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Learn English meaning of chores

Date: May 21 2019

Themes: How To, Time

Grammar: Plural vs. Possessive "S"


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No one likes to do them, but we have to. Chores are just one of those daily tasks that everyone must do to live comfortably. When we were little, we had easy chores like putting away our own toys. As we grew older, we began to have more and more chores.

Even though chores might not be difficult to do, they must be done often and are not fun. Wouldn’t you rather be going out with friends than cleaning your bathroom or folding laundry? People might even fight over chores when they live together because it is such an annoying task.

Gary and Julie talk about having to share the responsibility of doing chores. Find out more in today’s English lesson about keeping a clean house.


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Gary:  While you were growing up, did you have the responsibility of cleaning up your room? Or maybe when you lived with other people, there was an expectation on you that you would do a certain thing in the house to keep a space clean?

Julie:  When I was a kid, I’m sure I pitched in. I wasn’t really a slacker kid. But I’ve lived in a lot of houses with roommates where we’ve had a chore wheel. Have you ever seen a chore wheel?

Gary:  I’ve heard of that. How does that work?

Julie:  Like one week my job would be to clean the bathroom. And then the wheel would be turned on Sundays. And then the next week, my job would be to mow the lawn.

Gary:  Oh, interesting. And now, whenever I help out I feel like it’s the least I can do to help clean up after party. Or to help clean up after dinner.

Julie:  You would be an ideal housemate, because I have lived with people who have this sense of entitlement. Like they don’t have to do anything… they can just sit back and expect everything to be done for them.

Gary:  Well, I hope that you’ll live with some other people who are treating you better in the near future.

Julie:  Me, too.


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Julie tells Gary about how she helped around the house when she was younger. It has become a good habit and she is always helpful with chores. She talks about how she shares chores with the people who live with her. They use a chore wheel, where everybody has a new chore to do every week.

Gary is similar to Julie because he also helps with chores. He says that he feels like it’s the least he can do. Julie says that Gary would be a good roommate because he doesn’t mind doing chores.

Do you always do your chores? What is a chore you like to do?



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When I was reading this lessons I remembered about my own experience living in a student house where the people didn’t have the sense of responsiility about doind the chores. When I started living with them, I used to do my chores, but one day i became a slacker mood and gave up cleaning the house. Then I cleaned only my own room and the resto of the house wasn’t cleaned up anymore.

12:44 AM Jun 28 2019 |

La Princesse de la vie


Oh chores! My demons! The ghosts that chase me all the day! 

Well, as long as I’m the only girl to my parents and the eldest as well, I’m supposed to be the only one to provide help to my mum, because my mother thinks chores are girls’ duties. And I try to convince her all the time that chores is not about whose work as much as it’s something about personal hygiene, but useless, as I have said before that mom is so picky and doesn’t take anyone’s word for it easily. But I have to say that my father sometimes supports me and says that if someone wanted to drink something, at least they should wash the glasses, is that something hard?!! 

Oh dad! you always stick up for me when my mother stands for my brothers. How kind you are :)

My little brother is a foodie, he eats too much,and if he wants to eat something and there’s nobody to do him anything, he would run to the kitchen and prepare himself something to eat, he can even make fried potatoes himself. At the first glance you can say he is an active little boy and so clever, but actually, he never cleans after him! He even left the plates and spoons in his bedroom for his sweet elder sister to clean up after him. Oh Gosh! A slacker selfish boy! 

Today I had to do the laundry and mop the floor on my own, ‘cause mom was preparing lunch, and I have to say that I have mopped the floor about four times. What a pity! 

I’m not a cleaning freak, but I can’t stand being in a chaos! Before I watch a movie I have to make sure that every inch of the house is clean. And I can’t even study until I’m reassured that the place is safe enough, which means clean enough, so I can begin my studies comfortably! Unlike the garbage depot my brothers live in :))

I used to do less chores because my mother was a housewife for 20 years, and now she suddenly decided to continue her studies and be a kindergarten English teacher. She thinks it’s time for me to take some of the responsiblities off her shoulder. I can’t blame her, she has done so much for us, and it’s time to do something for herself :) But I can’t bear my brothers’ inconsideration. God! How could my mother bear them all those years cleaning up messes they left after them everywhere!! But I just can’t cope with this carelessness just like her, and I still have got to live up to her expectations and learn to handle the household by myself!!

