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Working Out
Working Out

Learn English meaning of 'working out'

Date: Jan 18 2021

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Do you like running? How about going for long walks? Or maybe you are more into lifting weights. No matter what you do, working out is an important part of staying healthy.

There are many different ways to work out. Some people want to get really big muscles, so they go to the gym and pump iron. Other people are more casual and just want to get a little definition. These people usually just want to get fit, so they do things like go for a hike. It’s always good to get up and move instead of just sit and watch TV.

Jessica asks Romeo for some advice about working out. Find out what he says in today’s English lesson about being active.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  Romeo, I have wanted to start working out, but I don’t know where to begin. I would rather do something more casual, like go on a hike. Do you have any advice?

Romeo:  Well, it depends on what your focus is. Are you trying to get fit? Or are you looking to be a body builder?

Jessica:  Well, I would definitely like to get some definition in my muscles. But I might want to just start slow.

Romeo:  I like that. I like your intentions.

Jessica:  Thanks.

Romeo:  You should try amino acids. I would definitely encourage you to do that.

Jessica:  Thank you.

Romeo:  You don’t always have to pump iron. It sounds like you’re more interested in just getting fit.

Jessica:  Exactly. Maybe I’ll work up to lifting weights on a regular basis, and then you can come help me.

Romeo:  No problem. I would love to.

Jessica:  Thanks, Romeo!


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Jessica wants to start working out. She is not very interested in lifting weights at the moment, but would rather do things like go for a hike to get fit. She doesn’t want to get very strong. She just wants to work on her definition.

Romeo likes working out a lot. He is more of a body builder, but is happy to help Jessica in any way that he can. He tells her she should take some amino acids and just work on her muscles.

Do you like working out? Are you more of a body builder, or do you just want to get fit?



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Honestly, I don’t like working out, but in order to stay healthy, I usually go for long walks in the park.

10:11 AM Oct 19 2015 |

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United States

I always go hiking for just getting fit. I don’t like lifting weight so much because it deeply work on my muscles so it was like more getting fit. I believe my definition will be better if I continue to doing exercise on regular basis.

06:41 AM Oct 16 2015 |

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United States

Working out in the wrong way , it could be more harmful than healthy . I love hiking on regular basic . 

03:16 PM Oct 12 2015 |

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South Korea

Definetely i want to be more like body builder if it is not that hard, but as every boday knows this require hard work like pump iron every day. I think my desire to be a body builder is not very high, so I just hike small mountain every morning. That help a lot my health. 

02:37 PM Oct 12 2015 |

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yes i do love that for me i rather get fit

02:06 PM Oct 12 2015 |

1 person likes this



United States

I love to work out.

01:08 PM Oct 12 2015 |

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After 5 years of rest I decided to get fit. I was wondering what kind of working out I can choose and I started my yoga lessons. I believe it will definition my body and my soul. I am not big fan of lifting weights or pumping iron. I do not need a big muscles and I thing that yoga it the best decision for me. 

09:51 AM Oct 12 2015 |


Viet Nam

i really like to start working out, especially in morning because it makes me feel heathy and relax my mind. I would prefer to get definition on my shoulder than get big muscles on whole body. But, I have no time to do it regularly. Getting big muscles is considered by young boys,it is the way to attract gilrs.

Due to the benifit of exercise, I will have my own intentions to go for walks out on a regular basis with my family members


08:57 AM Oct 12 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Well, if morning exercises are considered some sort of working out, so yeah, I like working out.

I’m not much of a body builder, I’m not a body builder at all indeed. And I doubt it’s a good goal for a girl to work for, to have big muscles is not really cool on a girl. I just want to get a little of definition, so I just exercise and go for walks on a regular basis.

03:21 PM Oct 11 2015 |

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