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Movie Rental

Movie Rental

Date: Jul 31 2003


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Watching movies is a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s not convenient to go a movie theater. One might have to drive a long distance to get to the theater, and besides that, movies only show at specific times at the theater. Lastly, movies can cost $6 – $9 per person at the theater, depending on what city you’re in.
One easy way to avoid the hassle and the expense of going to the movie theater is to rent movies on VHS tape or DVD. Renting is easy and most places allow you to keep the movie for several days so you can watch it whenever you want.
Read on to learn where and how you can rent movies!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.

The first thing you’ll need to do if you want to rent a movie, is to find a video rental store. There are several popular chains in the U.S.. Two of the biggest are:
Blockbuster Video (blockbuster.com)
Hollywood Video (hollywoodvideo.com)
Another easy way to rent DVDs is to use Netflix (netflix.com). Netflix allows you to order movies online, then have them delivered to your house by mail.
Once you’ve found a video store, you’re going to need to sign up for a membership. In order to do so, you’ll need: ID (Driver’s License, State ID Card or Passport), a credit card, and your mailing address. After you’ve signed up for a membership, the video store will give you a card you can use to easily rent movies whenever you want. Movie rentals usually cost $2 – $4 for 2 – 7 days.



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I love renting movies. It’s so much easier than dealing with the traffic and the lines at the movie theater. I often rent a couple of movies at the beginning of the week, then just watch them whenever I have time.
If you’re a movie fan, start renting movies today!
Take it easy,



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yeah,i found it good too to rent dvds,

08:59 AM Jun 01 2008 |




i prefer watching movie at theater cause it’s very enjoy than rent a DVD or VCD..

05:53 AM Jun 01 2008 |

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