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Binge Watching
Binge Watching

Learn English meaning of 'karaoke'

Date: Oct 02 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Health, Pop Culture, Tech


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The world is always changing. Before, if you liked a TV show, you had to wait for a new episode to come out every week. But now, with sites like Netflix, binge watching has become a mindless and addictive activity for many people.

Watching too much TV can be fun, but it is also pretty unhealthy. It’s best to watch an episode or two, and then go outside. Maybe even go to the gym, and you will feel great about your day!


episode n.


Example He has watched every episode of "The Smurfs" that was ever made!

Netflix n.


Example Sam is happy she got Netflix because now she can watch all of her favorite movies whenever she wants.

mindless adj.


Example Some people say the president is mindless, but he's been very smart in a number of ways.

addictive adj.


Example Cigarettes are very addictive. It's difficult to stop smoking.

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Do you ever binge watch TV? What is your favorite show?


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I have also binged ultimatelly, series like: chernovil has caught my atention

01:26 AM Oct 07 2019 |




Yes, I have binged sometimes, I watched Prison break and I remember spending  almost a four weekend in row with this tv show. I also like games of thrones.. It is a great tv show, it is addictive…  

10:01 PM Oct 01 2015 |




The next movie will be Everest:)

06:51 PM Sep 30 2015 |




I just watched Transilvania 2 in the theatre. Didn’t want to go, but went for the sake of my kid. I have lots of nice movies at home to watch, plus Netflix and all that stuff. I didn’t regret my going out to watch the movie. It’s a special feeling to sit and watch the movies in a theatre. And the animation was so likalbe. Denisovich was adorable and all the character in. I enjoyed it a lot. Lots of fun got from watching it. So if the bingwatching brings a good feeling, I don’t mind. Why not?

06:50 PM Sep 30 2015 |


United States

Binge watching movies is a girl style , most men don’t like binge watching movies . I usuallly watch the 1st episode and the last one ….lol ….. 

04:32 PM Sep 30 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

As my first experience in binge-watching series, I watched 8 episodes of “Prison Break” in a row. It was dope and episodes always ended at the most exciting point that I couldn’t help binge-watching. But I can’t call it great because I finished all the seasons in no time and the fun ended too quickly so I’d rather space it out a little than binge-watching.

10:43 AM Sep 30 2015 |

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