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Share Economy
Share Economy

Learn English meaning of ‘share economy’

Date: Nov 27 2019

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Many people enjoy different types of communal living. Sometimes, communal living means sharing everything with the other people in your area. For example, people who live in an intentional community often agree to share almost all of their things. They help each other, and they usually believe in the same ideas. They must trust each other a lot and have strong peer-to-peer relationships.

On the other hand, other types of communal living are more relaxed. Sometimes, people might create a tool library in their area. Then, they can borrow any yard tool, such as lawnmowers, when they need these things. People don’t need to worry about a business transaction at a tool library. They just ask for the things they need, and the tool library lends these things to them.

Gary and Marni are talking about different types of communal living. Find out more in today’s English lesson about the share economy.


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Gary:  Marni, do you live in a community that shares various things, like lawnmowers, or screwdrivers and hammers, or cars?

Marni:  I don’t. I know you’re referring to a share economy. But there is, very close to where I live, an intentional community, where there’re all these places that were built together with the intent on being that kind of living situation where you just share everything.

Gary:  Yeah, so you trust everyone to use something and then return it.

Marni:  Exactly. They have a big tool library, so any sort of, like you said, yard tool or screwdriver or anything that you would need, you can go to it and borrow it.

Gary:  It’s funny, in a way, it’s kind of like a library, where someone lends something out to you and you get to borrow it, and there’s no business transaction, so there’s no money that exchanges hands.

Marni:  No, it’s just all based on trust, and it’s all just peer-to-peer. I think it’s a really fascinating idea.

Gary:  I haven’t experienced it yet.

Marni:  I haven’t either. I’m very curious about it. I love that it was built with the intent on having this real communal feel. I think I need to go check it out some more.


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Gary and Marni are talking about the share economy and different types of communal living. Marni gives an example of an intentional community that is near her house. There is a tool library there, and people can borrow any sort of yard tool. They trust each other and share these things.

Neither Gary nor Marni have used a tool library before, but they think that it is a great idea. Gary compares tool libraries to normal libraries, where people borrow books. They are similar because there is never a business transaction. People simply ask for the things they want, and the library lends these things to them.

What is your opinion of the share economy? Do you like to lend things to other people?



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Russian Federation

We have many tools, it’s a hobby of my hasband. And our neighbours borrow it. I think it’s very advantgeous. They don’t have to buy one, my be it’s a one-time deal 

01:05 PM Nov 28 2019 |

Liany_lianySuper Member!


Someone who borrow tools from a tool library should have a good intention to bring it back 

08:16 AM Nov 27 2019 |




I like this idea that intentional community. To create this thing, I think that trust is the most important things. Intentional community can save money and efficientive useful things.

11:02 PM Dec 16 2015 |


United States

Sharing economy reminds me commuist time period  which everythings can be exchanged or lent by government programies , unforturnally , It doesn’t work . Nowadays , it is hard to trust someone , even your family members . 

03:39 PM Dec 16 2015 |



United States

I think this is a good idaea shure things with people fun.

02:03 PM Dec 16 2015 |



it sounds very nice,fantastic idea  but it seems very utopic and unreal dream.

to be together,to share ,to support each other is wonderful thought ,but in real, its almost impossible .. 

12:15 PM Dec 16 2015 |



In past decades , it was possible to have communal living .
Basically , it’s very beneficial idea as describe share economy .
But in these days , it is little bit wired to create an intentional community . There are a lot of reasons to explain why !!!
Probably , to find communal living in small town because the people who are living in small area and could trust to each other .
Indeed , they could have library tool for borrowing their residents .
We can tell this is absolutely share economy in order no business transaction between people are having like this community .

04:35 AM Dec 16 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Great idea!

I remember it was usual that people lend tools or other things to their neighbors when I was a kid and we lived in houses.

But I see less trust between people now.

People who live in flats and apartments are less connected and dont share their tools or other things so much!

Hey I think I have seen my neighbors few months ago!!😁

03:49 AM Dec 16 2015 |

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