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Giving Advice
Giving Advice

Learn English meaning of 'giving advice'

Date: Aug 14 2019

Themes: Family, Friend

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Have you ever had a friend ask for advice? What did you tell them? How did you handle the situation? It can be very difficult to know the right thing to say, but it’s also flattering that a friend would value your opinion.

When giving advice, it’s important to remember to be impartial and objective. Sometimes, depending on the situation, it can be a struggle to tell your friend the truth. But if you are truly a worthy friend, you must be honest with your advice.

Gary and Marni are talking about the best way to give advice. Find out more in today’s lesson about helping friends.


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Gary:  Marni, I don’t know if this happens to you often, but someone came up to me the other day and was asking for advice.

Marni:  Oh.

Gary:  How do you handle that kind of thing?

Marni:  Well, I think it’s flattering if someone feels that you’re worthy of giving them advice. They obviously value your opinion, and maybe they find you to be impartial, which is important.

Gary:  Yeah, what I did like about it, was their question allowed me to provide an objective view of what their problem was. Where they’re just in the struggle, trying to understand it, seeing it from outside feels great.

Marni:  Right. It’s really nice to have that outside perspective. I think oftentimes people take sides on an issue…

Gary:  Exactly.

Marni:  ... and if you’re able to just stay out of it, and…

Gary:  Everyone’s intentions are for their personal benefit.

Marni:  Giving advice can be tricky, but I think it’s important when people seek out your advice to just really listen to them and just be honest.

Gary:  Yeah.


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Gary recently had someone ask him for some advice. He thinks it is nice to have an objective view of someone else’s problems, because he could see the issue more clearly. He thinks it’s hard to always give good advice though.

Marni thinks it is flattering when people ask her for advice. She is happy when people think she is worthy of giving good advice. But she agrees that giving advice can be hard. Her rule is to simply listen and be honest.

Do you prefer to get advice, or give it? What is the best advice you have ever gotten?



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The best advice I’ve received was from my father: ” To hell with what others think of you! If you want to wear your hair in different shades of bright pink, go ahead and do it!

02:28 PM Aug 14 2019 |


United Kingdom

I don’t generally comment on blogs but as I see this weblog I absolutely motivated to make one reward that I understand that now not sufficient for the sizeable context for your writing as one that could understand without difficulty. 

10:13 PM Feb 05 2019 |




‘Getting advice is always good but ultimately make your own decision ’’ !

11:27 AM Aug 27 2015 |




Sharing a leaf out of my recent experiences. Recently, one of my friends had a fallout with her friend. she shared the news with me seeking my opinion/advice on what went wrong, whose action caused the fallout. Tell me, when your friend asks you for advice, you always think and hope you can be honest with them after all these years of friendship. so was I, in my opinion. Unfortunately, what I said didn’t help. She ended up Saying, “I just wanted support, not Gyan!” and left the place.

It was bit shocking and thought it was my time to introspect on what went wrong between us. Later, I realized That when going through tough time, people don’t want to be told what they should or shouldn’t do. More Importantly, not to be that it was their fault. Precisely what I did. But, most likely, on such situations, they want and expect you to agree with them even if the reality says otherwise. Also, when advising people, we Either base it on our own experience or the other person’s characters (since we know them for long enough to involve their characters). If this is the case, then advice can be hard to take even it is well intended.

09:43 AM Aug 27 2015 |

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I think i’ve such a great ewperience with givin’ advices! When my friends are in hard problems,or confused,they tend to ask me for advice,and it’s really flattering,u know,being able to help a friend,and make him/her get through sth…I don’t mind take advices too,whenever i need it ,i just ask for it,or even i get without asking.

02:26 PM Aug 12 2015 |

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no one can advice you honestly but your family or close friends

 sometimes when i give advice and they turn it wrong situdation although i really want them to be good :/ 

the best thing that you give advice to people you trust them:)

&they ll take it 

12:45 AM Aug 12 2015 |

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I prefer to get advice from my family and my best friends cause they are always on my side and their advice is worth thinking.In china we have an old saying is Invilders always get confused while outsiders can be more clear.

