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Best Friends
Best Friends

Learn English meaning of 'best friends'

Date: Jun 19 2020

Themes: Friend, Time

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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There is nothing like having a friend who has been with you through all of the stages of your life. Some people are lucky enough to have made a best friend when they were in primary school, and then continue to be friends with them for the rest of their lives.

But as we grow older, it can be difficult to keep in contact as we move away and begin different lives. Even so, even best friends who have not spoken in many years might be able to maintain a relationship just because of their shared history.

Kellie and Brian talk about the best friends of their lives. Learn more in today’s English lesson about staying in touch.


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Kellie:  Hey, Brian.

Brian:  Yeah, Kellie?

Kellie:  You know what? It’s my best friend’s birthday today.

Brian:  Oh, that’s great. Do you have big plans?

Kellie:  No. He lives in Florida, actually.

Brian:  Oh, wow.

Kellie:  But I called him to say, “Happy Birthday.” I’ve had the same best friend for a long time… about 15 years.

Brian:  I’ve moved around a lot. And I found that I’m still really close to all of my best friends. But everywhere that I move, I usually acquire a new best friend in that area that I can actually spend time with physically and enjoy hobbies together.

Kellie:  That’s good.

Brian:  I still keep in contact with my other friends. But it gets harder, as I go through stages of my life, to maintain one really strong friendship.

Kellie:  Have you drifted away from some of your old best friends?

Brian:  We do try to maintain contact at least once a year. And I realize, “Oh, that’s why I really like this guy.” He’s a really good friend because we get along so well.

Kellie:  I think the great thing about having a best friend for a long time is you get to see each other go through these different stages. My best friend has seen me go through a lot of stages in life.

Brian:  You have that shared history. And you can be supportive of each other.

Kellie:  Exactly.

Brian:  Be there for one another. Tell him I said, “Happy Birthday.”

Kellie:  Oh, thank you. I will.


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Kellie tells Brian about her best friend, whom she has known for 15 years. Even though they don’t live in the same city, she still works to maintain a friendship. She asks Brian about how he keeps in touch with his best friend.

Brian says that he has moved around a lot, and has made a best friend in each new place. He says that it’s difficult to keep in contact with his friends after he has moved away. But he does try to get in touch with his friends at least once a year, and at that time he can see why they were such great friends.

Do you have a best friend? Is it difficult to keep in contact with your friends?



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I got best friends from high school and college.We still keep in contact with each other.It isn’t that difficult to keep this relationship only you are willing to do it.We created various convencient softwares for ourselves to get the access to communicate with anyone in anywhere of the world,such as skype,facebook,whatapp you name it.Although we got a busy and high paced life,we still need to save sometime for friends and family.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have mabye 5 best friends.im in tuoch with them almost every day.and you should know that i tested them in difficult days and thats why that i say ther are my best friends.


vanesa207Super Member!


Yes, I have two Best Friends. I met them in high school. 

Really, is not difficult to keep in contact with my best friends. Despite, all one have a very busy life; we benefit the comunications tools, like facebook and whatsapp to speak frecuently. 

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