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Learn English meaning of 'karaoke'

Date: Sep 06 2019

Themes: Friend, Music, Party

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Everybody thinks about being famous in one way or another. Maybe you think it would be cool to be a professional soccer player. Or perhaps an actor. Most of us will never know what it’s like to actually be in the spotlight, but karaoke lets everybody pretend to be a famous singer.

Karaoke is a carefree way for anybody to belt out his or her favorite tune, without needing much talent. One simply needs to choose a song that they like and sing along. It’s that easy!

Sara is going to sing karaoke tonight. Find out what Brian thinks in today’s English lesson about going out to sing.


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Sara_R:  Guess what?

Brian:  What?

Sara_R:  I’m going to sing karaoke tonight with some friends. Do you want to come with?

Brian:  No, karaoke isn’t really my thing.

Sara_R:  You don’t like karaoke?

Brian:  No. I’m not one for sing-alongs. I always feel like I’m in the spotlight, and I don’t really like that. It always makes me feel uncomfortable.

Sara_R:  But it’s so carefree and fun! You don’t need a lot of talent; you just go up there and belt out your favorite tune.

Brian:  I feel like they only have a lot of pop songs, and they don’t have a lot of music I would want to sing along to.

Sara_R:  OK. Maybe we can find a place where there are private rooms for karaoke.

Brian:  I do like going out with friends, so I’ll come. I can’t promise I’m going to sing anything.

Sara_R:  Great! I’m so excited. I’m so glad you’re coming with us.


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Sara is going to sing karaoke with some friends tonight. She thinks karaoke is fun because it is so carefree, and she likes to sing along with her favorite pop musicians. She admits that she doesn’t have much talent for singing, but that won’t stop her from going!

Brian doesn’t like singing karaoke very much. He says he gets nervous being in the spotlight. But Sara suggests that they could sing somewhere that has private rooms, so Brian agrees to go.

Do you like karaoke? What is your favorite karaoke song?



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every time i hear it , of course i talk about karaoke. i have never done this before, but i want too :) i guess,there is a internet adress on this topic on the internet or you may find on youtube of some songs. i see sometimes . specially i love do karaoke of r&b music :)

06:11 PM Sep 06 2015 |


now2015Super Member!


i am sure when i sing a karaoke song i will look  like a rock start 

04:10 PM Sep 06 2015 |




i don’t think there is Karaoke here,but it sounds great!

I sing along when i’m alone,or when i’m doing some daily activities at home,and i enjoy that! :D

01:03 PM Sep 06 2015 |




What the mean of tune

12:18 PM Sep 06 2015 |



South Korea

My favorite karaoke song is Sweet Caroline.

05:16 AM Sep 06 2015 |



Karaoke is not a place only to sing along with songs. It’s more like a social place for young people to hang out like bars. You can drink, have some snacks, play fun games and dance with the music too. The best part is the room seperate the strangers, it’s carefree and relax if you are familar most the people in the room. it’s kind like a small party. 

10:54 PM Sep 05 2015 |





10:14 PM Sep 05 2015 |



I like sing very much so I often go out with my friends to sing,this place is called KTV, when I go there to sing I feel carefree I can sing along with my favorite songs that makes me very happy.

05:49 AM Sep 05 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I don’t know if we got karaoke here, but even if we have it, I’ll never get there, unless of course I’m going to be among the audience :D

The kitchen is my own Karaoke. I often get my mobile on my favourite classic songs and start belting out while I’m washing dishes :D 

10:12 PM Sep 04 2015 |



I’m not into karaoke. But sometimes I sing along the most traditional and pop songs especially when I am in the kitchen. 

08:31 PM Sep 04 2015 |




Well, I dont like it. I only sing along when I get drunk. I did twice with my family. But I prefer to go out and try to do other thing.

03:51 PM Sep 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I prefer singing in the shower rather than singing karaoke. It usually create a pleasant acoustic environment and It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad at singing, it will sound nice when you sing it in the bath (all thanks to the reflections).

03:14 PM Sep 04 2015 |




I don`t see myself  as a live performer in a karaoke sing along session. It might happen that instead of belting out a tune i would rather  stutter  a beautiful lyric. jejejejejeje. But, let me get this straight , if  i am pressed to take the center stage i would sing a Bob Dylan`s song… “Blowin´ in the wind ” 

02:53 PM Sep 04 2015 |




never heard my own voice;must be sounding terrible!!

02:18 PM Sep 04 2015 |




I am not that into Karaoke cause everytime my friend and I went there and we asked a private room dark with flashing green lights make me want to vomit.But here some people singing at  beach and I like sitting on the beach and watching the ocean while listening to someone singing.

09:59 AM Sep 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t like it when some guys tread the boards and try to make fun of themselves, especially when they consider themselves as the funniest and cutest guy in the world and finally leave the stage as drunk as sailors (sorry if I sounded a little rude)

I really can’t stand it when I take a cab and the taxi driver suppose that he got some talents and keep singing along with every single songs that his car audio player plays.

09:57 AM Sep 04 2015 |




Karaoke isn’t really my thing. I do undersand Brian clearly.

06:04 AM Sep 04 2015 |




Karaoke is one of my distractions, especially when I feel stressed out. You might find it embarrasing to sing in front of people, but once you sing a couple of songs, you’ll feel refreshed. It’s also fun to sing a song with friends together. 

01:55 AM Sep 04 2015 |

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