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The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars

Learn English with this The Fault in Our Stars lesson

Date: Aug 22 2014

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Hazel and Gus are two teens who shouldn’t fall in love, but they do. The Fault in Our Stars, a movie that came out this summer, tells the story of how two young adults with terminal cancer form a connection.

If you want to laugh and cry, go see this film, which is supposed to be both depressing and beautiful. There are no big name actors in this film, so it’s a good chance to see some new talent on the big screen. Like many movies, The Fault in Our Stars is also a book. If you prefer, you can read the story instead.

Learn what Jessica and Gary think about The Fault in Our Stars in today’s English lesson about a love story.


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Jessica:  So, my friend was telling me about this book she just finished called The Fault in Our Stars.

Gary:  Oh, hey! I know somebody who saw the movie.

Jessica:  Yeah, the movie just came out.

Gary:  Yeah, yeah.

Jessica:  And she actually is going to see it soon. And it’s supposed to be really, really good. But it’s also supposed to be a little depressing, a little sad.

Gary:  If I understand correctly, it deals with two younger kids who both have cancer.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  And they both have terminal cancer.

Jessica:  Right.

Gary:  So, these kids are told they have a very short amount of time to live. They then go on this adventure and fall in love and…

Jessica:  Exactly. They have this really amazing relationship and connection.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  And I think it’s neat. I don’t think that they’re using any big name actors...

Gary:  Nope.

Jessica:  ...in the film, which is also really cool.

Gary:  Yeah. The person who saw it told me it was shot well, it looked great, the acting was good. And apparently, they look like they really are in love. They didn’t give me a spoiler, so I don’t know how it ends. I guess I’ll have to see it.

Jessica:  Oh my goodness. Well, I’ll have to go see it.

Gary:  Yeah.


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Jessica tells Gary about a book her friend just read called The Fault in Our Stars. Gary’s heard about it, too, but his friend actually saw the new movie based on the book. Jessica says her friend is going to see the movie soon as well.

Apparently, both Jessica and Gary know a lot about the story. Two kids with terminal cancer meet and fall in love. Even though there are not big name actors in the movie, it’s still supposed to be shot well and worth watching.

At the end of the conversation, Jessica and Gary both want to go see the movie. It sounds good, but also sad.

Have you seen The Fault in Our Stars or read the book? Do you know anyone with terminal cancer?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hey. I have seen the movie. it is awesome.

05:59 PM Feb 12 2015 |

Sally Turquoise

United Kingdom

I have seen the movie and I think it will be the titanic of our generation .. I’m really amazed how people with terminal cancer can survive with this huge amount of pain .. 

03:22 PM Jan 28 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have seen the film!! OMG!!! Its awsome
Its sad but meanwhile u get to laugh and smile with the characters!
Its worth watching

01:04 PM Sep 14 2014 |



i haven’t seen the movie yet , but i would like to see it soon !!

01:42 AM Aug 31 2014 |



Russian Federation

This is an excellent book! One of the most favorite books.

11:45 AM Aug 28 2014 |


mrn90Super Member!


Not have seen yet. I have watched the trailer and this movie has a big rating in websites. In addition, EB made a topic about this movie :) I think i’m going to see it soon.

07:54 AM Aug 27 2014 |




no neither seen the movie nor read the book but i would love to see it. i actually got so much involved in it while reading the conversation between gary and jessica. it is supposed to be very good but at the same time am bit worried about the ending part as i cant see the depressing part.

05:44 AM Aug 25 2014 |

1 person likes this

Mr. Learner


I’m not into romantic movies. I like tragic movies, though.

However, I don’t think I’m going to watch it. The American cinema is not my cup of tea. I think they’re just repeating themselves and focusing on romantic issues so much.

03:07 AM Aug 25 2014 |

1 person likes this




Hello Julito :)
We’re on the same page here. Sad stories are not for me. I do remember watching “Love Story” and crying my eyes out. I also want to leave the theatre with a big grin on my face , or dreamy-eyed rather than red-eyed.
Hope you’re well, my friend.

12:55 PM Aug 24 2014 |




I haven`t seen the movie  but  from  what  I learned    after hearing  Jessica and Gary  discussing the film , it brought back  memories  of a film  i saw in the 70s  and was a big blockbuster at the box office. The film was Love Story, casting Ali Mac Graw and Ryan O’Neill . it was a very sad story  related to cancer and people couldn´t help leaving the theater with  their eyes filled with tears. Definitely, not for me, i pass . I have seen  many dear ones  with terminal cancer , now i prefer a good laugh. 

12:20 PM Aug 24 2014 |




Ahah. 3 sections are here. a) Seeing the film b) health c) terminal cancer

-I have not seen “the fault in our star” yet but considering its content I’ll carve out my time in soon future to watch it and before this I’ll read the book bcz i suppose it’s worth watching.   

-Without any question health is the significant and worthiest thing in the world that’s why we should be careful of this. 

-When i was a kid i lost my friend due to his fatal cancer and after years I lost my aunt bcz of the deadly illness. It’s very hard to tolerate this events and it’s very difficult to be passionate in these cases.

I want to say this is the world we live in and just like others who said in the below we have to enjoy of all moments of our life and make it very joyful for myself and people around us as much as we can. 

05:57 AM Aug 24 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

finally they die????:(((((((((((((((((((

07:07 PM Aug 23 2014 |

1 person likes this



Okay ? Okay .. :)

I love this movie and all of the Original soundtrack from this movie.

Absolutely Fantastic !

08:20 AM Aug 23 2014 |

2 people like this



I haven’t watched the movie, but I think I should.  I think love stories are nice whatevere the end is.  

Some relatives have died because of cancer.  It’s a terrible disease and there’s not much you can do.

Anyway, I think I should live giving the best of me everyday. :3

10:37 PM Aug 22 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

I love it sad, and it is Okay….........

08:53 PM Aug 22 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s really good not to give up even when you are suffering from a terminal illness and continue your life hopefully.

if I were told that I had just a few days to live,I would not think about anything but death.

01:04 PM Aug 22 2014 |

3 people like this




I watched the trailer,Before the movie comes out in our country ,I am going to read this book.I am eager to know the whole touthing story,Maybe i shoud prepare stock form for this.

Last summer ,a friend of mine was dignosed cancer,Before she known this,she just got an offer from a promising company.The whole summer is full of depressing.Healthy means all especially when you are young.Live in present moment

12:20 PM Aug 22 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

If you want to read the book, here’s the link where you can download it:


I think it’s worth reading. I hope, in this way, we’ll all realize how lucky we actually are because we are healthy ( because, THE HEALTH IS EVERYTHING). We’ll figure out we should’t be upset about little things and we definitely should enjoy in every aspect of life, because life is only one. Keep your health and the health of your loved ones.



Russian Federation

I read the book recently. I liked it. It made me laugh and cry at some moments. I will go to see the movie as soon as it appears at the cinema in my country :)

09:50 AM Aug 22 2014 |

3 people like this




If i am not getting wrong the main idea of this film that to live your life as it would not stay long, just live your present dream about your future and learn from the past. Anyone can be caught by disease but it doesn’t mean to give up living. Without thinking too much about the disease just try to enjoy each and every moment of life. 

Although it looks pritty hard to live the life when somebody is suffering with the seriouse disease but it would be more painful if somebody try to remind the disease instead to live the remaining life. So just enjoy the every moment of life.

09:16 AM Aug 22 2014 |

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