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Get to the Bottom of Something
Get to the Bottom of Something English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Dec 09 2020

Themes: Friend, Romance, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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One day you come home from school or work, and you find that your front door is open. At first you’re afraid that someone has broken into your house and has taken your things. But when you get inside, you see something surprising and wonderful. There are flowers and chocolate on your kitchen table, and someone has cleaned the house, too. Even though it’s a good surprise, you still want to know how it happened. You still want to get to the bottom of this situation and learn who decided to give you such a lovely gift.

To get to the bottom of something is to figure out a puzzle or a mystery. It doesn’t matter if it’s something good or something bad… it’s just something that has confused you. In every police show on television, someone is trying to get to the bottom of a crime or something that cannot be explained. It can be challenging work, but it can be fun, too. Wouldn’t you want to know who came into your house and did all of those nice things for you?

Something strange is happening at Rafael’s yoga studio, and Jessica wants to get to the bottom of it. Will she succeed? Read on to find out in today’s English lesson.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  That was a great class, Rafael. You’re a wonderful yoga instructor.

Rafael:  Thanks, Jessica. I spend a lot of time preparing, and I want my classes to be both challenging and creative.

Jessica:  They definitely are. Like the Eight Angle Pose, and The Grasshopper? And parivritta surya yantransana, or whatever it’s called? I’ve never even heard of that one! Oh, someone left their water bottle.

Rafael:  Another item to add to my collection.

Jessica:  Your collection?

Rafael:  Yeah. There’s this woman who comes to my classes who is obsessed with pink.

Jessica:  Wow. She is totally obsessed with pink.

Rafael:  Pink yoga mat. She wears pink clothes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she drives a pink car.

Jessica:  So, the real question is, why is she leaving all of this pink paraphernalia at the studio?

Rafael:  I’ve been wondering the same thing myself for weeks. I’m kind of embarrassed to talk to her about it, though.

Jessica:  That’s so weird. You have to get to the bottom of this. So, what is pink girl’s name? Pamela, Patricia, Paulina…?

Rafael:  Emma.

Jessica:  Emma?

Rafael:  Yeah.

Jessica:  You like her, don’t you?

Rafael:  No, no, no. No, she’s my student. That’s totally unprofessional.

Jessica:  Oh, I don’t know. Lily’s dating Brian, and they met through work.

Rafael:  Yeah, yeah. You and Lily are close. How is that? Does Lily feel weird when Brian’s on location?

Jessica:  Oh, no you don’t. You’re just trying to change the subject. We were talking about Emma. I am totally going to get to the bottom of this.


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Rafael has a student named Emma, and she seems to be obsessed with the color pink. Her clothes are pink, her yoga mat is pink, and her water bottle is pink. But what’s especially strange is that Emma keeps leaving her things at Rafael’s yoga studio. Is she really forgetting them, or is she doing it on purpose?

From the way he talks about her, Jessica believes that Rafael likes Emma. The problem is that he’s Emma’s teacher, and she’s Rafael’s student. He doesn’t think that asking Emma out would be the right thing to do, but Jessica doesn’t think it’s a big deal. In fact, it seems like Jessica wants Rafael to take action!

Will Jessica have to work hard to get to the bottom of this? Or is it obvious what Emma and Rafael are feeling? Do you work hard to get to the bottom of things?



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Show us the “Emma”. :))))



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey.I should go to get of the bottom of my unknown massage that I received last night☺

02:56 AM Sep 23 2014 |

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