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Summer Jobs
Summer Jobs

Learn English meaning of summer jobs

Date: Jun 14 2019

Themes: Work

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Many students can agree that one of the times that they look forward to the most is the summer! The sun is out, the weather is great, there’s no homework, and you can do whatever you want! Unless, of course, you have summer school or a summer job.

But some students like having a summer job. It’s a great opportunity to earn their own money and gain valuable work experience.

Brian and Marni talk about taking on seasonal work. Find out more in today’s English lesson about how some students spend their summer vacations.


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Brian:  Marni, have you ever had a summer job before?

Marni:  Of course I’ve had a summer job. I’ve had a multitude of summer jobs.

Brian:  Really? Did you find that to be stressful because you weren’t actually taking a vacation or taking a break?

Marni:  Sometimes you kind of wish I could be lazy and casual all summer. And just go with the flow. But ultimately, it’s nice to have that opportunity to make some money.

Brian:  One of my favorite summer jobs was actually, after taking a break from school, I’d go back and I was a painter for the school district. So I would still be at campus. But painting all of the doors, and the exteriors, and the classrooms. It was fun because I got to see my teachers and everyone who worked at the school in a totally different light.

Marni:  That would be kind of a neat situation. Seems like you probably gained some valuable experience. Bet you’re a pretty good painter now.

Brian:  Yeah. It totally helped me. And now I can paint walls seamlessly.

Marni:  I always think of seasonal work, too. Sometimes it’s nice when the Christmas season, or the holiday season, to pick up a little extra money there, too. And think of summer that way.

Brian:  As long as you don’t waste it. It’s a great way to save up money and have a savings account for later.

Marni:  It’s true. Yeah. Let’s go get some summer jobs.


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Marni has had many summer jobs. She’s always liked having seasonal work because it was a great way to earn extra money. Even though she did sometimes wish that she could just be lazy, in the end she liked making money.

Brian has also worked summer jobs. His favorite summer job was to help paint the buildings at his school. He learned a lot of skills and is now a great painter. He also agrees with Marni and says that seasonal work is a great way to earn money.

Have you ever had a summer job? Do you like working during your school break?



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yes there was an experience that I want to share in my school break I used to teach students in our community and it was really a nice job to do these days. I learnt so many things  how I can teach better for a bright future ,so I just use my experience I thought about those days when I was a child and that time what I feel about teachers behaviour  we judge teacher on basis of their behaviour ,their way to teach and many more things .it just help me to make a good bond with students

04:41 PM Jun 17 2019 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Yes i work during my students day. I want to earn some money for my needs like for clothes, for coffe with my friend etc. And i never regret because of it.

02:39 PM Jun 27 2015 |

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Viet Nam

With me , summer is the best time for me to relax and forget all the worry about learning stuffs..However, I also feel a bit worry that if we don’t make use of the free time of summer to learn something  , we might forget many thing when school starts again; and I haven’t taken a summer job so far.

06:29 AM Jun 06 2015 |




Yes,i had a summer job as a waitress and i really had a good time during the whole summer break.Our boss had spent many years in Korea and every weekend we had a samll party in our restuarant and we got many koreans and japanese join us have fun together.

09:39 PM Jun 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have had summer job when I went to school. I liked working when I was at school break and summer. I tried to find a job to work and make money but finding job was difficult.
Now most students around me in summer like resting and they have summer school and they do sports, so most of them instead of saving up money they spend a lot of money in summer!

11:59 AM Jun 03 2015 |




I have never had a summer job but I worked in summers, for free. Yes, that’s right, I worked for free. I worked in my village doing garden works. Actually I enjoyed working in the village, it was really refreshing. So it was part of my summer holiday. 




I love summer firstly because my birthday in 17th of July on middle of summer. ))) And  secondly of course all people become most beautiful and happy. I had a summer job when i was young. I sold a lemonade. On earned money i bought clothes for myself. I think it was help for my parents. They had a difficult time. I suppose all childrens should go through summer job maybe for experience or money or just for understand how is hard to earn money, to teach them the value of work. Its just my opinion.

08:35 AM Jun 03 2015 |



Sri Lanka

My father didn’t want me and my siblings to do any summer jobs during our school breaks. But we all had to work in our father’s shop and we made sure he gave us fat tips for our services. In the afternoons my mother sent us to music and dancing classes so that she could have some peace in the house. 

I enjoyed the money I got from my father which was very useful when I went to the movies and beaches with my friends. Yet, I didn’t want to do any work during my school breaks. I just wanted to goof off and live in my own fantasy world. 

Still I’m like that. I work because I have to, not because I like to. 

07:20 AM Jun 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

  1. I always working even when I went to school so summer job isn’t especial thing for me,but in summer you have more energy for doing better job

06:39 AM Jun 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the best thing in summer is Swimming specialy in the sea
you can swimm anytime anywhere
i like summer weather. although its very hot

05:59 AM Jun 03 2015 |

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