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Learn English meaning of elections

Date: Sep 25 2019

Themes: News


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When a president is being elected in the US, it is impossible not to hear about the candidates. TV, newspapers, and the internet become saturated with their photos and comments. The candidates must learn and practice how to be well-versed in everything from education to the military. They must have faith in themselves if they want Americans to vote for them.

Romeo and Marni are talking about the next election. Find out who enjoys politics in today’s English lesson.


saturated adj.


Example I wanted to open a Chinese restaurant, but our city is saturated with Asian food.

candidate n.


Example I don't think Gore or Bush is the better candidate. They're both idiots!

well-versed adj.


Example While I have read some Greek literature, I wouldn't say I'm well-versed in it.

faith n.


Example My neighbor has faith that God will make her well again.

vote v.


Example Let's all vote on where to eat tonight.

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Is voting important? Do you participate in elections?


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GWTASuper Member!


If elections were able to change anything, they would have been banned for a long time. Still, I choose.

12:58 PM Sep 25 2019 |




11:16 AM Oct 04 2015 |




11:14 AM Oct 04 2015 |




I always participe in elections because if you want solutions, you have to vote. In my country this is a controversial topic, considering some people like populism instead of working hard for themselves. Our elections could be rigged; however voting is the only option that we have.

06:14 PM Sep 23 2015 |




Voting is important because you have to choose the best party who can create the next government. If you don’t vote don’t be angry when the worst party come into power because you are also a guilty person in it because you were inactive during the election.

So let’s vote

11:24 AM Sep 23 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my opinion, there is no real democracy in our world and the authorities aren’t in favor of a real democracy too but we can promote it by voting.

Let’s assume that all the elections are rigged and our ideal candidate isn’t an option and we’re only faced a choice between a bad and a worse candidate, a real horns of a dilemma but what you’re gonna do? As a practice of democracy, I prefer to use my right to vote and I choose the bad one. OK, you’re not my ideal candidates but still you need my vote, come and take it. It’s important to do something that they wouldn’t take it for granted.

Politics isn’t my cup of tea but as an Iranian citizen I’m not interested to see that Iran presidential position is held by an awkward person because the person represent the Iranian people in the international medias and societies, so I try to vote to a candidate who would not cause any embarrassment for our nation.

09:05 PM Sep 22 2015 |

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