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Learn English meaning of therapy

Date: Apr 27 2020

Themes: Health

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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When we talk about being healthy, it’s usually focused on our physical health and our bodies. But there are also times when our emotions don’t feel well. For some people, taking care of their mental health is an important part of their lives.

There are different ways to work on one’s mental health. You can try medicine, or see a counselor for therapy. Therapy is a good way to talk about and explore one’s emotions and feelings and to find ways to feel better.

Brian talks about how therapy has helped him. Find out more in today’s English lesson about personal growth.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Lily:  Hey, Brian. How’re you doing?

Brian:  Good. I just got done with my first therapy session.

Lily:  Oh. You go to therapy?

Brian:  Yeah. I went in today.

Lily:  What is that like?

Brian:  It was actually really great. It was just talking to someone else. It was really nice. It was really cathartic. I got to vent and let off my frustrations.

Lily:  Release all of your inner feelings to a complete random stranger? Do you think that’s actually helpful?

Brian:  But it is a way of venting. Have you ever talked to a friend about a hard day at work?

Lily:  Oh, yeah, definitely. All the time.

Brian:  It’s just like that. I feel like I’m constantly evolving. And it’s nice to have a way to speak to those things aloud and have a release. I feel like it makes me more self-aware when someone is listening to what I have to say.

Lily:  It’s like a personal growth kind of a thing?

Brian:  It’s really interesting. I really highly recommend it.

Lily:  OK. I’ll think about it.


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Brian believes that therapy is a great way to work on his mental health, and he tells Lily about his first session. In therapy, he talks about his feelings and frustrations. Brian thinks that this will help him become more self-aware.

Lily doesn’t understand why Brian needs therapy. She thinks it’s strange that he needs to go and talk with a stranger about his problems and feelings. But as Brian describes how therapy has helped him, Lily begins to understand why it’s important.

Have you ever tried therapy to help with your personal problems? In what ways can therapy be helpful?



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Absolutely, Ryo, pets are the best therapists. They’re like your shadow, follow everywhere, understand your mood amazingly. Magic! In argument with someone, they always on your side. Just sit stonewall in front of you to protect.:)

10:07 AM Apr 22 2015 |




Laughter is a good therapy. When I am upset and frustrated I watch a comedy movie or a series like “Friends, How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory” and I forget all about my problems. :)



Russian Federation




09:09 AM Apr 22 2015 |




The best therapy is  to spend a quality time with your friend, go with your family, have a good, on the same page discussion with just a stranger or just to go to a church, to pray, to let it go. For me also very theraputic is physical activity – walking, dancing, swimming, skiing. Or just watch a good movie and do your favorite activity, or drink some very expensive tea and meditate. Gosh, so many, but, I don’t believe in doctors. Sorry, it’s all for money. And when the pills involved, no way!




I was on the same page with Lily,it is strange to talk about my personal things with a stranger.What if the therapist is not a secrect keeper,that’s awuful.

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