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let one's hair down

let one's hair down

Date: Jul 16 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Fashion, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“At the end of the week, it’s nice to just hang out in a pair of jeans and let my hair down. I need a break from all that fashion!”

Actress Archie Panjabi, talking about relaxing after work. (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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act free and relaxed

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Imagine you have had a terrible week at work. Your boss is upset with you for no real reason. You have done all your work, but people keep giving you more. And you haven’t gotten very much sleep, so you are tired! What would you rather do in this situation? Keep working, or go home and let your hair down?

To let one’s hair down simply means to relax. People like to do this in different ways. Some people may let their hair down simply by lying down on the couch and watching TV. Other people may want to go to a bar and have a few drinks with friends. No matter how you like to enjoy your time, it’s good to stop worrying and let your hair down every now and then.

Actress Archie Panjabi likes to let her hair down after a long week of working. She gets tired after having to wear a lot of makeup and uncomfortable clothes. She just wants to wear jeans and enjoy some time alone.

How often do you get to let your hair down? How do you like to relax?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I can’t wait for summer vacation when I can really let my hair down.”

“They look really stressed. They should let their hair down and relax!”

“You are always so uptight. Why don’t you ever let your hair down?”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Duagra to behave in a relaxed manner.
by Duagra
khitrova.t Chill out
by khitrova.t
Manu4 To relax after work or a long day.
by Manu4
a2020 Be relaxes.
by a2020
julito1 to relax and not worrying what other people might think
by julito1
aijaciba To relax and do what you want.
by aijaciba
to feel free and relaxed..
by La Princesse de la vie

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Viet Nam

I really like the dear information you offer in your articles. I’m able to bookmark your site and show the kids check out up here generally. Im fairly positive theyre likely to be informed a great deal of new stuff here than anyone

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09:53 AM Aug 11 2016 |




After hard week I like do go to the cinema, watching football or swimming in the sea.
But sometimes I have runs couple rounds and it gets my stress off!

12:35 PM Oct 26 2015 |


scheyllaSuper Member!


It’s a  little hard to let our hair down when we are starting a business. But my ways of letting my hair down are either go dancing all night long without think about anything  or have friends over and cook for them, laughing with them. Those things really make me relax. Also those things recover my energy and thoughts

. I do love’em!!!!!

05:50 PM Jul 18 2015 |



I would like to let my hair down more often!! Worrying all the time is not a solution to solve problems

12:04 AM Jul 18 2015 |



I let my hair down as often as I can!!!...for me it s an important part of my life!!!...

06:48 PM Jul 16 2015 |


United States

I wish I could win the lottery so I can let my hair down for the rest of my life ! lol . 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i always like to let my her down :)))

02:45 PM Jul 16 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Actually when you come back home after hard work, you let your hair down. We let our hair down on weekend and some vacation.
I remember I let my hair down after exams. We are not machine, people couldn’t live healthy without let their hair down.
I usually let my hair down by watching TV, movie, listening music, reading book, thinking about imaginative things or making something.

01:27 PM Jul 16 2015 |




Swimming, walking, looking at nature, drawing, planting, dancing, talking to nice people:), taking espresso with a delicate pastry, knitting!, watching a good thriller, a 5 minute nap, taking a shower and many more makes me relax.
Btw, one of the signs of inability to let your hair down is the deficiency of the vitamin D.




Now i’m on my holiday so i can let my hair down and relax. I do this with crocheting, it really calms me down and nothing or nobody can exist when i do this. I don’t even pick up the phone or open the door. :)

11:34 AM Jul 16 2015 |




For the record i make it clear, i can`t let  my hair down , it was my hair that let me down long time ago the moment  that i started to lose it. Nothing could be done, hair lotions neither massages  could stop it. Ok, i can live with that.

Back to the main topic,  as everybody, i like to feel free during the weekend but it would be impossible if i don`t disconect the phone  ,  there will always be people  calling up  in need of my presence to fix a plumbing  problem  at home. Please, give me a break !!! jejejejeje




I let my hair down by watching movies or reading magazine. Now I have a new hobby, photography. It really helps me relax taking pictures and trying to create great shots.




I like let my hair down just by lying on the couch and watching tv, hang out with my friends in the bar or just by istening to music and singing. The strangest thing is that the more i do nothing the more tired I am :)



 whats weird  after graduation, when i hav planty of time to relax i feel incredibly boring n looking forward days in university!!!

what is really tiring is  keeping one state for too long.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I got a brother who is a typical “let your hair down” guy. He likes to walk around town in his pajamas he doesn’t give a hoot what people think. I am green with envy of him, not cos he always wears pajamas (LOL) don’t take me the wrong way, just because he always takes life so easy. 

07:18 AM Jul 16 2015 |




I let my hair down at weekend.Don’t work and doing something i like,go shopping, go to movies,grab coffee with friends.A short trip is a good choice for weekend.Honestly,My working limit is one month without letting my hair down.If it was over one month,it will drive me crazy.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i do this thing

come here and share ur food dishes for good work-just today http://www.plateofwishes.com/

07:07 AM Jul 16 2015 |

1 person likes this



Sri Lanka

Literally speaking, although I enjoy letting my hair down I pin it up most of the time because it gets in the way when I’m working. 

Now figuratively speaking, somehow I squeeze in time to let my hair down every Sunday. Cutting loose and being myself helps me to unwind from the stress of routine life. 



when i was in senior high i study for over 10 hurs a day   and hav about 5 hours for myself per week. even if its just 5 hours ,its filled with homework.

aha so my classmates choose to let their hair down in class while i choose to get sick

03:11 AM Jul 16 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


It seems that I never get to let my hair down so often, maybe because in long vacations I always set plans and my time is always tight, but in study time, on weekly vacation, Friday, I can let my hair down and take some me time eventually.

01:49 AM Jul 16 2015 |

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