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unheard of

unheard of

Date: Jun 13 2019

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“When I was growing up in New York, whenever I turned on the television, I never saw a face that looked like me… It was unheard of back then.”

Actress Yunjin Kim, talking about who was famous when she was a child (Lifehack.org)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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unusual, not common

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Have you heard of elephants, goat cheese, and orange juice? It’s likely that you have, because they are known around the world. But have you heard of flying elephants, horse cheese, or banana juice? Probably not, because these things do not exist. They are unheard of.

But it’s not just strange animals or foods that are unheard of. We use this expression when talking about uncommon situations. Situations that are unheard of might vary from country to country. For example, arranged marriages are practically unheard of in the US, but they’re common in many countries. Eating with either hand is typical in the US, but not only is using one’s left hand unheard of in many parts of the world, it’s definitely not OK.

Actress Yunjin Kim said that it was unheard of to see Asian faces on television when she was a girl. When she saw one, she would call her sister into the room to see it, too. Today it’s quite common, of course, though many people believe that it’s not common enough.

What things or situations are unheard of in your culture? Can you think of something that was unheard of twenty years ago, but is common now?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Mr. Smith’s class is so easy. Failing it is unheard of.”

“Nobody buys cassette tapes anymore. It’s unheard of.”

“My mom says that tomato ice cream is unheard of, but I tried some!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

gimbrite unprecedented
by gimbrite
Manu4 Unknown, not so common.
by Manu4
judinasve something extremely unusual, that had never heard, no information
by judinasve
Olivine unknown
by Olivine
by makifd

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We don’t have any hejab for women in my country. It’s unheard of.

07:55 PM Jun 12 2019 |

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Several decades ago exsisting of social networks was unheard of. Technical development extremelly changed the trend that nowadays it’s unheard of not to use Facebook, Tweeter, etc.

It’s considered that people who don’t use social nets are weird groups of individuals.

01:11 PM May 17 2015 |

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unprecedented, unknown, out of the ordinary

I once saw a woman sing without opening her mouth. This was unheard of until then.

01:48 PM Nov 17 2014 |

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In india they were many things which were unheard of like  love marriges, woman empowerment and lot more. i think everything is getting better and better with every changing generation except health as lot of people have become dependent on technology and not willing to move or work physically which was unheard of 20 30 yers back.

09:16 AM Nov 12 2014 |

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This year, we went trick or treating. Every child was dressed up  carrying basket full of candies, so happy and excited.  It was raining, but it didn’t spoil the celebration, but some people did. They put up the big signs on their houses saying “We don’t celebrate the holiday of devil”. That’s was unheard of! I’ve nevever seen anything like that.

05:14 PM Nov 06 2014 |




Many decades ago, to harvest the potatoes, we needed a lot of men working with the hoes or hired hands, very hard job and so expensive.. .. nowadays that job is more easy , cheap and less strenuous than in the past ,  using agricultural machines,like tractors,etc..


04:45 PM Nov 06 2014 |


Russian Federation

Now I can produce professional sounding song in my bedroom, in the past it was unheard of to make professional records at home. Powerfull computers changed everything

03:50 PM Nov 06 2014 |





Undoubtedly we are living in a global world. You mention that in Belarus people celebrate Halloween and Valentine`s day .  The same is happening in my country , these celebrations that were unheard of  in our culture, are   catching on among  our youth.   Some people complain that we should not imitate all that come from the north   ( read the US ) .

03:40 PM Nov 06 2014 |




Twenty years ago such celebrations like Halloween, Valentine’s Day were unheard of in my country but nowadays these celebrations became popula here.

Several years ago the possibility of the shipping out from  websites to my country was also unheard of . Today it is a fantastically convinient way of shopping. Many people subscribe everyday to this method of purchasing. 

Few years ago 5D entertainment was unheard of in my country too, but today it is all over the streets. :-)



and a note about arranged marriage ..

as ı read,there are approximately 30 kinds of marriages  in my country and arranged marriage is one of them only ..

and many of them is very interesting,strange,weird marriages for other people in the world .

and Julito, our 30 kind of mariages dont include  sex marriage .. :) 

12:44 PM Nov 06 2014 |



20-30 years ago ,to wear jeans was unheard of in my country ..They -wearing jeans-were blaming for being communist,hippie,outcast..

today,people blaming them wear jeans :))

12:21 PM Nov 06 2014 |




Times are fast changing in so many ways in the western culture . Same sex marriage was unheard of  twenty years ago , it is so common now that it is not in  the headlines anymore. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

fair of korian people is unheard of for asian people.they are very unfair and the climax of their injustice story was in asian games at incheon of korea that right of most athlets was violated and ignored by korian refrees.now korians are symbol of injustice in asia.

09:24 AM Nov 06 2014 |

angel_ eyes


 A girl going for a walk ‘alone”  just to relax is still unheard of in Karachi, Pakistan.

08:44 AM Nov 06 2014 |



- Using mobile phone was unheard of in Afghanistan 13 years ago.

- keeping a girl friend is unheard of in Afghanistan, you should keep your relation secret.

- Study in school or university was unheard in Afghanistan for girls 15 years ago.

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