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Farm Life
Farm Life

Learn English with this farm life English lesson

Date: Jan 04 2019

Themes: Work

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? Like the glass of milk you’re drinking, to the plate of vegetables for dinner? A farmer had to raise a cow for the milk, and to grow crops of carrots and lettuce for your salad.

Many of us live in cities and don’t know very much about farm life. For example, farmers have a different schedule than city people. They get up very early, just as the sun is rising. There’s also a lot of physical work around the farm.

Gary tells Jessica about his experience at a farm, and how he enjoys the animals but not the work. Find out more in today’s English lesson about life in the country.


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Gary:  I don’t know if you know this, Jessica. Every month in the summer, at least once a week, I go up to a farm and volunteer.

Jessica:  That’s so cool.

Gary:  It is such a learning experience because I love going up there and seeing the animals and such. But I have certainly learned that I do not want to be a farmer and be up with the sun, and go out and harvest all of the food that’s growing.

Jessica:  I bet it’s neat, though, to see all of the different crops as they grow. Hang out with the birds and the bees. It must be relaxing.

Gary:  Yeah, in the barn, all the animals are there. And they are so cool to hang out with. But I don’t want to do that, though.

Jessica:  Aww. See, and I’m jealous. I think I would love to work on a farm.

Gary:  That’s awesome.


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In the summer, Gary volunteers on a farm. His favorite part about farm life is hanging out with the animals in the barn. He now knows that he doesn’t want to be a farmer, though. It’s hard work!

Even though Gary says that living on a farm is a lot of tough work, Jessica is still jealous. She’s interested in working on a farm. She thinks that it must be relaxing to be around all of the animals, and to watch the vegetables grow.

Does living on a farm sound interesting to you? What do you think would be your most and least favorite parts of being a farmer?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i can say im interested in seeing veggies and crops grow, but i definitely don’t enjoy hanging out with animals. I may like to see them eat. after all they dont really smell good.

06:24 AM May 10 2019 |

yren11hSuper Member!


Being a farmer means that you choose to have a 24-hour job. It means that you have to get up early in the morning to work as hardest as farm tell you to, but it is very satisfactory after so much work see how your animals and plants have grown up.

12:12 AM Jan 06 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Get fresh air everyday and everything is natural . you not see traffic jam at all  and  local people not in rush I mean there is not rush hour  for take a taxi or get on bus or stuck in a  traffic jam for hours there , then you feel less stress , nervous and tense . have less strees makes you calm and peace .

07:41 PM Jan 04 2019 |


GWTASuper Member!


I grew up in the former GDR. a lot of peaple that lived in rural areas had somthing like a little Farm. At least  a garden.

My family had chicken, rabbits and sheep. Additional dogs and cats.

We have grown vegetables as well.

But I’m not a farmer. Thank´s god!

01:22 PM Jan 04 2019 |




I’m interested in feeding animals, I want to feeding a horse, a big black or white horse, feel like awesome.

09:24 AM Jan 04 2019 |

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Viet Nam

Living and being as a farmer sounds exciting to someone. But, if you used to work as a real farmer, you’d understand how hard life of a farmer in poor lands.

Can you understand the feeling of farmers after getting no thing for all efforts during his crop? fighting with harsh climate, droughts, floods, heavy rains, storms or pests etc.

can you imagine the price for 1 kilogram of watermelon is cheaper one tithe of 1 dollar

10:24 AM Apr 22 2015 |




yes it is very much interested and requires lot of hard work, though. Being on the farm you get to know all about nature. it is so relaxing surrounded by greenery and having a peaceful life, away from so hotchpotch. 

My favorite part is having food in the middle of farm 

and least part is physical work.

12:02 PM Dec 14 2014 |

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United States

I raise chickens and its a blast!  Easier to keep than dogs, and I get eggs daily!

03:25 PM Dec 08 2014 |




If I had grown up on a farm, I would definetly work on it. You know the enviroment and work from your young age, so you can hardly think about yourself as a businessman of a firm in a city. 

The most favourite part is perhaps that you can see your work’s results: the plants, the growing animals, the crops before harvest. Beside, you live on a relatively healthful place and physical work makes you fitter and stronger.

The least fav parts: It’s really exhaustive, at the end of the day you are happy if you can go to sleep. Beside the small of animals and their places is stinking. Furthermore, you don’t work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

02:32 PM Dec 08 2014 |



for sure I know that

I grew up at the country site in Germany

during my schooltime, I did farm-work  to earn some money.

Therefore  I understand a lot about food….... we buy in shops

and eat at home

02:13 PM Dec 08 2014 |




Definetely, living on a farm sounds gratifying to me. Farms involve a lot of work  though,  getting up with the dawn of the day to feed the animals, to clean up the barn and  milk the cows, if any.  When these  chores are  finished, it will be necessary to  proceed to the garden to tender  the new crop of  vegetables ,then we may want to bake our own bread. Produce are organic , jellies and jams are additive-free ,artisanal cheese,fresh eggs , this would be life to me not the insane marathon i must everyday get into to buy my bread. States hold annual farm  fairs to introduce kids and parents alike to the livestock and poultry that   are raised on a farm.  

01:42 PM Dec 08 2014 |




When i was a child, I did the farm work with my family. We lived on farming at that time.  But with the development of economy, less people do the farm work.  In my city, if you still work on the farm, people will think you are poor. something like that…

When i m old in the future, I would rather grow some fruit or plants by myself in the back yard. And enjoy the rest of my life… :)) 

02:17 AM Dec 08 2014 |




At my old farm, where I go to every day,but without to sleep there,I have to take care of the fennels, onions,salads,cicories and other vegetables because some animals ,like larvae and snails, are able to destroy all in few days…Yes, it is little hard to work in a farm,but you enjoy to live in the open space, in the countryside climate,in the open-air and in a silent environment. In the summer/autumn  I spend a lot of time to harvest fruits,like mandarins,oranges ,almonds,grapes, etc and during the winter, I need to prune the trees also. I likealso  to raise hens too and to harvest the fresh eggs they lay every morning.The young people should love more working in the countryside… 

11:13 AM Dec 05 2014 |

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