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Day Planners
Day Planners

Learn English with this day planners English lesson

Date: Dec 03 2014

Themes: How To, Time, Work


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Have you ever forgotten you had something important to do? Maybe you need a day planner to remember your schedule. A planner can help you to block out time on your calendar and plan your day.

Jessica plans her whole day and is very organized, but Gary has a more relaxed approach to his planning. Read on in today’s English lesson about day planners.


block out v.


Example Can you block out your morning so that we can do our homework together?

approach n.


Example Jill has a serious approach when she teaches her students.

schedule n.


Example There are too many things on my schedule. I don't have time to visit my brother.

calendar n.


Example Can you check to calendar to tell me what day of the week Valentine's Day will be this year?

organized adj.


Example She's so organized that she knows exactly what she's doing every minute of the day.

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Do you use a day planner? Do you write down everything you have to do?


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i am like gary kind of laid back and letting things go on the way they were supposed to. 

12:18 PM Dec 14 2014 |




In fact, I used to write down my important daily duties and appointments on paper and also on sticky note on my laptop which help me a lot in organizing my schedules. But in spite of this, i’ve forgotten some of them from time to time. I think I can nominate as one of the most forgettable person in the world. To be honest, I lost my jacket and umbrella during last 2 weeks. Another case is just the other day, when my friend had planned to come from Montréal to the airport in here to meet each other and after that take another plane,even though i wrot it down in somewhere but it was very close for me to forget that but hopefully i remembered during having my lunch.  

11:10 PM Dec 05 2014 |

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  Usually I don´t have to go through hectic days so I  don´t see the point to keep records of my future schedules .  I only write down my” passwords ”, and to be sure  not to miss out  on bank payments i put a reminder  magnetically attached on the fridge . I agree that day planners are  handy , but not in my case. As for Jessica ,she is so well organized ,to the point of perfection , but what would happen with her if some unexpected call requiring her inmediate attention crumbles down all  her planning for the day. I think that now Jessica will be really stressed-out  at not being able to sort out the engaged  agenda. I hope that it wont`t be a roller-coaster in her life.

03:47 PM Dec 03 2014 |

jorgeguevara61Super Member!


Yes, Day Planners is very important to me, it’s help me in the activities all day, we make the important things and the day planners we permit to do it. in the case of the email I always use the day Planeers of the Outlook. is a excelent tool in my job.  

12:14 PM Dec 03 2014 |



and People use diaries for remembering the past and day planners for remembering the future ..

and People want to be free as a bird to live without schedules,plans..on the other hand they want to manage their plans,dates..they dont want to forget important things..its also necessary for many people..

I dont have any day planner ,paper or electronic …coz ım not very busy ..ım not businessman,lawyer,doctor…sometimes ı write important dates to month calender for reminding me .its enough :)

11:30 AM Dec 03 2014 |




Unfortunately, most time our action is become suddenly without dairly planner.

05:24 AM Dec 03 2014 |




It is not an advertisement from my side but I devoted to the Google app “Google keep”. This app works perfectly well on all my devices which are based on Android. All notes are synchronized between all devices. Each note can be reminded in time and it can be marked with any colour you need to make it more noticeable.  It does not need any internet connection. 

I am very content and I forgot about day planners which are made from paper :D

05:10 AM Dec 03 2014 |

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