I only give advice to my friends and I am bad at give advice can’t find a good way to give advice .I’m clearly know no matter how many suggestions i give them,they have to make decision by themself.

12:04 AM Aug 11 2015 |




We have to learn to have our own opinions , and as far as possible, not depend on what others might think of. I don`t like to give advice ,much more if it is unrequested . From my experience  , people  although could  ask for advice ,they already have their decisions  taken .The best advice i have received is  to quit a paid job and being an independent worker ,trusting God that if  I act   honestly and  responsibly  i could earn my living by my own. 

08:50 PM Aug 10 2015 |




I don’t like advice from the giver and and for a giver. First, you’re the person who knows better how to deal with the situation and you don’t have to blame the adviceR if advice doesn’t work out. I more prefer asking an opinion and from many of them I see what is better for me if I’m totally in the dark. I also don’t give any advice since I believe everyone is unique to find its own unique path. It’s not arrogance, it’s not snobbism, it’s just accepting a person without a wish to make him or her better.

03:43 PM Aug 10 2015 |




It is hard to me giving advice. If my advice turns out to be wrong what will be in this situation?



I oftentimes find it hard to give an advice to someone because it’s not only flattering that they see my opinion worthy, but also it’s somehow hard to be impartial and to give and objective point of view. but in all cases  we have to maintain an outside perspective. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i`d rather take advice from my parents ,, they give good advice since they’ve gone through everything already ,,  well, parents wouldn’t tell you something they weren’t for sure about
  but other`s advice could lead you wrong ,, plus ,, parents are older and wiser.

nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my point of view.most of people dont like getting advice specially teens and younger people but some times some people give us best thinks in some situation to get better results bacause nobody know about end of metters or conditions..

the best advice i have ever gotten was about my job that my sister give me it.


United States

I don’t generally commentary on blogs but as I see this blog I completely motivated to make one praise that I understand that not enough for the significant context on your writing as one that could understand easily.
cheapest essay writing

09:06 AM Aug 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I prefer to get advice than giving it. When I get advice, adviser is responsible for what she or he say.

I don’t like giving advice, when someone wants my help I try to show him the different aspects of an issue, In this situations I usually say: I just try to examine your issue, your problem from different angles, you should try to find the best way to go or solve your problem by your own. Generally giving advice is so hard to me.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am not so good at giving advice and every time I tried to give an advice to someone who asked the favor, I messed it up and conclude that I’m not the right guy to ask such a favor. I agree with Marni that although giving advice is flattering but it can be tricky too. And about outside perspective, I can’t agree more with that. In many cases our own perspective is distorted by our negative thoughts.

When I don’t know the ropes about a particular topic, then I avoid pretending as a know-it-all guy and then keep my mouth shut or say simply “Sorry, I got no clue about it”, but I don’t get it why some guys always play it smart alec and keep giving advises to others even in a field that they simply don’t have any knowledge about it. I personally know people who if you ask them an address that they don’t know the whereabouts, They feel all thumbs to say “I don’t know the address“, still they try to give you the directions but surely it wouldn’t end up to your destination. How ill at ease.

06:33 AM Aug 10 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m often on the fence about serious decisions in my life, so it oftentimes happens that I ask the few closest persons to me to help me be on track.

I think receiving advice is much easier than giving it. When you ask someone for their advice, even if you don’t have the advice, talking with the right person per se can be helpful because you get the chance to vent what you’re stifling inside you. On the other side giving advice is much tougher because you have to choose your words wisely and objectively and of course you must be impartial about it, and like Marni said, your devoted listening to them may be helpful enough and relieving, then they’ll find the way themselves.

01:18 AM Aug 10 2015 |

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