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Solo Travel
Solo Travel

Learn English meaning of solo travel

Date: Jun 15 2020

Themes: Hobbies, Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Be Able To


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Being able to travel and see different parts of the world is one of the pleasures of life. Many people prefer to travel and share the experience with their friends or families. But traveling alone can also be just as fun.

Solo travel might be the best option if you like to be independent and don’t want to compromise what you’d like to do. Traveling can be a very personal experience, and some people want to go and sightsee alone to immerse themselves in a new place.

Brian and Kellie talk about how much they love solo traveling. Find out more in today’s English lesson about seeing the world on your own.


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Brian:  So, Kellie, I was just in Kentucky.

Kellie:  Oh, really?

Brian:  Yeah. I was traveling there and seeing some of the sights. I was there for work, but I got to go there alone. Which I love… traveling alone.

Kellie:  That’s nice. I also like solo travel quite a bit.

Brian:  You can be independent. I don’t have to do a lot of planning. I can go anywhere I want to on a whim.

Kellie:  It’s fun to travel with other people. But you don’t get much “me time” when you do that.

Brian:  Sometimes you have to compromise what you want to do for what they want to do.

Kellie:  Exactly.

Brian:  I have a hard time sticking to an itinerary. I really like to just sightsee on my own.

Kellie:  I disagree with people a lot when we’re sightseeing. So it’s nice to just be able to just do my own thing.

Brian:  Where have you traveled alone?

Kellie:  Last year, I went to Malaysia alone. I don’t think anyone else wanted to go with me. So…

Brian:  I also went to Europe, two summers ago, alone.

Kellie:  Oh, really?

Brian:  And that was fantastic. I was able to travel all around Europe and didn’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule.

Kellie:  That’s nice. Wow! I would love to do that myself.

Brian:  You totally should.

Kellie:  I feel like we should go together. But then it wouldn’t be solo travel.

Brian:  We can just ride the plane and then split up.


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Not everyone likes to travel alone, but Brian really enjoys it. He says that traveling by himself is good for him because then he can do whatever he wants without worrying about someone else. Brian likes being independent when he is traveling.

Kellie feels the same way as Brian when it comes to traveling. She says that she usually doesn’t like what other people plan to sightsee. Kellie knows what she likes and she doesn’t want to compromise.

Have you ever tried traveling by yourself? How do you feel about solo travel?



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Life is a beautiful travel ,solo or with others..Both has different sides,beauties ,advantages or disadvantages..

Solo gives you more freedom ..you can go where you want, you can use your time how you want it ..you can make your plans ,routes freely..

I travelled alone/solo many times and ı do it still ..it is different pleasure for me ..coz everyone has their own pleasure,interests,hobbies..



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It was always my dream to travel alone! :)

Few years ago I traveled to Malaysia but I was with some new friends and we were participating in a workshop!

It wasnt a solo travel but it was the first time that I traveled to another country without my family and it was a great experience! :)

But few months ago I really traveled alone and it was amazing!!!!

Of course I met my friend there but I was alone most of the time!

Being independent and do everything you want , eating alone, shopping alone and seesighting alone!!! Wow! It was very different feelings !

I have a great plan for my future!

After retirement I will do solo traveling as much as I can! :)

Of course we should be sure about safety in a new country that we want to travel!;)


Thank you for your greeting!

I have some relatives who are living in Padova in Italy and they always invite me to visit them!

Who knows?!

Maybe it will be my next solo travel! :-)




I think it is better on travelling abroad with some friend or small group of people.It is always a nice experience to know more about other culture.In addition ,it is not so expensive nowadays to travel by airplane everywhere.Greetings from Italy.




The concert began with a piano solo

06:40 AM May 25 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have had solo travel experience, that was not good experience because being alone in every situation isn’t good especially in travel.

But I admit some benefit of solo travel like being independent, getting much me time, don’t have to do a lot of planning and you can go anywhere you want to on a whim.

I thing travelling with a good friend or one of our family who is very close to us in most cases is better than traveling alone or traveling with a big group!

06:35 AM May 25 2015 |



Hong Kong

Especially, I think the travel can make me independent, and have a personal experience.

04:44 AM May 25 2015 |



Sri Lanka

What Brian says is so true. When we’re solo travellers we are free as a bird and don’t have to make any compromises for the sake of anyone or anything. 

But due to some reason travelling is more beautiful to me when my beloved one is by my side.  

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