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Team Sports
Team Sports

Learn English meaning of 'team sports'

Date: Oct 04 2019

Themes: Friend, Hobbies, Sports

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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If you’ve ever played sports as part of a team, you know all about the camaraderie that comes from it. It’s easy to feel solidarity with the people you’re playing with because everyone is working towards the same thing. When a team learns how to truly communicate, with or without words, nothing can stop it!

It’s especially exciting when your team has the opportunity to compete against another strong team. It may be high stakes, but that makes a win that much better. When it happens, it’s like no other feeling. And because you’re playing as part of a team, you have a group of friends to enjoy it with.

Brian wants Sara to join his kickball team. Find out what she thinks in today’s English lesson about team sports.


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Brian:  Do you want to join a kickball league with me?

Sara_R:  I don’t know. I’m not really into team sports.

Brian:  No? You don’t like the sense of solidarity and camaraderie involved?

Sara_R:  Individual sports are just more my thing. I like solo activities where I can compete against myself and try to beat my record.

Brian:  So, you never played soccer or baseball as a kid?

Sara_R:  No. I was on the swim team, but that’s still pretty individual.

Brian:  I see. You like to race the clock.

Sara_R:  Yeah.

Brian:  Well, I really like the team sports because you get to be really social. And there are high stakes, and you don’t want to let the team down. And you have that fun, competitive edge with other players.

Sara_R:  That’s true. All right, you might be convincing me. Can I come to just one?

Brian:  Of course you can. There’s no pressure to continue.

Sara_R:  Great.


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Brian hopes that Sara will join him on his kickball team. He’s part of a league and he has nothing but good things to say about it. Brian enjoys the feeling of solidarity he experiences with his team. He thinks that playing games as a group is more fun than solo sports.

Most of the time, Sara prefers individual sports. She never played with a team when she was younger and she’s just not into it. Instead, Sara tries to do her best at whatever sport she’s doing. If she can improve on her record, that’s even better.

Do you play any team sports? What do you like about playing as part of a team?



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I love sports. specially if i have a team because i can make new friends. Football is my favorute one because it helped me to loose some weght.

06:16 AM Oct 07 2019 |


Saudi Arabia

No, I do not play at any team sports. However, I would like to try it sometimes. I like the unity of the team that achieve great goals. 

06:16 AM Oct 07 2019 |



I love sports. specially if i have a team because i can make new friends. Football is my favorute one because it helped me to loose some weght.

06:16 AM Oct 07 2019 |



Really into teamsports

01:21 AM Oct 05 2019 |



I graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education, so I tried to play in group games and individual play, but I love group games, it was a pleasant experience and made up many friendships

10:32 AM Apr 12 2019 |


Saudi Arabia


11:01 PM Oct 05 2015 |

rabindra shrestha


I love sports. I like to play football more. I played lot’s of time football with my team before. So many happy to played that. Felt good. And now also sometime i play. And i like other sports also like a cricket, basketball, volleyball etc. Sports is good for our health. Sports is health actally. 

01:14 PM Oct 04 2015 |




 I played baseball. In my case, the reason I played it was that I liked the characteristics of baseball rather than baseball is a team sport, for example batting, fielding, and so on.

 Although I tell about baseball like this, I like team sports because I and my teammates can share many feelings like joy, sadness, happiness, and more

02:04 AM Oct 04 2015 |


United States

Sara is a lone wolf …. lol ….. 

03:36 PM Oct 03 2015 |



I am more into individual sport and I prefer to compete my self and raise my own score

02:39 PM Oct 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Some weekends I hang out with my dudes to play the best game in the world, yeah I mean soccer, as a child we used to play in the streets and alleys under a scorching sun but nowadays we rent an indoor soccer field to play.

But these days kids prefer to play soccer game on computers rather than playing field. Although playing a video game sounds quite exciting but still they can’t learn about solidarity, togetherness, and fair play in front of a computer. 

I remember a soccer match between Iran and Denmark in 2003 in a tournament and in the middle of the game, an Iranian player mistook a whistle from the crowd as the referee’s half-time whistle and he picked the ball up with his hands in the penalty area so the referee immediately gave Denmark a penalty kick, I was watching on TV that all the Danish players gathered to talk about the incident, then a player came forward to kick the penalty, I just thought he’s gonna score a goal easily but in my surprise he missed the penalty on purpose for the sake of fair play. Denmark lost the game 1-0 but they showed us something beautiful that sport is not all about winning but It’s fair play and togetherness that really matters.

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