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Date: Jul 03 2015

Topic: Idioms and Slang

Author: Slang


“Do you want to go out tonight? There’s a cool new rock bar that’s just opened.”

Sorry, I can’t. I’m (beat) and I have to wake up early tomorrow.”

** it means he or she is very tired or exhausted.**

2)Hey Tommy, what are you guys doing?

“We’re just chilling (out). Do you want to come round?”

It simply means to relax

3)Hey, can you pick me up at 3?”

Sorry, I can’t. I don’t have my wheels at the moment?”

when somebody refers to their wheels they are talking about their car

4)I can’t wait to see Beyonce live!

Me too, I’m amped.”

If you’re amped about something, you’re super excited or you can’t wait for something to happen.

5)“Did you hear that Sam got busted speeding?”

“No, but I’m not surprised. I’m always telling him he needs to drive slower!”

If you bust someone, you’ve caught them doing something they shouldn’t be doing/saying/hiding. The police bust people every day translates to they catch all the bad guys and charge them or put them in prison.      

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