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Learn English meaning of dreaming

Date: Nov 12 2019

Themes: Health

Grammar: Adverbs


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Every night, people around the world go to sleep and begin to dream. They might have beautiful, vivid dreams, or they might have scary nightmares. Their dreams might be symbolic of something in their lives. Many people try to understand the meaning of their dreams.

It is always exciting to talk about your dreams with a friend. Sometimes, a friend can help you find the deeper meaning in your nighttime visions. She can help you understand the symbols in your mind. Maybe, your friend had a similar dream. You can compare your dreams together. Maybe, a specific symbol represents something different to your friend.

Gary and Marni think that dreams are amazing. Find out what they love about dreaming in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  Gary?

Gary:  Yes.

Marni:  One of my favorite things about going to sleep is wondering what I’ll dream about.

Gary:  It’s so nice to wake up and have the recollection of this wonderfully vivid and lucid experience that never happened.

Marni:  Isn’t it amazing?

Gary:  It’s amazing.

Marni:  It’s so fascinating that we go into this REM state of sleep, and we have these storylines that are just in our minds.

Gary:  Yeah, and then we can talk about what the dream was and if there’s a deeper meaning.

Marni:  Right.

Gary:  Or maybe that the activity or the item that we had in our dream is symbolic in some way in our lives.

Marni:  Right. Yeah, they say if you dream about your house, it’s supposed to be representative of you.

Gary:  Yeah. Quick question. I’ve heard it before, and I don’t actually know what it means, but what is REM?

Marni:  Rapid eye movement.

Gary:  Oh!

Marni:  That’s the state of sleep that you’re in when you’re dreaming.

Gary:  Got it.

Marni:  Sweet dreams, Gary.


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Marni tells Gary that, every night, she is excited to have a new dream. Gary agrees with her. He thinks that it is incredible to have memories of things that didn’t really happen. Gary and Marni discuss how dreams can be symbolic and have a lot of meaning.

Marni mentions REM sleep. Gary has heard this term, but he doesn’t know its meaning. Marni explains that REM stands for rapid eye movement. In other words, the eyes move quickly when someone is in deep REM sleep. This is the type of sleep in which a person dreams.

What do you dream about the most? What do the symbols in your dreams represent?



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Dreaming…....I think dream coming whenever ur not properly sleep it….bcoz our mind searching something…

09:43 AM Nov 12 2019 |


United States

I dream about escaping from something the most. It is tough to escape. They say to escape represents pressure. 

05:10 AM Nov 12 2019 |



United States

I like recollecting my vague but some part is lucid dream and I think those dream are having symbolic meaning.

07:48 AM Nov 20 2015 |

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i dream about my better future but when i sleep something going wrong in my dreams and sometimes when i wake up i forget what i saw in my dream, and most of time if i come across with unexpected event in a day on same night i see that event in other way may be a postively or negatively,might be it is a symbolic of somthing.

most of time i have nightmares and i worried to sleep ealry.

08:30 PM Nov 16 2015 |

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We deserve better quality of recorded lessons here. I mean really, come on people. Audacity is a free software which every amateur can use to make a professional audio recording. And learn how to do it in a few hours. And a simple headset a real quality one cost like 10 – 20 bucks. If one use a laptop external sound-card is available for a like 10 dollars. And for God’s sake close the window when make a recording! We all know how the traffic sounds. 

Some of us paid to use lessons here, but even if there is a lot of free members here it is not nuclear physics to make a decent recording.

Common Englishbaby we know you can do better. 

This is an Appeal !

Please try a little bit harder!

07:15 PM Nov 16 2015 |

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United States

Dreaming fun if you like it.

05:24 PM Nov 16 2015 |


United States

Dreaming is still mystery and unexplain it . when I was young , I had a dream that one of my friend was killed in car accident . I dared not to tell her , and then 3 weeks later , it happened to her . I had a goosebumps . 

04:37 PM Nov 16 2015 |



I usually don´t have a lot of dreams, when i go to bed i fell sleep so quickly. I had a dream when i was a children, it was about me, i was in a camp and there was a bus around me, it was awfull, i don´t know why, but i can´t forget this dream.

01:17 PM Nov 16 2015 |




I never pay any serious attention to the dreams I had.  I don’t try to find the sacral meaning of the symbols which appear in my dreams also..  BUT it is interesting how the symbols we see in our dreams can work in reality sometimes. 

For example, each time I see snow in my dreams I am sure that there will be lots of fun next day. 

Each time I see a lot of blood it means that my relatives will visit me, or call me,  or something else. 

Each time I see the waves of the sea or ocean I know that there will be the problems and troubles in the nearest future. 

I don’t know how but these symbols really work for me. They are some kind of window to the future.  

12:34 PM Nov 16 2015 |



Russian Federation

A banana in your dream means from time to time only a banana…

12:21 PM Nov 16 2015 |



Saudi Arabia

In my opinion dremas depends on our mood ,,,,but once told me my grama told me that some dremas just like a message from god to tell us what will happen to us in the future  

11:25 AM Nov 16 2015 |

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In my opinion,dream may be relevant with what you think in daytime,but someone think the dream in midnight is opposite with the reality.




I think  when pople are in a good mood and happy they begin to dream beautifully,    When  some one to be very sad and restless they begin to dream bad .

02:06 AM Nov 16 2015 |

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