I don’t think that I have that sense of entitlement, but not because I’m the only girl over three brothers, I have to take care of more than I’m capable of. I just want them to be more responsible and considerate, especially that little evil one!

God! Have I written all this?! Sorry folk, I was just venting some of the rage I’m keeping inside! :))

08:28 PM May 14 2015 |

nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh that was boring topic for everyone..

everybody lived with her/his family or other people has to do some chores…in my opinion most choresbtasks make us annoyed..i often do chores like do ironing,cleaning rooms up,dusting,and so one.i do.them because my parents tired of doing them pretty much and i help them..but i never enjoy doing them.they are relly boooooring.

04:10 PM May 14 2015 |




Julito, you know, it would be my pleasure to help you to do some “pleasurable ” for me and necessary for you chores :)))

I would meet you in person!!!!

Wow!  Can you imagine my happiness to be able to have a friendly talk with you while I do some chores for you????    :)))

02:45 AM May 14 2015 |



Chores…they must been done by someone…its obligatory for living in a clean flat,room,house..noone can live in a dirty place..and chores must been done everyday ,once a week or once a month ..with different tasks..

and ı believe, everyone has different chores in a house , of course women’s chores are very hard and continously repeated works..cleaning,washing,dusting,ironing,cooking..do you think it finished ? noo,to care and help her parents,family,husband,kids are her chores too in many times..really do you think it finished ? nooo….if there are some pets in their house, their caring,feeding  usually her works too ..

if she works ,it can be double tiredness for her .

Men, ohh yesss they have alot of chores for living too , but less than women..

yess life is beautiful but not easy )) 

07:58 PM May 13 2015 |




  If there is one thing that i dislike is to procrastinate .  I am not obsessed with cleanliness but as i don`t have a housemaid  to do  the   laundry  and other  household chores  for me , i do it myself  and it is cheaper , hahahaha. i can not go to bed at night if i don`t mop the floor and there are kitchen pots and dishes in the sink . It is a pity that kotlesya is living worlds apart, otherwise  i could  hire her  to do many “pleasurable” house chores. hahahahaha 

06:38 PM May 13 2015 |



United States

Chores or cool when you lean to music.

01:08 PM May 13 2015 |




Of course,  I ALWAYS do my chores otherwise there will be a chaos in my flat :))) 

My favourite chores are : 

to do the  ironing

- to do the cleaning the room up

- to do a hand washing  of delicate clothes 

These chores above don’t irritate me but in opposite they distract me and give pleasure. :-)



South Korea

i usually picted in washing dishes after dinner…it’s the least i can do to appreciate the dinner. no entitlement for me….

06:46 AM May 13 2015 |



Sri Lanka

I used to be a slacker in my teenage years, and have had some fierce fights over the turn of chores with my siblings. 

Now as a mother I’m always loaded with chores. Sometimes I get fed up with these chores and feel like neglecting them. But still I get on with them somehow, so that I could see my kids glowing with health and happiness. 

A woman’s work is never done. (Sighing!)

Naveen Singh Shahi


I like to help in house chores. 

05:42 AM May 13 2015 |




Dear Sveth, you should be proud of your self that you have a small family there is not too much chores for you to do in the house.  in regards of your loneliness there is some one taking care of you but you dont feel him .

05:11 AM May 13 2015 |



Russian Federation

I should do housework because I am a Mommy. Housework is a part of my life and a part of my taking care about my family. Even so sometimes I like doing nothing chores all day. And I think that I can seldom allow myself to have this entitlement to expect that somebody should take care of me. :-)




I don’t mind doing chores too.
I like cleaning up the shower room .

02:32 AM May 13 2015 |

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