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Shaun the Sheep
Shaun the Sheep

Learn English in this 'Shaun the Sheep' movie ESL lesson

Date: Apr 24 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Family, Pets, Pop Culture

Grammar: There, Their & They're


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Most sheep sit around on a farm all day and eat grass. But Shaun is not like most sheep. He is much crazier. Farms are a bit different in the new movie “Shaun the Sheep,” which is made by the same people who made “Wallace and Gromit.”

Shaun acts like a person on his farm, and he usually gets into a lot of trouble, even though the dog at the farm tries to keep Shaun and his friends safe. The farmer has no idea what the animals are doing. If it’s anything like “Wallace and Gromit,” this should be a funny movie.

Brian wants to go see “Shaun the Sheep” with Marni. Find out if Marni will go in today’s English lesson about a new animated movie.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Marni, have you seen the trailer for the new movie by the guys who did “Wallace and Gromit”?

Marni:  “Shaun the Sheep”?

Brian:  Yes!

Marni:  Yes. It was a series, correct?

Brian:  Yes.

Marni:  I don’t know. I can’t really get behind it.

Brian:  Oh, you’re not into animation?

Marni:  I like animation, but it just doesn’t have the appeal to me. I can see where it looks kind of charming. A bunch of sheep running around, causing mayhem, getting locked up, and craziness ensues. But it’s not high on my list of things I want to see.

Brian:  I just feel it has such a mass appeal. It’s like, there’s witty humor in it, and slapstick. It just seems really entertaining.

Marni:  So, you think it’s really universal?

Brian:  Yeah, I think that you will find something that you’ll like in that movie.

Marni:  I guess, maybe. I don’t know, I just think it’s mind boggling what people can do with animation these days. I guess for that I could appreciate it.

Brian:  Yeah, if nothing else, the technique is astounding.

Marni:  Alright, I’ll go. But you are definitely buying the popcorn.


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Brian wants to go see “Shaun the Sheep.” He thinks that it will be entertaining because it has witty humor. He wants Marni to come with him to see the movie because he thinks she’ll like it.

Marni says that the movie doesn’t appeal to her very much. She thinks it might be charming, but it isn’t very high on the list of things she wants to see. She does think that animation these days is mind boggling, though. She agrees to go with Brian, but he has to buy the popcorn.

Will you go see “Shaun the Sheep”? Have you ever seen a Wallace and Gromit movie?



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Maybe I have watched some movies which I don’t know is was Wallace and Gromit movies. I like to watch animations because some of it is really funny and meaningful. You don’t feel it borning beacuse it aways activity. 

08:19 AM May 12 2015 |



I and my daughter saw it last Sunday.We both liked it and we also go on watching it on a tv channel whenever we find time.We love animals especially cats.We didn’t get bored while we were watching Shaun the Sheep.He is our favourite hero.Because he is very practical and clever and also very cute.I suggest that you should see it.You won’t say it doesn’t worth seeing it and you won’t regret.

06:45 PM Apr 29 2015 |

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La Princesse de la vie


Hmm, I had never seen a Wallace and Gromit movie, it’s even my first time to hear of it, but I’ve already searched it and I don’t think it’s the kind of animated movies that appeal to me, and the same here with Shaun the Sheep. Actually I’m very much into the series. When I come by it on TV I just stop to watch 15 minutes of silent humor by a bunch of sheep and a dog and a non-speaking farmer :D It’s really witty and very funny and I like it, but I’m not sure I can stand a whole movie of it. It will definitely get me bored. But in each short episode you can see the story from the beginning till the mayhem ensues and then everything is back right, but to watch the same thing for more than an hour perhaps is not the same. I think this kind of slapstick is better in short forms.

07:23 PM Apr 27 2015 |

1 person likes this




Yangkanghao, right, this lesson has got lots of nice unknown words. But it’s so good. I love it!

06:03 PM Apr 27 2015 |



IS it fanny? I an sorry, i failed to understand this passage, a lot of words i have never seen….

04:29 PM Apr 27 2015 |

1 person likes this



United States

I love playing the game.

02:02 PM Apr 27 2015 |




I love watch Sound the sheep, couse it’s very funny and make me laught..

09:41 AM Apr 27 2015 |



i watch this animation…i tnink it is perfect….

10:16 AM Apr 25 2015 |




I gonna to watch this movie.

09:24 PM Apr 24 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have never seen Wallace and Gromit movie and “Shaun the Sheep” until 4 or 5 hours ago!
I like Wallace and Gromit movie and “Shaun the Sheep”. “Shaun the Sheep” is interesting and simple.
I like most of comic movie, sometimes we need to see world in another way, so comic movie can help us in this way!

03:49 PM Apr 24 2015 |




I arleady fell in love with Shaun the sheep. The plot of the animation appeals to me greatly. Plus, Shaun sounds like “shun” and I, no way, will shun Shaun since sheep are my favorite animals. And plus, this year is the year of sheep and I think this movie is just the luck in our hands. ;)



United States

shaun the sheep is inpornt to people.

01:57 PM Apr 24 2015 |



“Shaun the Sheep” is very interesting, I would recommend watching.

07:23 AM Apr 24 2015 |



they’re truely causing mayhem and the animation is mind boggling as well!

07:15 AM Apr 24 2015 |




it’s not high on my list of things I want to see,either

02:59 AM Apr 24 2015 |

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