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Moving Out
Moving Out

Learn English meaning of 'moving out'

Date: Jun 23 2020

Themes: Family, How To


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Living with your parents can be nice. They pay for food and all the other bills. But if you want to be independent, you will have to leave the nest and live on your own.

Moving out can be hard, but it will make you more responsible. Also, it’s nice to have your own space. You might miss your parents, though!


responsible adj.


Example Kathy is very mature and responsible for a fifteen-year-old.

leave the nest expr.


Example Miranda didn't leave the nest until she was 30 years old.

independent adj.


Example My cat is so independent. Sometimes I think he doesn't need me at all.

bills n.


Example My bills are really high this month! I don't know if I'll be able to pay them.

space n.


Example There isn't enough space in my room for more than my bed. It's so small.

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Have you moved out of your parents’ house? How does it feel?


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11:51 AM Sep 08 2020 |



I think it is so amazing moving out of parent’s house. But for this necessary that I eran own money. Because I have to pay a lot of money for things like tuition cost, book, transportation and rent.Also evrething is too expensive.I want to leave the nest when I have a regular job. Until when I enjoy living whit my family.

06:02 PM Jul 30 2020 |




i had moved out of my parents’ house to get my university degree.Instead of feeling scaried,i felt excited to start my own life in unfamilar city.It’s been hard for my mom to adjust life without me .Life on my own didn’t disappoint me,I manage money,travel with friends,go for all kinds of activities,deal with problems by myself.After a while i start to miss my mom’s cooking.when winter holiday came i went home as soon as possible.




Moving out it has pro and cons. Being independent brings freedom , a space for your own , no curfew  ,but  what can replace a mom ,she is 24 hours on duty , cooking , doing the laundry ,paying bills , buying groceries to feed the whole family , all this and more . The key is to be responsible , with freedom come  choices, as to what kind of life  we want for us , but no doubt that an independent life is of great help to mature  without the help of the “old folks”  . 

La Princesse de la vie


In fact, it’s unusual here for the young to leave the nest except either for marriage or a dorm life. It has pros and cons to live on your own, the greatest pro is to be responsible and learn how to deal with dire situations and to take control of your life, besides living in peace if you have younger siblings at home xD

03:29 PM Jun 17 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Leaving the nest depend on culture, In our country this is not usuall, we live with parents until marriage, or some youth temporarily move out for getting degree in another city or country and from a one decade ago in big cities some youth started to moving out and become independent.
Moving out as every thing has a good side and bad side, in this lesson they talk about.
I see tend to live alone is increasing in all societies, this means people are becoming less tolerant of each other! It depends on societies are modern or traditional and how the machines play role in people’s lives.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I didnt move out of my parent’s house because in my country it’s  completely different … um … here we (specially girls) move out as we married ! or when we want to schooling in another city !

As an iranian girl I’m myself dont like to move out because I think it can be unsafe and I really love my family.

Thanks God my family let me to make desicions on my own and show myself so I think I dont need it to move out even till I marry

11:28 AM Jun 17 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

Im completely agreed with Sara.

There are benefits to living at home, but after a while u find that there’re also some consequences…privacy and independece are really important..
When you get your own place, you don’t worry about having to answer questions about your day at work,college, getting home late…..

11:10 AM Jun 17 2015 |




I  moved out when I was adult enough.Sure, it is so responsible to arrange your life,overcome hurdles by your own.But ,of course,most young people prefer to leave their nests cause they want their own space and often parents inteference and excessive care are too boring for them.

08:19 AM Jun 17 2015 |


Saudi Arabia

Having a family is one of the greatest presetn for us. Living with the family can be nice for huge reasons not only to help in the pill payment or to save money. It’s important for help, support, fun, safe, etc. Also, anyone can be independent and has own space while he/she is still living with the family.  

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