aug 22 2018

Themes: Health, Travel

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Humans create a lot of garbage. It’s not only the things we can see, like bags and boxes and paper, it’s also greenhouse gases from driving and running large machines. All this pollution is actually harming the environment. Although making a difference doesn’t have to be hard.

People can take small strides to make a dent in how dirty the world is. They can limit the water they use to reduce waste. They can buy food with minimal packaging. They can take public transportation or bike. Every little bit helps, especially when everyone is working together.

Does Marni or Gary care more about the environment? Find out in today’s English lesson!


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Marni:  Hey, Gary, can you give me a hand with this recycling?

Gary:  Why?

Marni:  Because I need to take it out to the recycling bin because the recycling truck’s coming tomorrow.

Gary:  Oh, because you think someone’s actually going to reuse it?

Marni:  Yes, I do. Because I know that it’s making a difference.

Gary:  Why? What’s the point?

Marni:  The point is to reuse it so that we’re not putting it in the landfill.

Gary:  It’s not going to make a dent in anything. It’s just going to go into another place where all this other stuff is, and it’s garbage!

Marni:  How can you say that? I believe in making a difference. I take public transportation everywhere. I recycle everything I can. I use minimal electricity. I limit my showers to only five minutes.

Gary:  And I’m guessing you take public transportation…

Marni:  Uh-huh, I do!

Gary:  …because you don’t want to contribute to hazardous waste that will make its way into the landfill.

Marni:  Well, I don’t want to contribute to greenhouse gases that are harming our atmosphere and causing climate change. But, yes, I think it is important that we all take strides to think about our impact on this planet.


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Marni asks Gary to help her take out the recycling, but Gary doesn’t really see the point. Marni tries to convince Gary that it’s important to contribute to a better environment by doing small things like taking public transportation, recycling, and not using a lot of electricity.

Gary doesn’t agree, though. He acts like he’s heard everything Marni is saying before, and he doesn’t think those things are making a difference. For him, greenhouse gases and hazardous waste are not very important. It’s up to Marni to fight pollution.

Do you do anything to make a dent in pollution? How important is protecting the environment?



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what i can do and have done:

1, walking and riding as much as possible , or take public transportations, instead of driving.

2, use air conditioner as little as possible,. if used , keep the temperature difference to a minimum.

3,save water and electrocity as possible. when i wash dishes, i always turn the faucet to a minimum. turn off lights when leaving.

4, recycle shopping bags.  refuse to use disposable items.


03:24 AM Aug 22 2018 |



I think everyone need to protect the environment which we are living everyday. If it is damaged humans will lose better life. We should do a little things maybe it making a difference, such as saving water, power saving, taking public transportation and don’t throw garbages anywhere. Protecting the earth is to protect ourselves.

02:47 AM Sep 05 2014 |


mrn90Super Member!


I think not everybody have an idea about pollution. They need to be educated about this issue. Maybe, in schools, TV news and etc. Doing this, people will understand how they harm to the atmosphere and will make positive contributions to our “home”.

07:11 AM Aug 27 2014 |




i guess it is very important to take steps towards this. we should always try to limit ourselves in electricity usage, water usage, plastic usage, vehicle usage and lot more so that we can contribute towards better world. we only have to stay in this world and we only have to suffer if we dont follow this.  it doesnt matter whatever you are doing whether it makes a dent or not but atleast you will be happy having done that.

05:59 AM Aug 17 2014 |



just idiots don t pay attention to pollutions.

we have to protect everything in our world,

air, water, soil, because

we  aren t the owner of our planet

we just rent it

05:37 AM Aug 08 2014 |

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Its very very important to protect the environment, if the environment is damaged or harmed, we wont be able to live, and the animals and plant would die out.Our environment provide us the resources we need, since the population is too much, we would be out of resources we need.

08:27 AM Aug 06 2014 |

1 person likes this



Finally I was able to listen to the dialog :D

About the questions here I think it’s important to protect the environment.  It could sound boring, but it’s real.

My mom is my heroe about recycling, I just help her gathering plastics apart from glass and organic garbage.

At least I take small strides to make a difference.

03:27 PM Aug 05 2014 |




12:21 AM Aug 05 2014 |

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Wow ,what’s wrong with EB,I have to refresh many times to login.Hope it can back to normal as soon as possible

11:29 PM Aug 04 2014 |

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What happened to EB? It’s not working as it is supposed to… :/

01:54 PM Aug 04 2014 |

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trucluanSuper Member!

Viet Nam

Please bring englishbaby back! Pleaseeee

11:23 AM Aug 04 2014 |

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This website is not loading properly please fix it as soon as possible

08:39 AM Aug 04 2014 |




What’s wrong with the EB these days!!!. The audio is always buffering!! And I can’t see the picture of this topic today! and it’s very slow to login this website!  

Please fix it ASAP! :((

02:00 AM Aug 04 2014 |

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South Korea

i have the same problem with the audio here..always is buffering…not able to listen to the lesson ..sorry

01:12 AM Aug 04 2014 |

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