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Dorm Life
Dorm Life

Learn English meaning of dorm life

Date: May 10 2019

Themes: School

Grammar: Prepositions


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For some students, one of the most exciting things about going to university is living away from home for the first time. It can be a scary experience to be on your own and away from your family. You also get to decide if you will live on campus or not.

Students who choose to stay on campus will usually live in a dorm. Dorms can be big or small, and typically students will have a roommate. If dorm life isn’t for you, you can rent an apartment or house off campus instead.

Gary and Jessica talk about their time at college and where they lived. Find out more in today’s English lesson about dorm life.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Gary:  When you were in college, Jessica, did you live on campus?

Jessica:  Well, I had the pleasure of living off campus.

Gary:  Oh, really?

Jessica:  In this wonderful housing community with some awesome roommates. And it was the time of my life.

Gary:  That’s cool. Was it a co-ed place, or was it one gender?

Jessica:  Actually, it was co-ed.

Gary:  Woah.

Jessica:  Yeah. A few of my friends. And one of them had a boyfriend at the time. We all found a wonderful house. It was like communal living outside of the dorms.

Gary:  That’s really cool.

Jessica:  Did you live off campus?

Gary:  I actually lived on campus. I was an R.A., a resident assistant, for a couple years. I thought it was so much fun living in a communal area with people and learning to share.

Jessica:  That sounds like a cool way to experience dorm life.

Gary:  Yeah.


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When Jessica was in college, she lived off campus. She lived in a co-ed house with her friends and really enjoyed it. It was such a great experience that she described it as being the time of her life.

Even though Gary lived on campus, he also had a very good experience. In fact, he was a resident advisor in the on campus dorm. Gary says that he learned a lot about sharing. Gary and Jessica may have had different living situations, but they both had positive experiences.

Did you live on or off campus when you attended university? How was your experience?



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it’s very interesting,we get along with each other.

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