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A Visit to the ER
A Visit to the ER

Learn English in this lesson about 'the ER'

Date: Nov 26 2019

Themes: Health

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Imagine you are in an accident. You probably feel scared. Maybe you even have injuries. You need to be seen by a doctor. In the US, you would need to go to the emergency room, or ER.

The ER is a special part of the hospital. It is used by people who have an emergency situation. In the ER, doctors and nurses clean and bandage your injuries. You might get stitches or you might only need some ice. The ER is very useful, but sometimes you have to wait a long time to be helped.

Jessica was in an accident and had to go to the ER. Listen to Jessica tell Marni about her trip to the emergency room.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  I recently had to go to the emergency room, and it was awful.

Marni:  Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ve never even been to the emergency room. I have no idea what it was like. Did you have to wait a long time, and…

Jessica:  Yes. Oh my goodness, we sat in the waiting room for over three hours.

Marni:  Oh my goodness!

Jessica:  I know!

Marni:  Did you need stitches? Tell me a little bit about the situation.

Jessica:  Yeah, I was very lucky. I was in an accident, but I didn’t have to have stitches. I was in a lot of pain, but they were so nice when I got there. You have to fill out a lot of paperwork.

Marni:  OK.

Jessica:  But once I was done with that, they actually gave me ice, and I was able to numb my pain with the ice.

Marni:  Well, that’s good.

Jessica:  Yeah, it’s amazing how many hoops you have to jump through just to be seen by a doctor.

Marni:  Right. Are you seen by nurses initially, and they assess the situation and decide, maybe, if your emergency isn’t as important as other emergencies?

Jessica:  That’s exactly it. I wasn’t bleeding, and I didn’t have any broken bones, so I got to sit for a little bit longer while they actually took care of those who were having an emergency situation.

Marni:  Right, right. Oh, wow. I’m so sorry. Well, hopefully everything is taken care of and you’re doing better.

Jessica:  Thank you, yes. I’m slowly healing and I’m glad I was seen.

Marni:  Good!


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Jessica had to go to the emergency room. Marni has never been to the ER. Jessica says it was awful because she had to wait for over three hours. There were a lot of things to do, like paperwork, before the doctor would see her.

However, Jessica also says that the people at the ER were very nice. They gave her ice and took care of her. Marni and Jessica are both glad that her injuries were not serious. It is good that she is getting better.

Have you ever had stitches? Do hospitals in your country have an ER?



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Saudi Arabia

Yes we have an Er in our country , i once went to a hospital ER but i had to wait there for almost one hour

07:30 AM Feb 17 2016 |



Viet Nam

I had to go to ER when I was 7 years old. I was in an accident, my head bled and I had to have stitches. It was awful. That’s why I still remember it.

01:50 PM Feb 15 2016 |


United States

ER is a border between Earth and Hell . Angels and Evils work hard to make sure people in their side …. lol …. good luck people in accidents . 

04:35 PM Dec 02 2015 |

1 person likes this



United States

Visiting the ER not fun.

02:24 PM Dec 02 2015 |



Saudi Arabia

I had stitches on back of my head when I was young, woof.

11:41 AM Dec 02 2015 |



I am very glad that I never had been in an ER. Only to vistit a friend.

11:24 AM Dec 02 2015 |

king khaled

Saudi Arabia

when I was a little boy I had cut in my big toe and it was bleeding too much, and I went to ER and they stitched me and stop bleeding. All hospitals in my country have ER for emergency cases and normal case will wait longer like Jessica

07:54 AM Dec 02 2015 |



Yes hospitals have ER in Turkey. I have been to ER several times and had stitches. Once it was just a cut on my heel but the other one was a traffic accident and it was horrible.

05:35 AM Dec 02 2015 |



ER room is defiantly horrify place , because people could have seen a lot injuries that causing by accident , stabbing and so on . On the other hand the ER room is an important for saving people who are involved by shooting , fighting and car crash .
ER has two side which both sides have different effect for people who must attend there .

03:24 AM Dec 02 2015 |

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