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Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Learn English meaning of ‘Selena Gomez’

Date: Dec 11 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Music

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Selena Gomez has been in the spotlight since she was a young girl. She began acting on the Barney & Friends television show, but she became famous when she began singing and dancing on the Disney Channel. Many kids loved her, and they grew up with her music. Now, she has matured, and her fans have matured, too.

Selena Gomez’s music career is taking off. She sang and danced at a major award show, and she also won awards. Although she is always under pressure, she is also very friendly. Many people think that she is a wonderful singer, and they like her because she is kind. She has really come into her own, and she will probably be famous for many years.

Jessica watched an emotional performance by Selena Gomez, and she tells Gary about it. Find out more in today’s English lesson about Selena Gomez.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jessica:  I just saw Selena Gomez do the most emotional performance.

Gary:  No way!

Jessica:  Yes, it was an award show that aired a few weeks ago, and I know she was under pressure.

Gary:  Sure, she is very often in the spotlight in the news and such.

Jessica:  Her career is just taking off, and she’s really matured. I just think she’s coming into her own, especially after that performance. I know she was under pressure with all of the news about Justin Bieber…

Gary:  Oh, right, that’s actually pretty much all I know about Selena Gomez. She was in Disney.

Jessica:  Yes.

Gary:  And she dated Justin Bieber, apparently, and she’s really good friends…

Jessica:  …with Taylor Swift.

Gary:  That’s all I really know.

Jessica:  You should look at some of her early stuff. She’s been acting and singing for years. Her audition on YouTube for the Disney Channel is very impressive.

Gary:  Really? Is it emotional?

Jessica:  No, but she’s just very natural in front of the camera, and she is very young, so it’s really exciting to see her growing up in front of the camera.

Gary:  I look forward to following her career.


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Jessica and Gary are talking about Selena Gomez. Jessica watched her perform at an award show, and she thought that Selena Gomez was wonderful. Gary doesn’t know much about Selena Gomez, but he knows that she is in the spotlight a lot. He also knows that she dated Justin Bierber, and Taylor Swift is her friend.

Jessica and Gary both think that Selena Gomez is coming into her own. She is more mature now, and many people love listening to her music. Jessica tells Gary that he should watch some of Selena Gomez’s early performances. She says that her audition for the Disney Channel was excellent.

What do you know about Selena Gomez? Do you have a favorite Selena Gomez song?



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hareetSuper Member!

United States

I love her songs too.

02:24 PM Jan 22 2022 |



United States

I love her songs she cool.

02:14 PM Dec 14 2015 |




I knew Selena in funny news. I don’t care pop music, so the victoria secret fasion show in 2015 has her performance which I have been seen her with first time.

11:06 PM Dec 13 2015 |



ohh, I’m not good about pop music,ı dont follow them too much… thus, ı dont know Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift..

but I bet,ı listen their songs without knowing them along the  day .

ı like to listen nice songs,they give me fresh energy and joy.

ı like to feel that this world is alive and turning with songs :))

04:34 PM Dec 11 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Everytime I watch her songs I feel she is too young for what she shows in her videos.😒

Maybe Im wrong but she dosent look matured at all.

For me Its like a teenager girl acts like a woman.

I dont like that but yes her videos are very popular and full of energy.

Anyway I prefer Taylor Swift more than Selena✌😁👍!

01:08 PM Dec 11 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like selena gomez for her kindness and his excellent performance,but i used to follow selena gomez because of justin bieber but now i dont know much of her.

I recently heard she date with david beckham’s son but i`m not sure about what i have been heard…

07:45 AM Dec 11 2015 |



Selena Gomez is like others Americans singers and has a great audition .
I think so , she is pop singer and tenngers all around the world love her in order , she has magnificent voice and performance as well .
I am country music fan , and also the pop music too .
I would like to say she is totally great singer .

03:59 AM Dec 11 2015 |


Hong Kong

I don’t know who is Selena Gomez, however, I searched her on the internet. I had watched one of her MTV on the internet, in which she was just a kid pretending to be an adult. No offence, I am not her fan and I am just talking her outlook. However, I do admire her voice, that really suits for singing. By the way, I’d love her song “Slow down”, after having a quick listening of her songs.

Such a young singer and actor, I wish her having a brilliant future.

03:16 AM Dec 11 2015 |

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