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basket case

basket case

Date: Sep 05 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Health


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“You have to have confidence. You can’t be someone who’s so insecure that she’s a basket case.”

Actress Kate Bosworth, talking about being proud of who you are (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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person who is very nervous, tired, etc., and is not able to think or act normally

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Think of the last time you were really nervous or stressed out. Maybe it was the day before a big test or job interview. Perhaps you were taking care of a baby who cried all night and wouldn’t go to sleep. Or maybe you were waiting to be picked up for your first date with someone. Can you remember how you were feeling? Probably not too great. In fact, you may have been a basket case.

When you’re a basket case, it’s hard for you to behave the way you normally do. It’s common to do or say strange things when feeling like a basket case because stress can change you. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet someone famous, there’s a good chance that you’ll say something crazy because you’re so nervous. Meeting famous people is exciting, but it can also make you a basket case.

Actress Kate Bosworth believes that it’s important to be confident, and this is especially true with acting. She’ll never get a job in a movie or on TV if she’s behaving like a basket case. It’s important to show that you know what you’re doing and that you’re the best there is.

When was the last time you were a basket case? What was stressing you out?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“She was a basket case while waiting to hear if she got into Stanford University.”

“What’s wrong? You’ve been a basket case for two days.”

“Our poor dog is a basket case when we go on vacation without him.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

inventive2 person who is extremely nervous or anxious and cannot function properly
by inventive2
rainyman84 A person who can't do properly his jobs and is kind of nervous.
by rainyman84
Gordafarid A nervous person who is too impaired to function!! (maybe due to lack of self-confidence)
by Gordafarid
 julito A helpless case.
by julito
Javi_920 I think it means a crazy people.
by Javi_920

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Thanks for letting us know where this slang comes from,Wow ,why people treat patients with mental disease so cruel.it beyong my imagination.


10:22 AM Jan 29 2015 |




Good day Shoba 

Yes, i guess that  most brides are a nervous wreck prior to their special day .

I have google the origen of this expression …  it is said that people without cure to a mental disease used to be sent to a mental health care facility for life where they would manufacture baskets for the rest of their lifes…..   A  basket case is an incurable state of mind , I wouldn`t like to be called a basket case… jejejejej

10:00 AM Jan 29 2015 |




buttafly..... Hello dear, I actually came to Ebaby once in awhile but I don’t see any of my friends so I just took a look and logged out..It’s really nice to be here again..I keep clicking your account but you have cancelled it…missed you so much,I am glad that you still here…thanks for warm welcome.. as for your suggestion I should give a try, I found out that I need a strength to say words..is it that worst I thought. I went to my doctor and he said that it will recover but slowly.. you know when I talk something it seems like the words cut off and I feel my breath is stop..I know its not logic but its true…

ScienceBoy Nice to see you dear… thanks for your recomend , I will find that…

08:21 AM Jan 29 2015 |




Dear Crizsearch, I know how painful that surgery is. Buttafly is right. You should have it examined if you have a problem with your voice. But you may find it relaxing and useful to have some black seed oil. It doesn’t taste so good maybe but it’s very helpful for voice problems. I say give it a try.

08:01 AM Jan 29 2015 |




CRIZ!!! Wow! And WOW again :)

What a pleasant surprise to find you here.

Looks like you still have a nerve weakness in your voice box, dear. I think you should definitely have it examined. Why I know that? A few years back I had the same surgery..very painful and I also had to go through speech therapy afterwards. Please, don’t wait for too long to find a professional to help function return.

A warm welcome and now let it flow, beautiful living Criz ..so happy to read you again :)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

wow.this is about me now i have abasket case about something

05:39 AM Jan 29 2015 |



Sri Lanka

I remember being a basket case the day before my wedding day. It was really terrible! 

I wonder whether everyone feels like that when their wedding day gets closer?




The last time I’ve been a basket case was when I went for thyroid surgery. I was kinda sad and nervous at the ame time but if I didn’t do the thing in my neck will getting bigger and bigger. The operation went well but my voice has not recover yet. it’s been 4 months. Anyone can help.. how to make my voice clear again…!! thanks 

anyway..good to be here again…I’ve missed all of my friends here…Julia, Irene, Mahtab, late . Ola, Eleniya and all of my other friends.. where are you guys?

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